Medallion or Mandala

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I should have had this post up about two hours ago but…….I got distracted……does that happen to you?? I’m going to blame it on Debbie from Stitchin’ Therapy as she does a blog post on Friday called Friday Finds and what caught my eye was the link to Hammered Leaves Art by Bloom, Bake & Create. I somehow missed the link to the Hammered Leaves but……..I had so much fun reading Lynda’s blog and time just flew by! Then next thing I knew….I saw she was doing Mandalas which was ironic as I was going to do a post on these neat medallions I am doing. Lynda had a link to a class she took which led me to Alisa Burke’s website that I had visited before and she has a free FALL coloring page you might want to grab. The class Lynda took was called Mandala Magic which really sounds interesting.

Medallion or Mandala

I have been doing a lot little shopping for art supplies and I bought several stencils by Margaret Applin from her Medallion Master Set. She also has several videos on how to use them. I also found a whole page of videos at so I’ll be checking them out.

Medallion or Mandala

The first one I did using Spectrum Noir Alcohol markers which are really neat. I bought 3 sets at Joann’s with 50% coupons. Now I want more sets and bright colors.

Medallion or Mandala

I also did a medallion with Inktense watercolor pencils… colors are a little strange and my medallion design went a little wonky. Margaret’s video is wonderful, I just need to follow her steps using the registration marks better. I’m having fun though!

Medallion or Mandala

Last night I went to a cookout with my daughter and we had to cook our own steaks……this was a challenge as I had never grilled a steak before. Builder Bob/Chef Bob gave me directions on NOT turning it more than once, etc, etc. Well at this cookout there were two groups of grillers…..the flippers and the flip once……we joined the flippers and shockingly…..our New York Strips were fantastic!

Afterward I stopped at Staples for some more supplies as Hobby Lobby was closed. I wanted some 100lb color copy digital cover paper for the alcohol markers and some Canson 140lb cold press watercolor paper that is in a pad of 30 sheets size 12 inches x 18 inches for the watercolor (per Margaret on the watercolor). This is 90lb paper and some mechanical pencils.

Medallion or Mandala

Here is a closeup of my design showing the doodle border I am doing.

Medallion or Mandala

I have bought other crafty supplies I’ll be sharing soon. I don’t think I have mentioned this but…..our internet service with Hughes is now 50 gig instead of 15 gig so……I’ve been watching videos on You Tube and getting all kinds of great ideas!

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  1. Ahhhh – you got sucked into the vortex Connie! LOL
    So many cool products to try. I've never seen the Noir pens before. They have a wonderful look. I love the way your medallions look, even the one where you didn't feel enthusiastic about the colors. I sure love Inktense pencils and frequently use them to spiff up appliques.

  2. Beautiful Mandalas. I took the Alisa Burke class and it really is good. But those stencils… oh my! You've been busy. thanks for all the links.

  3. I enjoyed your post today, like I enjoy all of your posts, because I have been thinking about designing a couple of my own quilt blocks and some hand embroidery patterns. Clicking on your links and seeing what you have done is really inspiring. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  4. Createology says:

    Great new art supplies dear. You at least kknow how to use them and create fabulous Mandalas. Creative Bliss…

  5. LOL…..I will take the blame because you sound like you have had some fun and found some delightful inspiration along the way. Those mandalas and zentangles are so addictive and they induce a lot of creative inspiration too. Now to go check out your links. Thanks.

  6. Watching youtube can be dangerous. lol