Beautiful Mini Scattered Table Topper

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I have been having so much fun creating quilt projects with this beautiful Mini Scattered quilt pattern. This table topper is perfect for a square table.

I used the last of the Mini Scattered quilt blocks to make this table topper. The sun was shining on the table so I took advantage of it and really like the way the shadows are on it.

Mini Scattered Table Topper 19″ x 19″

The size of the table topper is 19 inches square which is a good size for a table

Mini Scattered table topper with shadow on it
Mini Scattered table topper with shadow on it

I was going to make a pillow and then a friend came over and really liked the Mini Scattered table runner on our kitchen table. I asked myself whether we really needed another pillow or wouldn’t it be fun to make a table topper for their square table.

Fabric for the Mini Scattered Table Topper

When I made the table runner, I just used a brown batik I had in my stash for the accent fabric. When I went to put the rows together for this quilt project I didn’t have enough of the fabric I had used for the sashing. Luckily I have a nice stash of brown batiks and was able to find something that matched.

Picking a fabric for the border of the Mini Scattered Table Topper
Fabrics for the Mini Scattered table topper

I added a 2½-inch border to make it a little bigger.

Mini Scattered table topper on a small table
Mini Scattered with a border

I had fun teasing Bob when I finished making it. I put it on our table and asked him what he thought of our new table runner. He paused for a minute and said “Well, it is a little small.” Then I flipped it over and showed him the label.

quilt label
Made as a gift

This is another way to add a quilt label to a quilt project. I took a 5-inch square and folded it in half. Then I wrote on it with a Micron permanent ink pen. Once I had that done I lined it up in one of the corners and stitched it down with a 1/8-inch seam before adding the binding. The backing batik is the same one I used on our table runner.

The table topper is made with 4 rows of blocks. Can you believe you can make both of these with one charm pack?

2 different sizes of table runners

I hope they like it!

Both of the quilt projects made

Mini Scattered Table Topper

Read more about the Mini Scattered quilt and see all of the different quilt projects made with it.

Get the Mini Scattered quilt pattern.

If you are looking for a full-size quilt then take a look at my Scattered quilt pattern.

Isn’t this a sweet photo of Mr. Mickey and the table topper? I took about 6 photos and this is when I said the word “treat”. His hair is a little short as he went to the groomer last week.

Mini Scattered table topper and dog

I went outside to take a picture of the table topper in the snow and Mr. Mickey was out there with me. I called him and couldn’t believe how he came running! I was hoping I could get him to sit by the quilt.

This is the sidewalk we put in to go down to the firepit Builder Bob built at our Maquoketa home.

Dog running toward quilt

He looks so cute! You would never imagine he has congestive heart failure. Of course, minutes later he was coughing something terrible.

Dog running

He ran up to me, got snow on the Mini Scattered table topper, and then took off!

Dog in snow with quilt

Get the Mini Scattered quilt pattern.

Mini Scattered table topper in the snow

I have mentioned that we are feeding another feral cat this winter and two possums. I was finally able to get a picture of her, isn’t she a beauty! If you are wondering what is all over the ground…..well that is the shells from the black oil sunflower seeds we feed the birds. I try and keep the cat fed so she doesn’t eat our birds.

Feral cat

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Connie with her dogs

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  1. Connie, First, I love the picture of you and your two furry kids, they look so comfortable. Now about the lovely table topper. Can you please tell me the name of the charm pack you used because those colors you used are my favorites. I do so enjoy your posts they always make me feel as tho I can do anything. I am keeping you all in my prayers for Rusty surgery. Happy New Year to you, your Husband , Rusty and Mr. Mickey. Hugs, Lois

  2. Mickey looks great. He’s so lucky to have you. Your feral cat is a pretty one – yeah, don’t eat the birds! LOL I haven’t come up for air after the holidays yet, but your table topper looks like fun. Maybe … just maybe, I’ll get around to trying it. Stay safe and warm, Connie.

  3. Thank you for sharing such fun little patterns with us all. Also I absolutely love that you include your fur babies in your photos. I used to live in Mo. Valley Iowa and I miss the beauty of Iowa so much. I also love that your a video gamer too. I am as well.

  4. Good afternoon Connie – Mickey stole the show with his precious pose on the couch. You can tell he is well loved and feels the same way to you and Bob. Ms. Kitty will eventually come around – keep their tummies full and they’ll purr.

    I love to see your latest quilting treasures – you get my “quilting mojo” in gear! During your Holiday sales, I picked a few patterns to try out this new year . . .

    Enjoy the New Year!

  5. A beautiful table runner and topper – definitely a “to do” project. There are so many colour possibilities.
    As usual, your wonderful photography is a treat to view. It is great to see Mr Mickey frolicking in the snow. His pose on the cane sofa is delightful as is the photo of the kitty cat.
    Thanks again for sharing another lovely design.

  6. That is the cutest photo of Mr. Mickey! He and I come running for treats. Haha. The table topper is beautiful and you are so good to gift it to your neighbor friends. Kitty just needs lots of love to feel safe and wanted.

  7. That table runner is just beautiful! Your posts remind me that not everything project needs to be a big quilt. Thank you for sharing your quilts, pets, and family stories. That’s a healthy looking stray cat! I enjoy each post you put out, they are always upbeat and positive. I appreciate all the free patterns and recently bought one of your patterns when you had your sale. Haven’t started it yet as I am doing a laminate flooring project right now.

  8. Look at your little teddy bear! He’s a darlin boy! The kitty looks so cute too. A little puff ball. Stay well Connie! Your quilt is beautiful!

  9. That is a wonderful picture of Mr. Mickey! “Treat” is one word that dogs learn very early on! Your mini table runners are very nice. I enjoyed seeing your snow also: here in Georgia we very rarely see it but there is a chance of it this weekend.

  10. Hi Connie thanks for the photos. Mr. Mickey looks like he’s having a wonderful time enjoying being a model. My Jimmy John does a lot of running around and then choking after. While he has not been diagnosed with her congestive heart failure I know that he is deconditioned. He’s 12 now. I love the mini scattered. I have lots of boutiques and I think I’m going to modify my scattered pattern for the mini. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for sharing. Ellen😎❤️

  11. I love the black trim. I may try one like this. Also Mr. Mickey is precious.
    I love your table squares and quilts.

  12. Mr Mickey looks so cute when he poses for you. I’m guessing your friend loves her new table topper because it’s lovely. Maybe that kitty will eventually allow you to pet her a little.

  13. Good morning from St. Catharines, Ontario. Thanks Connie for sharing your stories and patterns with us. I enjoy reading your posts. ❤️batiks. Also, Mr. Mickey is so adorable. Animals are such a comfort. We are cat sitting, Marilyn, for our kids and she is such a sweet cat.

  14. Brown is not my favorite color, but I just love these brown batiks, Connie! And such a nice set you are gifting! Of course, Mr. Mickey is always a great quilt model! LOL And that kitty is so pretty. She reminds me of two of my grandkitties. Have a great day!

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