Mini Scattered Table Runner

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The Mini Scattered is a great pattern for a table runner. With only one 5-inch charm pack and an accent fabric, you can have a beautiful quilt project in no time at all!

Mini Scattered tablerunner and plant
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This is the table runner I started before Christmas and made a mistake with the border strips.

You always want to measure your quilt project before adding borders or in this case, a narrow sash. Measure both sides and in the middle and cut your strips an average of those amounts. For example, if one side is 38-inches and the other is 38¼-inches and the center is 38 1/8-inches, I would cut the pieces 38 1/8-inches.

Big Mistake

What you do not want to do is what I did. I got in a hurry – I just added the border strip and didn’t measure it. To make things worse, I did all four sides. When I was finished, it was very obvious that the strips were too long. My table runner had borders with waves in them.

The only thing you can do is remove them. Thank goodness for a seam ripper!

Back of the Mini Scattered table runner

Yesterday I finished the table runner and here it is with this cute gnome cookie jar my daughter got me for Christmas.

Mini Scattered table runner and  gnome cookie jar

17″ x 40″

What is so neat about the Mini Scattered quilt pattern is that you can make a variety of different quilt projects. For this table runner, I pieced a couple of rows and brought them upstairs to see how big I wanted to make my table runner.

4 rows of 10 blocks made a table runner that was approximately 17-inches x 40-inches and perfect for our table.

I also have enough quilt blocks left for one more project! I think a pillow is what I’ll make.

This Mini Scattered table runner with go in our kitchen and be used most of the time on our table. We got our first snow yesterday, winter is here!

Mini Scattered table runner on the table
Mini Scattered table runner for kitchen

I used a medium-dark brown thread for my free motion quilting. Sometimes I just quilt on the sashing but this time I just did a simple stipple quilt design.

Closeup of the table runner

I also had enough blocks left to make a table topper, be sure and check out my Mini Scattered table topper post.

Here is the Mini Scattered wall hanging that I recently shared with you.

Mini Scattered wall hanging and table runner

Here is another mini quilt, I think this was the first Mini Scattered I made. Be sure and take a look at the full-size Scattered quilt with the same black sashing.

Another Mini Scattered quilt projects

Get the Mini Scattered Quilt Pattern

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  1. Love how wonderful this works with dark sashing! So dramatic! Still collecting Eye Spy stuff to make this for the next baby quilt – only had to make 5 this winter! lol

  2. The Gnome is super cute, one of my daughters is a gnome nut, she has lots of small gnomes and a 3 foot gnome that sits outside their front door, actually he is chained down because her previous one walked away one night.
    The runner is lovely, I haven’t started the Scattered quilt pattern that I bought from you before Christmas yet, New Year project hopefully, but first I need to work on getting UFO’s completed, that is my goal for 2022.
    Thanks for sharing your project pictures and color choices, always inspiring.
    I Love your kitchen colors as well!
    Happy New Year!!!

  3. I love your mini scattered quilt runner. I am going to sign up. Thank you.

  4. Verrrr-rrrry nice!!! Gnome is perfectly matched. Love your kitchen colors, too.

  5. I like the different samples; especially the last one.

  6. I really really like your selections in the colors you chose they are very pretty. I really appreciate your love of nature and your family. You’re always doing things for everyone you are a real blessing. Love You Barb😊♥️♥️

  7. I made a batik Scattered quilt for my grandaughter who was going off to university. So I used your colouring sheets to adapt the size for an extra long single (standard residence size). She and I both loved it! Now I will make a table runner from your mini pattern! Love your colours & cute gnome!
    THANK YOU for your generous sharing, detailed instructions & inspiration. I always look forward to your newsletter & am amazed at all you accomplish! I appreciate your love of nature, animals, and family & of course enjoy seeing photos of Mr. Mickey! Wishing you & yours the best of 2022 – it can only get better!!

    1. Thank you Kathy! I would love to see a photo of the quilt you made for your granddaughter! Have fun with the table runner too.

  8. Beautiful runner. You are very talented and kind to share your tips and techniques Connie. In north central Iowa we have a bit of snow with ice and a snowstorm heading in this weekend.
    About tios and techniques, I don’t understand your caution about borders. (newbie quilter) Isn’t your border a actually a binding in this pattern? If not, why do you measure ends and middle width? In my thinking if the final border (not binding) is to be cut, let’s say, 2 inches wide by x length, then cut it at that. How would that result in wavy fabric? And if the border strip is cut too long, wouldn’t one just trim the extra off the ends? Now if the width of a strip was uneven, narrow or wide at opposite ends, I can understand how the result would be wonky.
    I hope my questions make sense. Thanks!

    1. There is actually a sashing all around the table runner. When you add a sashing/border there will be a tendency for it to stretch which will cause the waves. When you make a large quilt it isn’t as noticeable but it can happen, trust me. Measuring at 3 points gives you an average of the length. Then you cut, pin and ease or stretch to fit each piece. I hope this explains it a little better.

      1. Thanks for the info. Good lesson to know. Emma

  9. Robyn Lidstone says:

    Wonderful colour combinations make this table runner very special in its appearance.
    This calls for a stash raid as it is another must do project for 2022.
    Thanks Connie for all the time and effort you put in to give your followers such beautiful examples of your expertise.

    1. Have fun Robyn, there is so much you can do with this!

      1. Kay Stout says:

        Thank you for the Christmas Tree table runner. I made it,so beautiful. Everyone that sees it wants to take it. Thank you so much for giving to your followers.
        Happy New Year🎉