How to make Hidden Wells quilt block with strips

Hidden Wells Quilt Block made with 4 strips

One of my favorite quilt blocks is the Hidden Wells block when made with 4 strips of fabric that are each cut 2½ by the width of the fabric. Batiks are a lot of fun to use for this design.

Hidden Wells Block made with 4 strips

How to make Hidden Wells quilt block with strips

Please note that the finished blocks will have bias edges and be very stretchy. Handle your blocks carefully, you can also starch your fabric to help with this.

The Hidden Wells block was originally developed by Mary Ellen Hopkins in 1989. She made the block many different ways using different amounts of fabric strips.

I had some purples and greens that I thought might go well together, take a look.

Creating the first block

  • Cut 4 – 2½” strips width of fabric
  • Sew them together with a ¼” seam allowance
  • Press the seams and measure the width which should be 8½”
  • Cut 8½” x 8½” squares
4 strip Hidden Wells quilt block in purples and greens
block with 4 colors

It is fun to pick the colors and see how the block turns out, sometimes I like it….other times I don’t. You can see in the blocks above that the colors kind of blend together.

Creating the next block

Once you have sewn the strips together and cut them into squares you’ll lay one block right side up and then place another block right side down on top of it. Pin and then stitch all around the sides with a ¼” seam allowance.

NOTE: Use the same orientation for all of your blocks, example – the green strip is at the bottom of the block that is right side up. The green strip is on the right side and when place right side down, it is on the left side.

Stitch around the entire block

Cutting the block

I decided to make more blocks using different hues. I like these better.

Use a ruler and cut the block diagonally into 4 pieces. You’ll want to cut all of the blocks the same way.

How to make the hidden wells quilt block 4 steps

I think Mr. Mickey is getting into the picture thing….or he just likes sitting on my batiks! Isn’t he cute!

Mickey the poodle standing on quilt blocks

The first selection of fabrics didn’t seem to work very well so I made two complete blocks and then mixed the diagonal sections to make completely different colors of blocks. 

If you cut strips the width of your fabric for the blocks, you should be able to cut 4 blocks from the strips.

Here are some ideas of what the blocks could look like.

How to sew the Hidden Wells quilt block with 4 strips

These were the variations that I chose to keep.

How to sew the Hidden Wells quilt block with 4 strips

Sorry to switch fabrics on you, some of the photos didn’t turn out.

When I dug in my stash for these batik strips, some of them weren’t the full width. I really like the colors in this block but as you can see, I only have enough fabric to make one block.

I think I’ll make a little placemat or something and add the leftover fabrics as a border otherwise this will become another orphan block. What do you think of that?

How to sew the Hidden Wells quilt block with 4 strips leftover fabric

You can find the original tutorial which is now correct here – Hidden Wells quilt block tutorial

Are you wondering what this block would look like in other colors? I have several other tutorials using this block that you might enjoy.

Easy to make Hidden Wells quilt block using 4 strips of fabric following this easy tutorial"

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  1. The Red table topper is beautiful and I will make it. I Love the colors and the layout of the block’s. You Rock. You are truly blessed to work with Batiks. I loved Mr. Mickey he is so cute. . Please keep making beautiful quilts.

  2. I love this block. I have done it a few times, and yes, I agree with so many… it may be time to revisit.

  3. I sewed this block so many years ago and really liked the results. I think it is time to revisit it. Thanks for posting it. Your purples are so pretty.

  4. Thanks for revisiting & sharing this pattern .. somehow l missed it first go around. Will be giving it a try soon … hopefully. Love that Mickey’s taking an interest in quilting .. he makes a great mascot. 🙂

  5. That really is a pretty block, Connie. I think it’s a good project for “in between” sewing when I’m not feeling iike tackling anything bigger. Then I can just save them up until I have enough to do something. Mickey is looking quite adorable.

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