Blue Sapphire Quilt Block Tutorial in Marblehead fabrics

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Looking for a beautiful quilt block for a baby quilt? This is my Blue Sapphire block shown in Marblehead fabrics.
Marblehead baby quilt in the snow made with Blue Sapphire quilt pattern

I designed my Blue Sapphire baby quilt pattern after creating this precious little baby quilt made with the Marblehead collection.

Blue Sapphire quilt pattern baby quilt in Marblehead fabrics

In the Blue Sapphire pattern three different fabrics were used, this quilt is done with a variety of colors.

Blue Sapphire in Marblehead

42″ x 54″ quilt

Blue Sapphire quilt pattern baby quilt in Marblehead on bench

I put the quilt up on a window before I quilted it and it looks like stained glass.

Blue Sapphire quilt pattern baby quilt in Marblehead with sun behind it
The block has quite a few pieces but is very easy to put together. I used my Tri Rec rulers, if you don’t have them the AccuQuilt die Triangles in Square 2″ will work.

I used a bundle of 2-1/2″ pre-cut strips plus some additional yardage of Marblehead Pleasing Pastels by Ro Gregg.

Blue Sapphire quilt pattern baby quilt in Marblehead fabrics

Blue Sapphire Marblehead Block Tutorial

12Β½” block

You will use two 2-1/2″ strips in colors of your choice to make your block. You can get 2 blocks out of these 2 strips if you use the cutting info below for one and then switch the colors for the next.

For example this block shows a pink center, cut all the pieces and then cut another, reversing the colors to a teal center. If you want more variety there are enough strips to make blocks by just choosing 2 colors.

Blue Sapphire quilt pattern baby quilt in Marblehead diagram

For each block cut the following: I am going to use pink and teal as an example.

  • Pink – one 2-1/2″ x 8-1/2″  and 6 – triangles
  • Teal – two 2-1/2″ x 4-1/2″ and 4 – triangles
  • Creme – four 2-1/2″ squares, four 2-1/2″ x 4-1/2″, two 1-1/2″ x 12-1/2″ and 20 side triangles

Cut your triangles with the Tri-Rec tools at the 2 1/2 inch line or use my templates.

Blue Sapphire quilt pattern baby quilt in Marblehead cutting fabricWhen you cut the side triangles, be sure and keep the strip doubled with wrong sides together so you will get mirrored images….one for each side of the pink triangle. Use the 2-1/2″ line on the template.

If you use the Tri-Rec be sure and cut the little corner piece, it will help you match your pieces.

Blue Sapphire quilt pattern baby quilt in Marblehead cutting fabric

Here is a photo to show you how to line up the side triangle pieces.

Blue Sapphire quilt pattern baby quilt in Marblehead cutting fabric

I like to make all the pieces using the triangles and side triangles first. I used a 1/4″ seam allowance while making the entire quilt.

Blue Sapphire quilt pattern baby quilt in Marblehead piecing
Here are all the triangle pieces for one block.

Blue Sapphire quilt pattern baby quilt in Marblehead piecing

Start sewing your sections of the block together.

Blue Sapphire quilt pattern baby quilt in Marblehead piecing


Blue Sapphire quilt pattern baby quilt in Marblehead piecing

Add a 1-1/2″ x 12″ strip to 2 sides of the block as shown.

Blue Sapphire quilt pattern baby quilt in Marblehead piecing


Marblehead Pleasing Pastel TutorialHere is one completed quilt block. 

Blue Sapphire quilt pattern baby quilt in Marblehead quilt block
Here are my blocks all pieced together before I added the border and quilted it.

Blue Sapphire quilt pattern baby quilt in Marblehead baby quiltYou can really see on this diagram where I reversed the order of the color of fabrics….for example see the green/yellow block? One has the yellow in the center and the other has the green in the center.

What do you think of the quilt done in just three colors? I used Island Batik batiks for it. Here is the post that I did showing the Blue Sapphire quilt in three colors. The blocks are just a little different.

Blue Sapphire quilt down by the river

Blue Sapphire quilt block as a baby quilt.

Marblehead baby quilt block tutorial made with Blue Sapphire quilt

This tutorial gives you an idea of how to make the quilt block. I have more information in the Blue Sapphire quilt pattern. You will also find full size templates for the triangle in a square block in case you don’t have either the Tri-Rec ruler or AccuQuilt die.
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Marblehead baby quilt block tutorial made with Blue Sapphire quilt pattern

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  1. I do like Fabric-Quilt on FB and I follow them by GFC. I have been very lucky lately, as you know, so I am thinking it is someone else's turn to win this lovely giveaway … πŸ™‚ Pat

  2. This design reminds me of the colored beads on my daughter's charm bracelet. So I am going to going to suggest "Beaded Bracelets" for the name of this very pretty quilt. Thanks for the tutorial, Connie … πŸ™‚ Pat

  3. 'Facets of Light' is what I thought of when I saw this quilt. The light and bright pastels shine through like facets of a cut gemstone.

  4. First I love it, so different and the first thing that came to mind when I saw was – "This Way – That Way". Love you blog and really love all your help. Thanks :^)

  5. Great Job Connie. I love the stained glass look when you held it up to the window. Thanks for the tutorial. Good luck coming up with a name. I liked one of the ones mentioned above. Crystal Light. I does sort of look like a crystal.

  6. When I looked at it the 1st thing that came to mind was 'phone home'. Maybe just my state of mind – who knows. I am not very good at naming quilts but I say 'PHONE HOME'

  7. I would name the quilt "Stacking my gems" because the pattern reminds me of gemstones piled up!

    Agneta aka agnetaquiltar in Sweden

  8. River Bridges….made me think of the framework of the old bridges when I was growing up… Especially the one over the Mississippi from St. Louis over to East St. Louis when my aunt and uncle let us country kids come and visit with them in the city

  9. I would call the quilt Gemstones. I love the colors and the "cut," like diamonds are cut.

  10. I am not good at coming up with names. I did see a name that I thought fit very well- Gem Delight. Love the quilt.

  11. Beautiful colors, remind me of the Southwest, and a Native American design. Taos Sunrise would be a lovely name.

  12. Swirly Marley! I know sounds NUTS! But they are marble terms! Swirley refers to the colouring of the marble, and marley is just another term for marble!

  13. How about a Pretty Little Pastel Points! Say that 5 times real fast! Hahaha… Hugs, Karen

  14. Beautiful quilt, Connie. It looks like the lanterns we use to make from paper so how about Paper Lanterns.

  15. I think it looks like butterflies in the snow. What a great pattern and the fabric is beautiful.
    Thanks for showing.

  16. I follow Inspired by Fabric by email. I like the quilt name "Carnival Glass" as the Marbled fabric reminds me of some antique carnival glassware I have.

  17. I love the stained glass look – at first I saw ornaments – I thought "Ornaments for all Seasons" then when you mentioned the stained glass – I really had a flashback and thought of "Winchester Cathedral" lol

  18. I left a comment on your tutorial. I stated that now that I see the whole quilt in different angles, it looks like a stained glass window. Very pretty.

  19. Thanks for the tut.. My first thought when I saw the quilt was Jolly Rancher candies. So why not "summer candy".

    Thanks for a chance at your giveaway.

  20. I viewed and commented on your tutorial at Inspired by Fabric and printed it out…a keeper. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  21. Beautiful quilt Connie! And awesome tutorial. Thank you so much.
    The one picture you posted and a few other things from your post brought the name to me. I wrote all those words down and that's when it hit me.

    You should name this "Mississippi Marblehead Pastel River Glass" OR "Mississippi Marblehead River Glass".

  22. The name that came to my mind is "Jewels" because to me they look like piles of precious stones πŸ˜‰ thanks for the chance to win!

  23. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing it. I absolutely LOVE pastels so I would call it "Pastels of
    Spring". πŸ™‚ I also follow you on FB. πŸ™‚

  24. It looks like Crystals to me too. I would say Shiny Crystals or Snow Crystals since Ice Crystals is already taken. It is sort of looks like those icicles that hang off your house about now as the sun shines on them and starts melting them. So you could even name it Shiny Icicles. Very nicely done.

  25. What direction? Is what I would name this. Each block looks like it is pointing N, S, E, or W. Beautiful fabrics and very nice quilt!

  26. To me they look like lanterns that you would hang on the patio, so I would name them Summer Lanterns.

  27. I comment on your tutorial. Thank you for showing me another project for my tri-recs ruler!

  28. I'm thinking "castles in the sand" since you used a sandy background and the triangle parts look like pillars on a castle

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