DIY Hubcap Flowers

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Looking for a fun DIY craft project for your yard? Here are some neat hubcap flowers that my sister-in-law just finished. Retirement is turning her into a craftsy person……..hmmmm…..maybe I can get her to start quilting next winter!

DIY Hub cap art easy to make

DIY Hubcap Flowers

DIY Hubcap flowers for your gardenThis is her little flower garden in the back yard up against the metal shed that holds the lawn mover. You don’t even have to water them!

Back to the hubcaps! She saw something on Pinterest about them and proceeded to see if she could find some hubcaps.

Several came from my dad’s shop and the rest were either found in ditches or some friends found them for her. She actually wrote on the back of each one where it was found.
DIY Hubcap flowers for your garden
She scrubbed off each hubcap and then painted them several times using a spray paint like this Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Multi-Purpose Spray Paint.

Spray Paint

Notice the “rays” on this sun hubcap… you know what they are?
DIY Hubcap flowers for your garden

Plastic Ties

Before painting it she added a bunch of white plastic ties. Don’t they look neat all painted! What a great idea.
DIY Hubcap flowers for your gardenGlass Accent Gems

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Glass Accent Gems from Dollar Tree add so much to this one! You can find a variety of color of the glass stones, it would also look neat with multi-colors!
DIY Hubcap flowers for your garden with glass beads

Sponge painting

Sponge painting is another great way to decorate the hub caps. Each one looks so different.  Wouldn’t it be fun to find a bunch of different hub caps and decorate them!
DIY Hubcap flowers for your garden sponge painted
She used wood that was found along the river for the stems. The leaves are plastic pieces but we were both talking about finding some pieces of drift wood and painting bigger leaves on them. That would look neat!

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Flowers for your garden made from DIY Hub caps

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  1. I love your hub caps. I have one and want to paint it for my garden. Just wondering what kind of paint you use and if you varnish it with anything to protect it
    Thanks for any help you can offer

    1. Regular spray paints where used, thanks!

  2. Penni Loomis says:

    What kind of paint did she use?

  3. I always love your quilts, but I just want to say it again. Love your quilts….and your sisters hubcap flowers are darling!

  4. Teresa in Music City says:

    Now that's just a darn cute idea! And so creative with plastic ties, etc. Why do I never think of things like that? Probably because I'm always so busy quilting LOL!!!

  5. Cher in Victoria says:

    Love the hubcaps. the sun one is very clever. Will have to hunt the roadside for lost hub caps. How cheery

  6. What a cute idea with the hubcaps. Yes, I'd say you have a potential quilter waiting in the wings. 😀

  7. Well done to your sister in law! Those hub caps look fab!

  8. OMG – these are really cool! I love the sun one – can see this design as sunflowers in different colouring.

  9. Nancy in IN says:

    Hubcaps are cute; imagine some birds will find them.
    I used the Crossroads block for the back of a b/w quilt for granddaughter. I wrote Bible quotes in several of the white largest blocks plus the label. She loved. Thanks

  10. Crickets Corner says:

    Love those flowers! What did she use for the stems? I need to make some for my back fence.

  11. Deborah Hamilton says:

    Those are just too cute! I'd love to have some for my garden, so I'm going to try to find some hub caps.

  12. Kelly Young says:

    those hubcabs rock!! If your sister in law is that crafty, might definitely be worth a try to give her the quilting bug. your rainbow blocks are very pretty too. i like that pattern a lot. 🙂

    -Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  13. What an amazing idea with the hub caps!! And they are so colorful! Thanks for showing us them. 🙂