Log Cabin Placemats – Third Set

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Log Cabin Placemats – Third Set

I always enjoy making a set of placemats as we use them all the time on our table. Here is another beautiful batik set. These Log Cabin placemats are my third set and I just realized that each set is a little different.

Log Cabin Placemats -third set

How many placemats should you make

If you are wondering how many placemats to make, I would say that is a personal choice. I have made sets of 4, 6 and one time I even made a set that had at least 10 placemats.

At times I have had a round table and then I made placemats to fit that. I’ll share the links to those posts below.

Green log cabin placemats on our table

4 Placemats work for us

Most of the time I am now making just 4 placemats for our table.

I didn’t realize one of our lights over the table needs replacing until I looked at this photo!

Placemats on table and one of my lights doesn't work

Get 3 different Log Cabin placemat tutorials in one PDF

Rusty and the placemats

I put the placemats on the floor by Rusty and caught this adorable photo of him. It isn’t often that he is looking directly at the camera, he is so cute.

Photo of Rusty the dog and placemats

Another UFO is done

I was sorting through my unfinished quilt projects and found the placemats. I don’t remember when I made them but the batiks are all from Island Batik. When I create a quilt project with their batiks, I always keep the leftovers.

I quilted them on my 15-91 Singer sewing machine. I switched the thread and used a cream on the cream prints and a olive thread on the green batiks.

Searching stash for the binding

When I create a quilt project with my Island Batik fabrics, I always keep the leftovers and I lucked out finding enough of one of the fabrics to make the binding for all 4 placemats.

It looks like a lot of fabric but many of the pieces are less than a quarter yard.

Choosing the binding fabric

Perfect match

Now I’m wondering what quilt used this fabric.

Perfect match of the fabrics

Matching binding

The fabric worked perfectly for the binding. I am using Clover Wonder Clips to hold the binding in place before machine stitching it down.

Adding the binding to the placemats

Finished batik placemat

I started out with a bigger square in the center and also added an addition strip on the sides.

Green batik placemat

My Log Cabin placemat tutorial

I was looking at these placemats and was going to just give a link to the printable PDF tutorial for my Log Cabin placemats when I realized that these are different. Then I realized that my Brown Log Cabin placemat tutorial and Christmas Log Cabin placemat tutorial are a little different also!

I have written up a new PDF which includes directions to make all 3 of the different log cabin placemats. It is a 4 page PDF.

Get the Log Cabin Placemats PDF

3 different log cabin placemats in a pdf

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  1. Cindy Smith says:

    Love your placemats! I look forward to getting the pattern.

  2. Linda Strong says:

    Love the place mats

  3. Those are so pretty and really dress the table nicely.

  4. Greens are always so hard to find but you did an bang up job on these. Rusty approves! Red heads like Rusty always look good in Green. Thanks!

  5. Your placemats are beautiful! I have like making placemats and table runners, but Things change in our lives and now I hardly ever use them. I am using a heavy oil cloth table cloth because the table is needs that protection.

  6. Carolyn Covert says:

    I tried the Christmas tree table runner. It was fine until I tried quilting. I have a featherweight 1940 vintage machine. the fabric bunched at the bottom. How do I avoid this?

  7. Roxy Sherburne says:

    Dear Connie,
    Rusty looks so cute by the placemats! I’m finally sewing the rows together on my son’s birthday quilt, but I’m getting their slow but sure. The quilt has taken me much longer to make than anticipated, but it’s looking great. Thanks for sharing and for all you do! Have a Super Week!
    Roxy in Hudson, WI

  8. Quilter Kathy says:

    Wonderful placemats for spring – bring on the green!