Strip Quilted Laptop Bag

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I decided to make a bag to carry my laptop in and since my MSI computer is red and black I thought this fabric would be perfect.

Strip Quilted Laptop Bag

I didn’t take any photos as I was making it but I did use 3 layers of batting, one being a high loft to help protect my computer.

I used a 2½-inch jelly roll of red fabrics.

I measured the width of my laptop and cut my 2½-inch strips in half. Each strip was then 2½-inches by 20-inches. I sewed strips of fabric together until I made a piece of fabric that was big enough to fold over the laptop and still have some room to make the bottom.

Strip Quilted Laptop Bag

I meant to run the stripes vertically on the pocket but I forgot. This was kind of impromptu and I really didn’t know how I wanted to put it together.

Strip Quilted Laptop Bag

I ended up doing french seams on the sides and I have a large pocket inside to hold my power cord or mouse. The mouse also fits in the outside pocket.

Strip Quilted Laptop Bag

The stitching on the pocket was from me stitching the straps all the way to the top of the bag. Originally I stopped the strap at the pocket but this looks nicer. The pocket is still big enough to hold my power cord.

My laptop is all snug in it’s a new bag. The width is 17 inches and the height is 15 inches.

This morning I was playing around with HST’s and realized these would make a great mouse pad. Now that I have it quilted I would really like to make blocks like this so I will be making more half-square triangles.

Strip Quilted Laptop Bag

I think the bag would have been really neat with a pocket like this…..I just laid my mouse pad over the original pocket. I didn’t make a flap or put in a magnetic closure as I will probably only use this when I go to the library.

Strip Quilted Laptop Bag

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