Intertwined by the River Pillows

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I finished a couple of pillows to go with my Intertwined by the River quilt. If you missed it, you can see it here.

Intertwined by the River Pillows

There is no pattern for these pillows……I just used all the scraps and end cuts from the tubes. Then I added some of the brown batik just to make things interesting. These are only about 14 inches so I took a over-stuffed pillow that I had and made 2 smaller liners from it.

Intertwined by the River Pillows

I love knowing all my scraps from the quilt have been used up, plus it is nice to have pillows…..I love pillows! One of these days I am going to have to take a photos of just pillows…..all over our bed!

Intertwined by the River Pillows

I had to bring my Intertwined by the River quilt outside for a photo. It has been washed and dried and I love the crinkly look.

Intertwined by the River Pillows

Here is what it looks like on our bed which is a king size. We have a off-white comforter on the bed and that way I can just change out the quilts when I want a different look. Of course it has been so hot here that the quilt and comforter come off at night!

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  1. Ooh my quilt looks great on your bed and you've even made me matching pillow. You are just too sweet. 🙂

  2. Your pillows turned out great! Love using up the last little bits of something. The brown was a super idea… really makes all the other strips pop!

  3. The quilt and the pillow are wonderful!

  4. A beautiful set! I love it!

  5. Teresa in Music City says:

    Love your pillows Connie! They go nicely with that GORGEOUS quilt on your bed :*)

  6. Betty Lou says:

    Beautiful colors, looks nice on the bed.

  7. They are fabulous Connie. The brown definetly gives them zing.
    I so love your color palette.

  8. Apple Avenue Quilts says:

    Your pillows are beautiful and look so pretty on the bend with that lovely quilt!

  9. Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts says:

    Beautiful! Love the quilt and the pillows~ and the lily is very pretty too! 😉 Have a great week!

  10. Beautiful pillows and quilt. You know I love your lily. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Beautiful batik quilt and pillows. Nice job!

  12. wow Connie how good does that look.xx

  13. I love the pillows! And I love your quilt. You linked this quilt to Leah Day one time and that is how I came upon you. It is also how I happen to have a started but unfinished Intertwined quilt. 😀

  14. Beautiful! Great idea to have the main bedding in off white so you can chance quilts with the seasons.

  15. Your pillows are adorable! Love how everything works so well together.

  16. Beautiful! I love day lilies…lilies of all kinds really.