Making My Own Books with ProClick

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Have you ever wished for a way to bind some of the booklets or patterns you download from the internet?

I have and since we live in the country, a trip to Staples is not going to happen very often. I am now making my own books with ProClick.


I found some information about it on a homeschooling site, read their review and then went on Amazon to learn more about it and read the reviews there.

Before long I had bought the ProClick personal punch, spines, pre-punched backs and pre-punched clear vinyl for the covers.

Here is why I like books with spines, it is so easy to have a book open without it flipping shut on you.

There were several different kinds of binding systems but I decided to go with this one as it is made by Swingline and any of my staplers made by them last forever.


Use the ProClick to easily bind your papers, books, or patterns. Very easy to use!

If you decided to buy one, know that it doesn’t come with any spines, you’ll need to purchase them separately.

I bought the 5/16 inch ProClick spines which have the capacity of 45 sheets. For about the same price I could have bought the 1/2 inch ProClick spines which have the capacity of 85 sheets. I don’t know how I missed that one! Each of those packs contain 25 spines.

The one I plan on buying next is the .625 inch ProClick spines which have the capacity for 110 sheets.

The reason I didn’t buy them first was that you have to buy 100 instead of 25 and I wanted to make sure I liked the binder system before I bought that many. I am very happy with my ProClick binding system.

Pro-Click binding machine

The directions say you can punch up to 6 sheets at a time but that didn’t work for me. I used a Bright White inkjet paper that was just a little thicker so I ended up punching only 3 sheets at a time which doesn’t bother me.

There is a little tool you receive for closing or opening the spines or you can “click” them shut with your fingers. The tool is handy for reopening the spine in case you get in a hurry and forget to add the back cover…..guess how I know that!

I have had the class – Learn to Quilt With 60-Degree Rulers by Marci Baker on Annie’s for quite some time……got it sometime when my dad was sick. I hope that pretty soon I’ll take the time to sit down and watch the class as I really like Marci Baker. She also has videos on YouTube.


The neat thing about the ProClick binder system is that it is very easy to “unclick” it and either add pages or start a new book. A spiral binder is so much easier to use when learning something new.

ProClick Binder to bind EQ8 book

Have your ever thought about binding any of your patterns or information you have printed? I recently bought EQ8 and the reference manual is no longer printed for you.

I printed off parts of the manual and used several of the ProClick spines to hold the sections together. When I buy the larger spines I’ll redo my book.

Great deals for you!

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