Lazy Sunday Quilt by the River

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Lazy Sunday Quilt by the River

Lazy Sunday is done! Quilted, bound, photos – now it is time to wash and dry my quilt. The wind wasn’t blowing too much so I was able to go down by the river for some photos.

Lazy Sunday Quilt by the River

I guess not having internet can be a good thing, I really finished this quilt fast! I almost forgot to take pictures and has to run outside last night before it got too late.

Lazy Sunday Quilt by the River

Yesterday you could see the orange backing on the quilt frame and here you can see it completed.

Lazy Sunday Quilt by the River

Deciding what to bind it with really depended on what I had in my stash. I had the turquoise and the lime green in a large enough amount and the lime green was my choice.

Lazy Sunday Quilt by the River

Sometimes my quilting isn’t perfect……I’m going to blame it on the fact that I have this great view of the river and sometimes get distracted. It was fun quilting on my vintage 15-91 Singer sewing machine set up in a frame.

Lazy Sunday Quilt on my frame with my vintage 15-91 Singer

Here you can see how the Lazy Sunday fits on a king-size bed.

Lazy Sunday Quilt by the River

Lazy Sunday was a mystery quilt designed by Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville.

Lazy Sunday Quilt by the River

We have a bookcase in our bedroom with a television on the very top and…..quilts on the shelves. I don’t think we have to worry about getting cold!

Lazy Sunday Quilt by the River

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  1. Terry Johnson says:

    Beautiful finish. Congratulations.

  2. Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow says:

    A beautiful beautiful quilt…the colors are so vibrant! 🙂

  3. made by ChrissieD says:

    Gorgeous Connie, love the colours in this one 😀

  4. Beautiful quilt! I'm a first time reader, and happy to see we are almost neighbors as I am from Wellman. We camp by the river in your area about once a year.

  5. I love your quilt, it is so beautiful. Great work Connie.

  6. Caroline Heinrichs says:

    Great quilt!

  7. Your quilt is beautiful and so is that view!

  8. Teresa in Music City says:

    Beautiful quilt Connie!!! I didn't do that mystery, and of course now I regret that :*)

  9. Beautiful quilt! I love your color palette.

  10. I love the colors of that quilt, Connie – turned out beautiful!

  11. Wow Connie this quilt is just beautiful! Love the colors you choose and the binding is perfect! Thanks for sharing. PS. I can see myself gazing out those windows all day long… Awesome layout!

  12. Kiera Vanella says:

    Just beautiful Connie! I love the view you have out your window while you quilt!

  13. I love the way it turned out and the lime green for the binding is just perfect. I had to chuckle as I envisioned the prop under the quilt holding it up for your pictures.

  14. Lazy Day Quilt is so beautiful and colorful! Just love it! Don't you just love seeing that stack of lovelies on the shelf? No doubt you will not be cold this winter.

  15. What a beautiful scene with the river and the quilt. The lighting looks just right as the colors just pop. You have a wonderful quilting set up and I can see why you would get distracted.

  16. Adele Hoyt says:

    Connie your color combination is wonderful! Be proud of your efforts.

  17. Kevin the Quilter says:

    Your Lazy Sunday really came together beautifully! And, I love your photos of it by the river! Now, you can focus on Celtic Solstice without having to worry about anything! LOL

  18. It is just beautiful, Connie!! Love all the Batik colors, it reminds me of stained glass.

  19. Very pretty and no I didn't know Craftsy sold yarn! I better check them out! 🙂

  20. Your quilt is beautiful but oh my goodness it looks like the corner is laying right on the water!

  21. Great finish Connie – just in time for the next Mystery Quilt!

  22. Great choice on the lime green Connie. I really am loving purple and lime green a lot lately. I have seen so many quilts with those two colors and really love the way they look.

    You're too funny with the river distraction. At least you are quilting, even if not perfect. Me? Yea, I would be sitting on the deck watching the river and not touching the machine at all. LOL

  23. says:

    Lovely quilt. I have been working on mine but it is not scrappy. Love the colors in yours

  24. Deb@asimplelifequilts says:

    Oh Connie… another beauty! I love your gorgeous photos.

  25. this is so pretty. I love how you use the river and bank for your pictures. thanks for the heads up about craftsy.

  26. It came out great, Connie. Nice photos, too.

  27. Oh Connie, it is so beautiful! I think this may be my favorite of all the Bonnie HUnter QAL quilts I have seen. I love your bright, clear colors with the now white. The lime green was a perfect choice for the binding. Just lovely!

  28. Fantastic finish Connie!
    Looks like you live in paradise with that gorgeous view from your window!

  29. Oh, its is just lovely – congratulations on finishing. Photos along the water always look so pretty. I really like that orange backing – and the lime green was the perfect choice.