DIY Ironing Board Station

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I am still setting up my quit studio and of course, will probably move things several times. Right now we’re my DIY Ironing station for quilting.

DIY Ironing Board Station

I’m working on a Valentine’s Day table runner with……batiks and my AccuQuilt GO! For an ironing board, I am using a temporary board…..maybe….I am really liking it!

Cutting half square triangles is so easy with the 2″ finished HST die.

Batiks for Valentine project

Here is my temporary ironing station…..who knows….I might just keep it!

I had two upper cabinets that Builder Bob was going to mount on the wall by my other cupboards but….I put a white bookcase for my AccuQuilt dies there and decided to try using them as a place to iron.

I had two sets of bed risers – one I bought to raise a sewing machine and the other I picked up for a dollar at a garage sale.

I put the black set in the back and the white in front to raise the cabinets to a comfortable height. I used a piece of plywood, batting and some fabric and whipped up the top. It is just sitting on top but it doesn’t move.

There just might be Duck Tape holding it all together…..did you know you can buy it at Joanns with a 50% off coupon!

We were also able to hang my oak thread rack that holds my machine embroidery thread for applique.

I didn’t want to load up the inside as I’m sure I’ll be moving this around so for now I emptied out a bin of scrap batiks and sorted them by color. Notice my iron????

DIY Ironing Board Station

There is nothing better than a old vintage iron! It is a little smaller than most and is very heavy. It really gets hot and there is no automatic shut-off so you have to remember to turn it off when not in use.

Upstairs Builder Bob set it up so that if the iron was on….so was a light. It really made it easy to remember to turn it off. Right now I have a surge protector I am using that has a light on it. See the bottom of the iron? Perfectly flat! I have a regular iron that I use when doing backing and when I first pick it up I can never believe how light it is.

Vintage Irons

Right next to the ironing board is my backup machine. It is another vintage 15-91 Singer sewing machine.

Having two identical machine is wonderful. I bought this one on eBay a couple years ago and the case was destroyed in shipping. Builder Bob made a base for it. This is my favorite type of stool. Many of you have asked about it and it is only 19 inches tall which works perfectly for me. This was about $20 from Walmart but is getting a little wobbly. We are going to check at a automotive store for a better one. If I find one, I’ll let you know.

Vintage sewing machine

I know you are really anxious to see more photos of my new studio…..things are still moving around and the base trim still isn’t down.

You can see that my ironing board is on the left by the backup Singer and over to the right you can see my workhorse machine.

Normally I have the cutting table against the wall but I found my Fitbit the other day and have been trying to get my 10,000 steps a day in so I made a little walk around in my room last night. I was close with 8,500 and I ended up making my goal!

DIY Ironing Board Station in quilt studio

I couldn’t show the display walls as I had my quilts for Island Batik hanging up so I could take pictures. Now they are ready to be sent off. Here is a little peek at them.

Island Batik Quilts for Quilt Market

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  1. Hello Connie : it’s really looking fabulous! Oh I’m so very excited for you ! Much more space means much more productivity and creativity 😉👍🏼. Still organizing here my Bob the builder is working on building me a new sewing table over this holiday break – I’m getting the fabric mail wall organizer built woohoo ! Getting there…. thank you very much for showing so far – how exciting !! Happy Thanksgiving dear 🦃🍁🌽🍠❤️

  2. Connie ~ Your room looks just amazing now. So? How long before you need a larger room? LOL

    It looks awesome. You and hubby have done a great job with the new room. How is he doing in his new, tiny room?

  3. Your studio looks wonderful! I'm so excited for you. It's so great that you have all that space and if a particular spot in the room for an item doesn't work you can just move it somewhere else.

  4. So glad it is finally coming together for you! What a great space!
    I noticed the iron right off! I had to make myself look at your new ironing board!! I LOVE vintage irons!

  5. Everything looks so nice. One question though…..where did you put all that stuff before you had that big room!! LOL! 🙂

  6. The studio is looking wonderful Connie from my experience this time last year I know what a lot of work it is to re-do and reorganize a quilting/sewing space.I t will be so worth it in the end and you'll be very glad not to have any hiding spaces for fabric and projects.

  7. Very smart to set up an ironing station. Love your vintage iron and Builder Bob's light reminder. Having your wonderful new studio space and getting in your FitBit steps…Priceless!

  8. Your studio is looking great and you must be enjoying the process of trying things in different places.

    My ironing board is set up right next to my sewing table so I can just rotate my chair to iron. Maybe I need to move it so I get more steps in while sewing. That was genius of you!

  9. Your studio filled up fast! But still looks spacious. I have a suggestion for you Connie. Not sure if it will work but might be worth a try. How about if you flip those bed risers over? It will give more support to the bottom of the cabinet and more toe space on the floor.

  10. Love it all! Making an ironing station is on my to do list for spring and i can't wait to have a stable big board 🙂

  11. Love it all! Making an ironing station is on my to do list for spring and i can't wait to have a stable big board 🙂

  12. Connie your Studio looks great! I know you will spend many hours in it and your quilting will be so much more enjoyable. I have a friend who keeps nudging me to purchase an Accu Quilter – just do not have anywhere close to see a demo and I know that it is a very expensive investment – Still enjoy the cutting process.

    Again – so nice to have a creative handy man in the house! Good work on everything.

  13. Wow, Connie, everything is looking fantastic!! You must be over the moon with all this wonderful space and you look so organized! What is the table you have your backup Singer on? I've seen a lot of ironing stations setup that are similar to what you've done and they are so much better, IMO, than a regular ironing board, especially when you are ironing yardage. Looking forward to seeing more. Have a great day.

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