Mini Scattered

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Do you like to make small wall hangings, table runners, or pillows? If so you’ll love this miniature version of my Scattered quilt pattern!

Mini Scattered quilt pattern

Mini Scattered
32 x 36

The wall hanging shown above is only 32-inches by 36 inches and can be made with just one 5-inch charm pack and some yardage!

When you make a wall hanging like this one, you’ll have leftover pieces that can be used for a pillow or other small quilt project.

22 x 29

Mini Scattered quilt in browns and blue batiks

Adding borders is a fast way to make the Mini Scattered quilt in different sizes.

Mini Scattered Wall Hanging

Difference between Scattered and Mini Scattered

Here is a photo to show you the difference in the size difference between my original Scattered quilt pattern and the Mini Scattered quilt pattern.

Difference between Scattered and Mini Scattered

Christmas Pillows

You could make a set of pillows in Christmas fabrics!

Christmas Mini Scattered pillows

This is Mr. Mickey approved pattern! I plan on getting a photo of him with the Mini Scattered wall hangings soon. How does he get back in spots like this?

Mickey the dog

I am working on a table runner and hope to have it finished soon. I thought you might like to see the back of the table runner. This pattern is so much fun to make!

Back of the Mini Scattered table runner

Get the Mini Scattered pattern!

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  1. Connie, the Scattered, both quilts, are lovely. I wondered what a scattered quilt looked like. Looks like a fun, quick and easy sew. BTW, thanks for the grid download. Just last night, I wanted this to use today………………….and here it is! You offer and share so much with us and always on time. Thanks a million!!!

  2. Good morning Connie – It’s super windy here in central PA this morning. Thank you for bi weekly messages and your wonderful projects. The most important thing I wanted to share with you is the joy I experience I see the photo of you, Mr. Mickey, and Rusty. I’m so very grateful that you shared Mr. Mickey with me. The look on his face in this photo shows what a happy life he had and how well taken care of he was. Well – on to my morning chores and then into my quilting studio.

  3. Good morning Connie. How are you and Mr. Mickey doing? I know it takes time to adjust to Rusty’s loss. You’ve been in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. I think they look like stained glass they are very pretty.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy New Year!!
    Love You 😊♥️🌲

  5. The original and mini scatter quilts together remind me of stained glass church windows with those beautiful colors. Very nice.

  6. Love that they work so well in all the different color versions! Like Sara said it might even work for an Eye Spy. Something to put on the top of the pile for the next quilt! I need 3 baby quilts and 2 wedding quilts for the early spring! This will work well for any of them! Thanks. Have a wonderful Holiday!
    Indie had a little kerfuffle with possum and got a tiny scar – when I went out I was sad that the possum had not done too well, paws up on the ground. Went to get the bucket and shovel and when I got back he was gone! Hurray! Hopefully they both learned their lesson.

    1. That is a great idea Joan! I think the original Scattered pattern would be better for your wedding quilts but would sure make a cute baby quilt! I thought Mickey was going to get into it with a possum last week but luckily I got him back inside and both were fine.

      1. I got the fabric pulled and then life got in the way. We took in 2 foster puppies and they are a handful. This will be for them – maybe if I explain that to them, they’ll give me some time to work on them! Love this pattern.

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