Island Batik Getaway Blog Hop starts Monday

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Island Batik Getaway blog hop

Starting next week the Island Batik Ambassadors will be sharing their final quilt projects as ambassadors for 2018. You are going to see a variety of beautiful quilts as we all share the newest collections of fabric from Island Batik. There will giveaways too!

I’ll be sharing a quilt made with the Elk Lodge collection on Wednesday!

Elk Lodge Island Batik collection

This is the same collection that I used to design the Crystal Swirls quilt. I thought you might enjoy seeing little Sadie with the quilt.

Crystal Swirls quilt with litte Sadie standing next to it

Getaway Blog Hop Schedule

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Hi, I’m Connie Kresin Campbell, the quilter, writer, and photographer behind Freemotion By the River. I enjoy inspiring others with my quilt tutorials and patterns. You’ll also see my sweet adopted dogs from time to time.

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  1. Rhonda Tenderholt says:

    Crystal Swirls is beautiful.

  2. WOW! Four weeks of Island Batik Ambassador projects using lovely batik fabrics…I am going to be swooning a lot. Your Crystal Swirls quilt is stunning and gorgeous. I Love Batik fabrics! Thank you Connie Dear for this blog hop heads up.

  3. Susan the Farm Quilter says:

    I love your Crystal Swirls quilt! I’m with Daryl in that I follow only a couple of blogs that are also Island Batik Ambassadors, but when you have your hops to show off what you have made, I do make sure I go to each blog. I like that the Ambassadors have different styles…I’m more into the modern quilts right now, but I do still make traditional quilts as well. It would be fun to be an Ambassador, but I only blog maybe 10 times a year, and with not being in the same state as my longarm, I’m not finishing anything right now! I can’t quilt on my DSM! I’m also not willing to buy an AccuQuilt or a computer designing program, so if those are essential, I’ll just be watching from the sidelines. I am looking forward to starting the blog hop tomorrow – thanks for the reminder!!!

    1. Thanks Susan, being an Island Batik Ambassador doesn’t mean you need to buy a computer designing program or AccuQuilt cutter (you’ll find out why when I do my first post as a 2019 ambassador). I am sorry people are confused about this. If we lived closer…..I’d love to sneak over and use your longarm while you’re gone. Wish I had one!

  4. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Connie, Your Chrystal Swirls quilt is such a beautiful quilt! I also like the fact that it works especially well for men. Sometimes, it can be difficult, for me at least, to pick fabrics and the right pattern for making a quilt for a man. I will also go and look around at Craftsy, but I seldom buy online. I have a local quilt shop that sells very inexpensive by the yard fabrics. For everything else, I go to JoAnn’s or WalMart usually. I was able to finish the Baby Quilt Top last night, I am putting on a small border today and then will decide what to do from there. By this evening I will definitely send you pictures! I LOVE IT!! Have a Magnificent day!

  5. Did you become an Island Batik Ambassador for 1019 too? I applied in Nov. and got rejected. I guess they are pretty particular in what they are looking for? Maybe since I don’t use all those all those expensive tools like die cut machines and computer design programs that they asked if I have or will buy in the future was just another reason they didn’t want me? Well that’s okay because I can continue making what I love to make anyway and not have to conform to someone else’s idea of what I should be making. The only ambassadors I ever see what they make are those few I follow like you and a few others. I never even look at the other ambassadors blogs, because its too time consuming to find them and look. Maybe they need fewer ambassadors or a better way to show what the ambassadors they do have are doing for them to promote the batiks? If it hadn’t been for you Connie and a few others, I wouldn’t even know there were Ambassadors for Island Batik at all.

    1. Hi Daryl, I am so sorry you weren’t picked as an ambassador this year for Island Batik. Believe me, you don’t need Electric Quilt or a AccuQuilt cutter to become one. I’m really not sure what their requirements are but I love your work and please apply again next year.