Intertwined by the River

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I finished quilting my Intertwined by the River and just love it! Builder Bob loves it too! I’m not very original with naming my quilts.

I learned something interesting with this quilt, I got lost when I was quilting it. I always start in the middle and work out but somehow with all the strips I would lose my way and end up with a part in between 2 parts that were already quilted…..not good if you don’t want puckers. Thank goodness for a seam ripper!

I ended up doing a medium sized stippling on it and a larger stipple on the borders. I used Bottom Line Oatmeal thread and a 70 needle for the batiks.

My brother wasn’t home so I took my quilt next door and got a picture on his bench……

and on his drive……….

then I used my other brother’s tree for a prop……….

Just after I picked up my quilt another brother came up the river with his houseboat heading to the marina you can see in the first photo. Yep….we are just one happy family along the river!

My flowerbed and stone path.

This pattern by Cozy Quilt used the strip tube ruler and is called Intertwined. You can learn more about it by clicking the link.

I made the quilt 74 x 84 so it will lay on the top of our king-size bed. With a couple of accent pillows, it will be beautiful. Right now it has a lump in the upper right top……Simon is underneath.

Intertwined – the beginning – Design Wall Batiks

Intertwined – pieced and in different colors – Many colors

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Connie with her dogs

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Hi, I’m Connie Kresin Campbell, the quilter, writer, and photographer behind Freemotion By the River. I enjoy inspiring others with my quilt tutorials and patterns. You’ll also see my sweet adopted dogs from time to time.

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  1. Congratulation to a very lovely quilt. 🙂
    And such nice pictures….
    It must be quite an interesting life to be so close to the big Mississippi. I will check out the pattern for this quilt, I have a jelly roll of batics, some where in my hidings…

  2. Thanks for sharing your ideas on "Strut Your Stuff Saturday!" We'll see you next week! -The Sisters

  3. I love this quilt – thank you for posting your pictures and the pattern info! I love seeing pictures of the Mississippi River in other parts of the country, so thanks for the photos, too! I have to tell you, if I were to make a version of that quilt using the colors at my end of the river – the color scheme would be mostly brown (with some green thrown in for all the trees along the river). They don't call it the Muddy Mississippi for nothing!

  4. Love the colors and the pattern. Great job with all the photo's….. do they know you take over their space while they are gone? Hehehe. Sounds like something I would do with my siblings.

  5. I confess…

    I didn't like this quilt top at first. Sorry!

    However, your vision for the finished piece was impeccable! Now that you have added the borders and binding it is simply gorgeous!

    ~ Lynda

  6. Hello Connie,Your quilt is just lovely. I love the batiks perfect border fabric.Looks beautiful on the bed and resembles the colours of the river. Trust Simon. I really love your river frontage for the photos I have a favourite song by an Australian singer about the river I will have to email the name to you so you can have a listen.

  7. Oh, that's purty! Those little pinwheels really set off the purple batiks!

    Probably a good thing none of your brothers were home – there'd be a major family feud over who gets to keep that beauty!

  8. your quilt is gorgeous. i know what its like to have family all around. it is so fun and loving.
    quilting dash lady at comast dot net

  9. Connie, What a wonderful finish! I can't believe you were able to quilt it on your home machine. It is a real work of art!!!! The photos are just awesome! How wonderful to have all your Brothers so close. You are so inspiring.
    Thanks for taking the time to share.

  10. How many brothers do you have?! That's hilarious. Beautiful quilt, Connie. I like the colour combination you chose and I'm a big fan of batiks. So glad you linked up with TGIFF!

  11. Oh Connie that is just so beautiful. It looks like you pulled those colors for the quilt right out of the background of the top picture. How wonderful. Oh and I hear there's a retreat at your place 🙂

  12. Great quilt, Connie! It must be wonderful to have family right next door. I've always wanted to live right next to a river so I envy your wonderful backdrop of the water and how green everything is.

  13. Great photos of a great quilt! Interesting to know about the size of needle you used on the batiks. I'm still learning all this….

  14. Connie — I love it… love the colors and the pattern… and your pictures are the best.

    Thanks for sharing.


  15. I have meant to comment on this beautiful quilt since I first saw it here. It is really gorgeous. I had to go check out the ruler and watch a video or two. Neat, neat, neat! I love how the colors mirror your landscape there by the river. So pretty.

  16. This is stunning!! The beautiful batiks blend so well. Love the photo shoot as well 🙂

  17. Absolutely beautiful quilt! (And the scenery isn't bad either!) Seriously, wonderful settings for photographs.

  18. Beautiful quilt! Love the setting for the string blocks and it looks right at home along the water!

  19. That's a fabulous quilt and great pictures near the water. You're fortunate to have so much family near and live in such a beautiful place.

  20. The quilt is gorgeous! I love all the photos of it, too.
    Wow, how wonderful to live near family on a river!!! I would love that!

  21. Which came first on the bed? Simon or the quilt? Mine hate being under quilts so I never get lumps on my bed…

  22. How fun to have your family all around you, plus have such amazing scenery to take pictures of your beautiful quilt. I usually have a couple "bumps" under my quilts, too. LOL!

  23. Connie, it is so beautiful. Truly a stunner! My twisted sense of humor would call it "Lost by the River" LOL, but, as I said, I am a little twisted :-). I am in awe of the finished product, just so amazing!

  24. Hi Connie….love the quilt! You did a great job with it…and your take great pics too. Thank you for commenting; glad you liked the bag. I'm not good with landscapes..was afraid no one would recognize the picture..but they did!!!lol

  25. Oh, I like Deb's idea – a quilt retreat at your place – we can use the basement and look out those screened cat doors! Love your setting and family nearby – AND the quilt is stunning.

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