Larger Christmas Tree Table Runner

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Do you enjoy decorating your home for the holidays? The most popular Christmas quilt project on my website is my Christmas Tree Table runner which I shared ten years ago. Wow, where does the time go?

Larger Christmas Tree Table Runner

My daughter has my original Christmas Tree table runner and I decided I wanted to make one for us. The original table runner is 10-inches x 38-inches and I decided I wanted a wider and longer one so I enlarged the block size.

Increasing the size gave me a larger table runner than will fit on my coffee table. That is okay because I have a different one to place there. By the way, when the sun shines my couch actually looks like a red leather couch instead of wine-colored.

Large Christmas tree table runner and my red leather couch

I think I should have stopped with 2 quilt blocks, this table runner will work fine somewhere else.

Large Christmas Tree Table Runner
15″ x 51″


  • 4 Fat Quarters – different greens for the Christmas trees or 1/8 of a yard of 4 different greens for the 3½-inch strips
  • 3 – Scraps of brown fabric at least 3½-inch x 3½-inch square
  • 1½ yards cream for background and backing
  • 1/3 yard stripe fabric for blocks and binding

Choosing your fabrics

This is a great time to take a look at your fabric scraps and see if you have some that will work. I have a lot of batiks that are all different sizes and I just keep them together. I just looked for four fabrics that looked good together.

Green batik fabrics

Once that was done, I put the fabrics back on the “Green” shelf. I love being able to shop my stash! I don’t worry about trying to fold everything the same size as some are very small and some are actually yardage. This method works for me.

Fabrics on my shelves

15½-inch Block

I find it easiest to make one block first so here are the cutting directions for one block. Further down I’ll have the cutting for the entire table runner.

Cutting one block

Christmas Tree block pieces to cut
  • Green #1 – cut (1) 4-inch square
  • Green #2 – cut (1) 4-inch square and (1) 3½-inch square
  • Green #3 – cut (1) 4-inch square and (1) 3½-inch x 6½-inch rectangle
  • Green #4 – cut (1) 4-inch square and (1) 3½-inch x 9½-inch rectangle
  • Cream -cut
    • (4) 4-inch squares
    • (2) 3½-inch x 5-inch rectangles
    • (2) 3½-inch squares
    • (2) 2-inch x 3½-inch rectangles
    • (2) 3½-inch x 6½-inch rectangles
  • Brown – cut (1) 3½-inch square

Half Square Triangle blocks

Using this method, you will make 2 blocks at a time. I have cut my squares larger than they need to be and then squared them up afterward to get perfect 3½-inch half-square triangle blocks.

  • Place the green fabric right side up and the background fabric right side down on top of it
  • Draw a line diagonally across
  • Stitch a seam slightly less than ¼ inch away from the line on both sides
  • Cut on the drawn line
  • Press the blocks open
  • Trim each block to 3½-inches
  • Repeat the steps for each color
Making half square triangle quilt blocks

Sew the block together

Layout your pieces and sew the rows of the Christmas Tree block. Next, sew the rows together.

Use a ¼-inch seam allowance.

Piecing the rows of the Christmas tree block

Your finished quilt block should measure 15½-inches square. I forgot to take a photo of the pieced block but here is a closeup of the block after I quilted the table runner.

One finished Christmas Tree quilt block

Cutting all blocks

I mixed the colors on the blocks in two different ways. You could always make all three of the blocks the same way.

Block 1 – make 2

  • Green #1 – cut (2) 4-inch squares
  • Green #2 – cut (2) 4-inch squares and (2) 3½-inch squares
  • Green #3 – cut (2) 4-inch squares and (2) 3½-inch x 6½-inch rectangles
  • Green #4 – cut (2) 4-inch squares and (2) 3½-inch x 9½-inch rectangles
  • Brown – cut (2) 3½-inch squares

Block 2 – make 1

  • Green #3 – cut (1) 4-inch square
  • Green #1 – cut (1) 4-inch square and (1) 3½-inch square
  • Green #4 – cut (1) 4-inch square and (1) 3½-inch x 6½-inch rectangle
  • Green #2 – cut (1) 4-inch square and (1) 3½-inch x 9½-inch rectangle
  • Brown – cut (1) 3½-inch square

Cream Fabric for all 3 blocks

  • Cream -cut
    • (12) 4-inch squares
    • (6) 3½-inch x 5-inch rectangles
    • (2) 3½-inch squares
    • (6) 2-inch x 3½-inch rectangles
    • (6) 3½-inch x 6½-inch rectangles


  • Cream – cut (2) 3½-inch x 15½-inch pieces
  • Striped print – cut (4) 2½-inch squares

Add the 2½-inch squares to the corners doing the stitch and flip method.

  • Draw a diagonal line on each of the 2½-inch squares
  • Using a stripe fabric – not the way I have the square turned before stitching
  • Stitch one stitch width away from the line toward the corner
  • Fold over and press
  • Trim off the extra fabrics
piecing the sashing blocks

Sew the sashing to the center Christmas tree block #2 and then add block #1 to each side.

Add sashing to the quilt blocks

Quilting your table runner

It really helps if you have a large surface to lay out your table runner. I am so glad to have my cutting table set up again! Place your backing and batting under the table runner and pin. Since I was quilting this right away, I just used regular pins to hold everything together.

Quilt as desired, I did my usual simple free motion stipple pattern. Add your binding using my easy machine binding tutorial.

Get ready to quilt the table runner

If you have a long table, this would be a perfect size, does it look too big for this table?

table runner on the kitchen table

I had Bob hang on to me while I stood on a chair to take this photo.

Large table runner on kitchen counter

The table runner is actually a perfect size to fit on this cabinet below the TV and yes, I have quilts everywhere!

Table runner on the entertainment center

Large Christmas Tree table runner

Updated: Here is the Large Christmas Tree table runner at our new house in Ankeny. Hopefully this is our last move for some time!

Large Christmas Tree table runner in Ankeny Iowa
Large Christmas Tree table runner

Here is my original Christmas Tree table runner that is 10-inches x 38-inches and the new one that is 15-inches x 51-inches.

two different sizes of the table runner

Purchase an ad-free printable PDF version of the Large Christmas Tree table runner tutorial in my shop. The photos have been reduced in size and the tutorial is 7 pages long.

Get the Large Christmas Tree PDF

Large Christmas Tree Table Runner tutorial

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  1. Vicky Russell says:

    Connie thanks for the large Christmas tree runner. I was wondering, do you Longarm and do you take on others work to quilt? And I’ve been pondering getting an Accu quilt. I think with proper cutting I’d get much better corners. Please educate me on Accu Quilt Thanks
    Vicky Russell

  2. Hi Connie: It was very difficult to choose a design to purchase, with so many charming and loving projects. Lo and behold, I found just the perfect one!!! The “SEA HORSES”. I love sea horses and unicorns and fairy tales. Beautiful colors, the Batik. I’ve had a similar color African print materials forever, probably waiting for this project!!! I’m so eager to try it. I will need to make another “me”, first, I think. Thanks for the discount.

    Thanks so much for the unselfish gesture of sharing your multiple talents and time with us. That’s the wonderful love of giving. The best to you, Connie.

    Here’s wishing the best holidays for you and your friends and family. Stay safe and healthy.

  3. Brilliant!!! I hadn’t picked out the “reflections” of the Christmas tree. Thanks for pointing this out. This is a very neat, rich colors, beautiful Christmas tree. It looks beautiful on everything. May be another project before the holidays. Beautiful coach. If direct sun, will it fade the color? I guess not, with leather!!! lol.

    Happy holidays. Thanks for all the Beauty you freely shared with us. Your generosity is appreciated.

  4. Your tutorials are a joy! This is a lovely table runner and I like this new size; thank you for providing the pattern. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. Rita Morgan says:

    I had to go back and look again to see the white trees. I love them! Thanks for you tutorials. I’m building my table runner stash and those of my daughters. I love getting your emails!

  6. Marilyn J Durant says:

    Dear Miss Connie,
    I love this tree table runner and look forward to your posts with anticipation. Thank you for the inspiration and dedication to the art of quilting. Your lessons, instructions, and creativity reflect your kindness and generosity by sharing your skill with us. It is so helpful and always presented in an encouraging manner. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Prayers and smiles,
    Marilyn Durant

  7. Connie, thanks so much for you easy-to-follow patterns and tutorials. I think I’ll do one of the tree blocks and use it as a door hanging for a
    friend that has recently entered an assisted living facility. Then in my
    “spare” time, maybe I’ll get to a table runner for myself.

  8. Robyn Lidstone says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Connie. Have a wonderful celebration with your family and Mr Mickey.
    We don’t have this in Australia, but my three US penfriends always let me know what is happening at their homes. It’s almost like being there.
    I took advantage of your discount and my pattern stash is getting bigger. Thanks as usual for being such a kind mentor to your followers.
    2022 will be a busy patchworking year for me with lots to learn including free motion quilting.
    Stay safe and well.

  9. Oh my goodness! Your home and huge studio are so neat! Absolutely beautiful, just like you. Happy Thanksgiving.

  10. Absolutely love the swirling snow quilting! Looks like that light puffy stuff we get about this time! And love the trees. Just finishing a dog sled wall hanging. But taking off the next 2 days to EAT and hang out with the family. Thanks so much and Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Just finished it! Great learning experience! Very pretty.

  12. Thank you for all of your free and wonderful table runners! Your generosity is appreciated.

  13. Oh, I really like this table runner. I see white trees upside down between the trees when you put the blocks together. So people on both sides of the table can see upright trees.

    1. Oh my gosh Susan, I forgot to mention that in my post as I noticed it last night when I was taking photos!