Mini Trip Around The World Mug Rug Tutorial

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I have made a Trip Around the World quilt many times, have you ever made one? I think this is my second mini one and the first time I ever made one into a mug rug. I think you’ll enjoy my Mini Trip Around The World mug rug tutorial.

Mug Rug tutorial with the mini trip around the world

Today I’m sharing another fast and easy mug rug using some of the same batiks that I used in my X Block BasiX Tutorial that I shared last week.

If you like Trip Around the World quilts you should definitely stop by Wanda’s blog Exuberant Color. She makes all kinds of them!

Mini Trip Around The World Quilt Mug Rug Tutorial

Approximately 10″ x 12″

Mini Trip Around The World Mug Rug Tutorial
  • Cut 1 ½” strips from 5 different batik fat quarters from the 22″ length.
  • Sew the strips together with a ¼” seam allowance.
fabric strips for mug rug
  • Sew the strips together to form a tube – this is what you usually do with larger strips – I think next time I make another Mini Trip Around The World Quilt Mug Rug I will NOT sew a tube.
fabric tube of fabrics
  • Cut the tubes or fabrics into 1½ inch strips.
  • You will have 5 blocks in each strip – one of each color.
  • Use a seam ripper to carefully remove the seams between the colors so you can make sections like below.
rows of blocks for the mug rug

Sew the rows into blocks.

sew rows into blocks

The diagram below shows you how to layout the rows for the mini Trip Around the World mug rug.

Look carefully at the blocks so you can see where to unstitch the tubes to get your rows right.

piece the mug rug
sew the blocks together

Here is the mini mug rug all pieced.

Mini Trip Around The World Mug Rug Tutorial

Add a backing, some batting, and quilt as desired. There are lots of seams since the blocks are so tiny so I just did a simple wiggle through each block.

I still have some of the strip set left….I’m not sure what I’ll make with that…..another day.

Leftover strips of batiks

I used a gold Aurifil thread for the stitching and also for the free-motion stitching. By doing a little wiggle line cross-hatching… don’t have to worry about making perfect straight lines and it is fast to do.

Closeup of quilting on mug rug

Add your binding and you have a mini Trip Around the World quilt that can be used as a mug rug or a mini on the wall.

Around the World mug rug

I think I’ll use it as a mug rug.

mug rug

Mini trip around the world mug rug tutorial PDF

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Around the World mug rug tutorial
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  1. What an adorable TATW! I’ve never made one. You’ve given me incentive to start small. Thanks. Would you mind telling me why you said you wouldn’t sew the tube? What would you do instead?

    I’m praying for your hubby regarding his eye. Hope he doesn’t have a retina issue. I recognize the symptoms. Blessings to you both.

  2. Oh Connie, you have so many wonderful ideas and patterns, I can’t keep up with them all…LOL… I’ll be trying it this one next. I did a Bargello years ago, this TATW reminds me of that quilt. Thank you for your inspiration and daily emails…I’ll be keeping Builder Bob in my prayers for his eyes.

  3. Lovely little mug rug. I should make a little quilt for Great Granddaughter’s Dolly. It would be much faster than the knitted blankie I made her. I will have to learn what colors Dolly likes. LOL. Thank you for your wonderful ideas and tutorials dear. Prayers for Builder Bob and his eyes.

  4. Kathy in WV says:

    Wonderful tutorial…I’ve made full size TATW quilts and miniatures…but not a mug rug…you can bet I will, though! How about using the leftover strip piece to make mini hidden well coasters? Thank you so much…I do so enjoy your posts and thank you so much for sharing so many patterns and tutorials. Will keep Builder Bob’s eyes in my prayers.

  5. I couldn’t imagine sewing all those tiny little squares…then I read your strips method. Sew smart. This is lovely. Mug mats are easy to make and they are great gifts for anyone and any occasion. Thank you dear.

  6. That is so pretty with such tiny pieces. The quilting looks great too.

    1. Thanks Mary, I’m running out of room for big quilts…..I might have to start making a lot of minis!

  7. Monica Kostak says:

    Omigosh you gave me a perfect idea! I made a trip around the world quilt last year (and winning 2nd place at our local quilt show), and a mini table runner I”m working on right now from the left overs of my red/white/blue fabric. (Pattern from Quick Trip Quilts by Eleanor Burns). I was wanting to do a mini Americana quilt for my table top quilt stand an this mug rug would be the perfect size to fit! Thank you for the continued wonderful ideas you share! 🙂 Have a great day. 🙂

    1. You are so welcome Monica! Years ago I had that book by Eleanor Burns…..wish I had all of my old books, my first log cabin quilt was her Log Cabin Quilt in a Day. She writes such great patterns.

  8. Now this Around The World is very doable! Thank you for sharing such a fun, beautiful project!

  9. Ooh Connie ~ I really like this. So? Now I have to ask ~ why would you not make tubes the next time if you made another of these types of mug rugs?

    1. For myself I just find it easier to layout the strips and then add or remove a block that way. LOL, I guess that is just me. Now on a bigger one I definitely like the tube idea.

      I think it might also be that I am trying to design something and then add more to the design……I have several of them on my design wall just waiting for me to write a pattern.

  10. I love it – and want to run right down to my sewing room to make it. Batiks are such a perfect choice for this.

  11. Too pretty to be a mug rug!! I’d be afraid of spilling something on it. Thanks for the tutorial!!

    1. Thanks! I wash my little mug rugs all the time as……I’m a little sloppy with my coffee sometimes 🙂

  12. As always, your post is timely. I just started uncovering the little table and chairs that I keep on my small back porch that faces the forest behind the house. I like to add a little mini-quilt to dress it up. You have given me a great idea for the first cover of the season. I just happen to have a collection much like yours and as soon as I can I will do this. Thanks again Connie!

    1. You are so welcome Cheryll, these little minis take no time at all!

  13. fun way to do that, some bargello quilts use this too.

    1. Thanks Bea, I’ve also done several bargello quilts the same way too.

  14. Very pretty. I might make a mug rug although I don’t think I’d want to tackle a whole quilt. Had to grin at your little wiggle stitch; it looks exactly like the serpentine I use on my machine and it is my “go to” for quilting so I don’t have to worry about straight lines.

    1. Thanks Pat! I’m glad you like my “homemade” serpentine stitch!