Look what came in the mail – AccuQuilt Dies!

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Look what came in the mail – AccuQuilt Dies!

Look what came in the mail yesterday! I did a little shopping over the weekend. Yes….the two smaller dies are actually ones that I used in my AccuQuilt contest blocks….I had to take advantage of the FREE shipping for over $25 that is going on until the end of the month. (link at end of post). The large Dresden die was an impulse buy…..do you ever do that? Allbrands.com had a sale and I couldn’t resist ordering it. It was surprising that both packages came yesterday. The large one came FedEx and the smaller package came in the mail. I can’t wait to play work with them!

Look what came in the mail - AccuQuilt Dies!

I’m also working on patterns that I’ll be able to share soon and I will also be doing another blog hop for Connie Kauffman’s new book Little Gems.

.Let’s see….I’ve been busy but I can’t really show you what I’ve been working on….this is for a blog hop that will be coming up in April for Inspired by Fabrics.

Look what came in the mail - AccuQuilt Dies!

Congratulations to Sara who wins the 5 fat quarters of beautiful batiks called Great Balls of Fire from Island Batik! I’ll be sending you a email for your address. Thanks everyone for entering.

Look what came in the mail - AccuQuilt Dies!

If you have a minute I would sure love to have you vote for my blocks in the AccuQuilt 2015 Quilt Block Design Contest. Remember, you can vote every 24 hours for as many blocks as you like and you don’t have to register this year and they don’t collect your email address. Thank you so much for doing this for me.

Look what came in the mail - AccuQuilt Dies!
Look what came in the mail - AccuQuilt Dies!

The links are supposed to be working now, if not please click here  or on the image below and then click VIEW ENTRIES and then do a search for Connie.  I really do appreciate you taking the time to do this!

Disclaimer: I am a member of the AccuQuilt Affiliate program, so there is a benefit to me if you click through and purchase anything. Thank you.

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  1. Ok well, now I have proof that I have to make a list of things I have already bought. I'm leaving my last comment just so you can laugh Connie. I knew I wanted the Dresden die really badly and that I'd seen it at an amazing price when hubby and I went to Nancy's Notions warehouse sale last year, but I walked away from it, even at the amazing price she had it on sale for. Awhile later while we were sitting in the chairs to rest my legs, all of a sudden while sitting here after posting that last comment, I thought, I'd better check quick as I seemed to recall hubby going back again to grab that after he talked me into buying it now since it wasn't going to be any cheaper than what it was right there that day. My room might still be a huge mess, but this does prove I can find things if needed. I just looked and guess what I found. *this is where my face gets red* I HAVE that die already. lol OOPS. I'll just wander off now kicking rocks with my red face and shut up now………….

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CONNIE! Now you've gone and done it. I was jealous of a few other dies you have gotten that I had on my wish list, but NOW you just had to get the one at the VERY TOP of my list and then post to taunt me didn't you? ugh. 🙂 SOOOOOOOOOO jealous!

    But, I'll be nice and forgive you. Even though I'm super jealous now that you have the Dresden die, I still went an voted again. 🙂

    I can't wait to see what you do with the new dies.

  3. Good for you Connie – it's fun to buy treats once in awhile! I've been voting for both blocks each day! It's okay to vote for both, right?
    Congrats to Sara!
    Love that little sneak peak: the colors and the backing! Did you name your 15-91?

  4. Sandra Walker says:

    Both are so pretty, Connie! It was a hard decision, but I voted for Daisy on Strings. Good luck!

  5. Oh Oh….I see new projects in your future. 🙂 Can't wait to see what you make from them. 🙂

  6. Love how much fun you have with those dies, Connie. I voted … the links are working fine now.

  7. fun dies and boohoo you are ahead of me now on the competition….. your project looks great, I'm finishing the binding on my SECRET project too