Log Cabin Quilt from 1989

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I thought I would share the first log cabin quilt I ever made.


I used Eleanor Burns Log Cabin-Make a Quilt in a Day. I wish I still had the book  I made the quilt in 1989, I’m sure I pieced it in a day – then it took me until 1992 to finish HAND quilting it and put the binding on. I believe this is almost an antique or certainly a “vintage” quilt.

Log Cabin quilt hand quilted

This is the only large quilt that I have/will ever have hand-quilted, I am too slow at it.

It was windy and beautiful yesterday, the temperature in the 80’s which felt wonderful for a change so I took my quilt outside for some photos. It is 65 x 82. I actually took 2 old sewing machines in cabinets outside so I could clean them and take some photos but that is for another post.

Log Cabin quilt hand quilted

Notice the binding is made from strips of the different fabrics. Even 20 years ago quilters were doing that.

Log Cabin quilt hand quilted

What do you think of the colors and prints?

The burgundy solid is actually a Palencia which has polyester in it. When I washed/dried the quilt that is the only fabric that the batting pilled through. This would have made a perfect Jelly Roll quilt as the strips seem to be 2 – 1/2 inches……we just didn’t know what Jelly Rolls were back then………..unless they were in the kitchen.

Don’t look too closely at the hand-quilting, I know the stitches are big.

Log Cabin quilt hand quilted

I was surprised when I looked at the back of the quilt and saw what I had written on it. I usually just sign my name and the date. I even named it! The Reynolds Quilt – that is where we lived at the time.

Since I had the quilt out I washed and dried it, love my new washer with no center agitator, it does a fantastic job with bulky items.

Log Cabin quilt hand quilted

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  1. I love this quilt, it makes me want to make one too. My favorite colors are pink and teal 🙂

  2. I love those colors. I can see why it would be a favorite.

  3. whoa, i never would have guessed this was that old! the whole pink/aqua/red/white color scheme seems to be popular lately, and this fits right in with that! i think it's beautiful.

  4. I love the pink and aqua together! Kinda reminds me of summery watermelon. You got my vote.

  5. Really pretty and what a great job you did on hand-quilting it.

  6. Hello! This is really beautiful quilt and I love those colours! I'm on my way to vote and add your blog to my list!
    Best wishes! Teje

  7. Hello Connie. The log cabin quilt is very pretty,beautiful.I always admire the log cabin quilts and I have not made a log cabin.I must think about doing this.

  8. Your quilt is beatiful. Love the colors.

  9. Your quilt is beautiful. It was one of my favorites in the Gallery contest this week. I voted for your quilt 🙂 Good luck!! I can't believe how many entries there are this week.

  10. I have to say that is actually a pretty quilt from 1989. There were lots from 80s that look so dated but this one doesn't. What brand washer did you get without a center agitator? Mine is 37 years old so I need to think about the next machine I will need to get.