Missouri Star Quilt Co Grand Opening

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We had a lot of fun at the Grand Opening of Missouri Star Quilt Co. Their new store is beautiful and the turn out was huge! Here I am with Jenny Doan and her daughters Natalie and Sarah.

I got so excited when we got there that I forgot to take a picture of the outside of the store……guess we’ll have to go back!

We aren’t home yet, we’re still in Hannibal, MO but will head home today.

Me at Missouri Star Quilt Co.

We have been having so much fun and eating lots of wonderful food and would you believe I’ve been going to bed early! Not as much high-speed internet playing as I had thought.

Rina and me at Missouri Star Quilt Co.

I also got to meet a blogger friend! Builder Bob was standing outside the store and 2 women came up as asked him if he was Builder Bob (made his day). Then they asked if Connie was here and he said would I be here if she wasn’t???

This is Rina who came from south of Springfield with her sister Tammy and brother CA. She even brought me a gift but you’ll have to wait until I get home to see it. It was really fun meeting her and I’m sure we’ll get together again.

Rina and I with Jenny at Missouri Star Quilt Co.

Jenny Doan’s sparkling personality is exactly the same as you see in her videos, she always has a smile! You can see her son Al in the background running the busy, busy register.

Missouri Star Quilt Co Grand Opening
Missouri Star Quilt Co Grand Opening

Fabric was flying off the shelves and there were free patterns from Moda.

King Tut Quilt thread

Look at these displays of thread! Beautiful!

Missouri Star Quilt Co Omni Thread

There were quilts hanging everywhere!

Missouri Star Quilt Co Grand Opening

I meant to take a picture of the room where the videos are filmed but forgot….see how crowded the store was! You can see a better photo of the crowd here at the Missouri Quilt Star Co. blog.


At 2:00 they had drawings and gave away all kinds of books, fabrics, wall hangings and a grand price of this quilt! You wouldn’t have believed how hot it was with all the people there! Unfortunately, I didn’t win anything but Rina and her sister Tammy both won prizes.

Builder Bob ended up having a great time…….he had fun talking to all the other guys who were outside where there were free hot dogs, water and chips being served by Jenny’s husband and dad. We had a cooler in the car and I think having a couple of beers made his day fun…..crazy guy!

When I get back you’ll get to see ALL the goodies from my trip!

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  1. What fun to be at Jenny's opening. The store looks magnificent and she looks just as cute and personable as she does on her videos.

  2. I'm glad you had lots of fun. I saw the crowd picture on their blog the other day when I was stalking the blog and facebook page to see if they'd post anything during the day. LOL

    I can't believe you forgot the pic of her video room silly girl. LOL I was hoping to see that for sure but, I'm sure they'll show pics of the whole store soon so those who couldn't be there that day can maybe see more.

    Have fun on your trip back home. I've been thinking about you. REALLY wish we would have decided to run away for the weekend with you guys ~ well at least to stalk you two anyway. ha

  3. I love their thread displays! I haven't seen anything like it before – that looks like a store I'd really love to spend time at – maybe I need to take a cross country road trip based around fabric stores….

  4. Oh, man, Connie! I didn't know you were in town! I am finally caught up on blogs and reading them daily just this week.

    I live right here so I chose to stay away from the Grand opening crowds. We went just a few days before 🙂

  5. What a lovely store! It looks and sounds like you had a blast. Can't wait to see your tote bag goodies 🙂

  6. I'm so jealous Connie! It looks like you all had so much fun, I'd love to meet Jenni and the gang.Glad you were there to tell us all about it.

  7. Love seeing the crowds; makes me happy for the good fortunes and sales for Jenny and family and softens my regret that I couldn't bee there too (I love quilt shops but do not do well in crowds).
    I do hope you get the visit that sweet little quilt shop in the antique downtown building in Hannibal. (We were there four years ago; I bought Mark Twain fabric that I've used in two or three quilts and still have some left.) Four years ago they had just spent the week moving back into their shop after the Mississippi flooded.

  8. I'm a new quilter and have watched ALL of Jenny's videos. She is very generous to provide ideas and tips for free. I'm glad you got to go! so much fun! April

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