Lavish Batik Collection Quilts

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Welcome to another post for the Planes, Trains and Automobiles blog hop featuring the Island Batik ambassadors! 

We have really had a great time and there have been many beautiful projects. The hop continues through Friday.

When I saw the Lavish collection of fabrics all I could think about was hopping on a plane and going somewhere warm……I’m tired of winter!

How about somewhere with beautiful sunsets and maybe mountains! I am still playing working with bargello designs like I did when I created my Caravan quilt (if you missed my giveaway, it is still going on so be sure and enter).

Lavish collection from Island Batik and a bargello quilt design

I was having so much fun……I decided to make another wall hanging  with my leftover pieces. I never know what I’m going to come up with when I use the scraps but I sure enjoy it!

Lavish collection from Island Batik and a bargello quilt design miniature

This was the bundle of Lavish fabrics.

Lavish collection from Island Batik

Here is a look at the fabrics pieced together for the first step.

Bargello start using the Lavish collection from Island Batik

The weather was nice enough that I could put them out on the deck, it was too windy to take them down by the river. Do you like bargello designs? I can see a pattern coming…..even Builder Bob liked these! Wouldn’t kits be fun with these beautiful fabrics?

Lavish collection from Island Batik and a bargello quilt design

On the little one I did a free motion flower in the center with a orange thread.

Closeup of quilting on the batik quilt

All of my piecing, applique and quilting was done on my vintage 15-91 Singer sewing machine.

Closeup of quilting on the batik quilt

Be sure and visit Joan from Moose Stash Quilting, she is also taking part in the blog hop today.

Many times you will see photos of Iggy the Eagle with my quilts. Well Bullwinkle decided to come outside and get in on the action. I bought him as a birthday gift for Builder Bob about 10 years ago. Once I took the picture we brought him back in…..he isn’t used to the cold.

Woodcarved Moose called Bullwinkle on our deck with a quilt

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Connie with her dogs

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  1. Again you amaze me with your creativity & quilting. The mini quilt with the large flower brought memories of Flower Power. The flower blooms sending out their seeds, the rectangles floating around flower . Thank you for a chance to win hard to choose I would be happy just to win. Happy Quilting 🙂

  2. I got sucked into the (wonderful I must preface this with) vortex of visiting all the blogs through the Rafflecopter, and forgot to comment here, with my suggestion: Power of Three. Three is a powerful number and you have 3 circles, and three "triangles" formed with the bargello.

  3. I love that Bargello! It's so very striking! I think I like the blues and greens of #2 better. Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. Both of your quilt pieces are gorgeous!! Love the colours and prints of this collection. Now, if I were the lucky winner for yor giveaway, I'd choose the first collection. Thanks!!

  5. Connie, your quilts are gorgeous! I love the colo on the white background. I call the quilt Morning Joy. And thanks for the chance to win. I like both bundles, but #2 is my favorite.

  6. Absolutely wonderful quilts. Names are so personal makes me think of Arizona and the Moon walk days. Remember the Mood Rings of the old days? That's where these colors take me. I really like the purples in this collection. I see scrap quilts. 1 would be great or 2. I wouldn't be choosy just happy.

  7. Beautiful and Bright and yet calming. Lavish Love with Island Batik Fabrics. Just seeing the collections online really doesn't do them justice. When seen in finished quilts and other projects the fabrics become magical with their colors and fitting so well together. You are the perfect ambassador for Island Batiks!!! Thank you for hopping Dear. Love blues in set #2.

  8. Beautiful quilts. Not good at naming so I'll leave that for someone else. I'd love to win collection #1.

  9. I would love to win collection #2. It is so bright and cheery!

    I would name the second quilt "Moon Flower"

    Sandy A

  10. My suggestion is "Sunspot". Can't wait to read the other ideas–I'm certain I'll find one that is just right, which is why I didn't read theirs first!

  11. Beautiful pieces, as usual. How about something like Ocean's Sunset for the bargello? I would be happy with either set of FQs. Thanks for sharing the giveaway.

  12. Love your little quilt. Reminds me of a sunset reflected on the waters. I like the blues and greens of bundle 2

  13. I love these 2 quilts. The bargello is so beautiful on the first one. I also like how you did the second one too. You are just so talented. I hope some day I will get to be that good:-) I love the #2 fat quarter collection.

  14. I love the intense colors of your bargello quilt! The Sea Salt Sandy fabrics are lovely too, my favorite is group #2.

  15. The bold colors and the design of your quilts are wonderful. The first quilt reminds me of a beautiful sunset. I don't get up early enough to see a sunrise, so I can only relate to the comments about the sunset. And I love a beautiful sunset. So I would use the word sunset in the title. Both of the give away choices are pretty, but I guess I lean toward #2. Nancy A:

  16. I really do love bargello designs. I have yet to make a bargello quilt. I am so impressed that you are able to come up with personal designs. 'Sunset Beach' just popped into my head when I saw your quilt.

  17. Really great, attractive, eye-catching designs! Makes me want to go right to my sewing room and start some bargellos! – And yes! These would make great kits!

  18. Lavish is the perfect name! Sew gorgeous! I really like the blues and greens,they are very pretty! Thank you for sharing.

  19. Stunning quilts I first thing that comes to me on the one quilt is sunset can't even think of a name for the other quilt. If I had to pick one I would like bundle #2. Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. Your quilts are fantastic! My usual choice is always greens and blues, but I think I will step out of my box and try for bundle #1.

  21. Bundle #1 – I need purples in my stash! I think you could name the quilt with three circles "Sunset, Sunrise" since it looks like suns setting and/or rising above a mountain range. Depends on how you look at it, I suppose!

  22. Love your quilt! It reminds me of flowers bursting through the levels in spring. Like both bundles but #2 is slightly more in my current colors. Thank you.

  23. I love your work – so talented! I think Solace would be a good name for your pattern. Also number 2 would be my choice – love blues and greens. I usually a more traditional fabric lover, but this hop has really opened my eyes to the batik world. I'm really impressed!

  24. Love your Quilts..they are both Gorgeous!! I agree with the others about "Sunrise"..great name! Or "Radiating Happy!" 🙂

    Love both fabric bundles, but #2 is favorite. Thanks for chance to win either… 😀

  25. Love the new quilts but the second one is my favorite. At first glance the center reminded me of the atomic symbol. Combine the center with the exploding strips and it just seems so retro. If I had a choice for the fabric it would be #2.

  26. What gorgeous quilts! I would call it "Sunwaves" or something along those lines to combine the bargello wave pattern with the brights sunrise colors. I like both sets, but do like the purple in set #1.

  27. I like #2 but either would be ok, thank you. Your patterns remind me of the sun rising, and that's what I would call it. Sunrise.

  28. This collection has such gorgeous colors too. So bright and fun; especially in the yuck outside the windows right now with nothing but white snow. ick.

    I think "Lavish Rainbow Gardens Flower". The lines reminded me of a beautiful garden with rows of brightly colored flowers and then the big one standing tall in the center.

    I KNOW this may shock you, but if I won, I would choose #2. Please don't hurt yourself when you faint seeing I've chosen the group without the purple. HA

  29. Love love love them both. I think many of us are getting ready for some nice spring days and some beautiful summer sunsets. What a great way to get a jump start on it!

  30. The bargello quilt is stunning! Those circles do look like a moon over mountains and reflected in a lake. The second fabric set is my favorite of the 2, but both are beautiful. I love batiks!

  31. Loving Lavish and always you create beautiful quilts the Bargello is gorgeous #2 would be my choice… Hi Bullwinkle

  32. Beautiful quilts Connie. I really love the second one, but I am not good with names. For some reason "Flower Power" comes to mind though. Thank you for the chance to win some gorgeous fabrics. I would pick bundle #1.

  33. Bargello patterns are one of my favorite. These are beautifull.
    As for a name for the pattern how about ……. RIBBON FLOWER.

  34. wow these are gorgeous. i love how you have used your scraps. I would choose bundle #2 hmmm i can see "Time to Bloom" or "Field of Flowers" quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  35. Your bargello is beautiful…..what great ideas you come up with. Name….Spires come to mind for some reason. And I would love collection #1.

  36. I really like how our did the free motion quilting around the center. Great colors and such cute quilts.

  37. I love the bright colors! I would name the second quilt "Aurora" because of the streams of bright colors around the 'planet'. I am a frequent visitor to your site. I enjoy your patterns and use of color. I especially like the second group of fabrics with the greens and blues in your give away. Nice of you to have the give-away! Thank you!

  38. Your quilts are beautiful! I love the bold colors of this group. Maybe Sunset Reflected or Sailor's Delight would work for your first quilt? Thanks for sharing your quilts and for the giveaway. I would pick #1, but they are both pretty.

  39. Thanks for sharing this adorable project. I love both sets of fabric but if I have to choose I would pick #1. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  40. Love the deep saturated colors! Lovely quilts especially like the Bargello one! #2 would be my choice but both selections are nice! Thanks for sharing! mumbird3(at)gmail(dot)com

  41. These are beautiful, Connie. I think your new studio is really inspiring you! Not that you weren't doing beautiful things before.

  42. Great quilts! The first one makes me think of the line "Sunrise, Sunset" from some song. Would love to win some of those gorgeous fat quarters–#1 is my pick. Thanks for the chance!

  43. I love your flower. It looks like one of those overhead views of flower fields. So I suggest Flower Fields for the name. I would pick group 2, if I win.

  44. What gorgeous quilts! I would love collection #1. Thank you so much for the chance to win! I am LOVING the batiks from Island Batik!

  45. Connie-Love your bargello quilt with the bright colors. I did the front of a sweatshirt in bargello several years ago. It's a great use of left-over scraps. I'd love to win #2 because the colors are bright and I love bright colors. Thanks. Rosemary

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