Macro Photography and Needles

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Macro Photography and Needles

 Do you have sewing machine needles that you can’t remember the size of? Every once in a while I do and there is no way I can read the teeny tiny print on them. I know that some of the new needles have a color band on them but……I have plenty that don’t.

I get emails from that have all kinds of unusual things that people make or do. I am always finding projects for Builder Bob. Anyway, I have used my macro on my camera before but the photos were usually blurry which of course was my fault.

Macro Photography and Needles


  • Turn off your flash
  • Turn on the macro
  • Use your self-timer
  • Do not hold the camera

 Here is a link to a whole page of tips for using the macro lens on your camera. The best tip for me was….not holding the camera and using the self-timer. No movement! This is the actual photo from my camera resized for my blog. The first photo on this post is the actual size. Now I can see what size the needle is!

Macro Photography and Needles

 Okay…..I started going around taking macros of everything…..look at this! I actually thought I had cleaned my sewing machine after free-motion quilting…….I guess not! I left the photo the actual size and you can click on it if you want to really see the lint. I guess I’ll have to start cleaning a little better.

Macro Photography and Needles

bought my camera about 6 years ago and just love it, very easy to use.
My SIL bought a new Canon Power Shot camera 2 years ago that does more and…..was
cheaper than mine. When this one dies I will buy another Canon. I can
take manual photos with my camera and raw but……I’m lazy and 99% of
the time I just leave it on auto. I never use the flash for anything.

Macro Photography and Needles

I also read a article on Instructables about making your own photography backdrop and right away I ordered a roll of white paper from Dick Blick Art Materials. Builder Bob just shook his head at me……but he hung it. Have I used it yet????? No. I only bought a 54 inch roll so I can only do small projects. It is hung on a shower curtain. I think I spent too much money for this but……we’ll just have to see.

Macro Photography and Needles

I don’t remember how I ever found but I really enjoy their site, if you like anything DIY then you will enjoy it and like me……spend too much time there.

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  1. Very clever Connie! I have my grandfather's old magnifying glass and even with that I can't read those needles. Love this tip!

  2. Cool idea Connie! I can never read those needles (used to be able to see them clearly . . . ). I've been getting Instructables via email for a long time. They really have some neat ideas.

  3. Susan Arnold says:

    Great post! I'll have to try playing with macro setting–awesome results!

  4. That's a great idea, Connie – thanks for sharing! I can't even begin to read the needle size once it's out of the package. Old eyes. This will save me.

  5. Createology says:

    I love my little Cannon Power Shot and I use Digital Macro quite often. However I didn't think to use my little tripod and self timer instead of shakily holding it. I'm off to view that I am not familiar with. Creative DIY Bliss…

  6. QuiltShopGal says:

    Wonderful post. Thank you so much. This will certainly be helpful. Silly me for never thinking about using the timer and not holding the camera when shooting macro. My photos are always blury too! Yours looks so crisp and professional. Love your backdrop idea. I had sometimes draped fabric over the end of the bed, or dining table. But love your approach! Inspirational.


  7. Great tips and thanks for the link! Like your fabric stash. 🙂

  8. I need to try that… the self timer I haven't tried on my new camera, good idea

  9. I've photographed things before that were too small to read. It comes in handy!! Couldn't you use your design wall for a photo backdrop?

  10. Calicojoan says:

    I have a Canon G9 too and it's just the best camera I have ever owned. I fight with it when taking photos of quilts. Nothing looks square. I thought it was me, but then I took a photo of a quilt book. We all know they are square. Same problems. Maybe I need to quit holding it. I'm off to check out the link for Instructables!

  11. Great tips, Thanks!! I keep a magnifying glass in the drawer next to my sewing machine, just to read the machine needles! I love Canon cameras. Thanks for the recommendation. I have always bought Canon and will take a look at this model when I make my next purchase.

  12. Sally Hurley says:

    Never thought of using the timer. I may have to try that. My biggest problem is too little natural light, and I end up with grainy photos. Your photos look great!