Heart quilt blocks and wildlife visitors

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Every day I am so thankful that we found this house in the country. I hope we get to enjoy many years here.

Wildlife Visitors

We are having so much fun watching the animals and birds! Yesterday we had to run to town and get another bag of cat food and a 40 pound bag of black sunflower seeds.


I almost missed the opossum! Builder Bob told me to come look at there was a cat in the tree by the bird feeders and then we saw the opossum walking up to our front door! I think they are so cute and don’t worry, they don’t get rabies.

Opossum walking by front door

I tried to take a video which is what scared him, it is only about 11 seconds long. I guess I need to learn how to edit a video LOL.

Stray cats

I have mentioned that along with the house we inherited stray cats. Two of them are very, very skittish and look like life has been tough for them so I try and make sure I have food out for them.

I have a place setup to feed them right under the back bedroom window near Mr. Mickey’s fenced in area. They get scared just seeing me in the window! Last night both black cats were eating at the same time. I’m glad to see that they get along. I even saw our first rabbit late last night when I was taking Mr. Mickey out. I don’t think he’ll ever get to go out without a leash.

Stray cat eating

Sorting Out Quilt Projects

I’m one of those people who like to work on multiple projects at once. There will be times when I have nothing finished to show and then…..I have two or three things done! I’m working on two quilts right now but I spent a little time going through some of my storage bins.

I have all kinds of things started! There are several boxes of pieces for blocks. I also found leftover blocks from quilts I’ve made in the past.

Working through old quilt projects

Accuquilt Half Square Triangles

I have several boxes of half-square triangles in various sizes. I think I cut most of them the first year I got my Accuquilt Qube sets. I’m not sure what I’ll make with them.

What you are seeing here is the 2-inch finished size, you can buy this die separately. These work great with all of the 2½-inch scrap squares.

If you like the Qube sets, this die is included in the GO! Qube Mix & Match 8″ block set. Don’t have an AccuQuilt GO! cutter yet? The best deal is to buy the Ready Set Go Ultimate Fabric cutting system and get what you need to start out.

AccuQuilt GO half square triangles scraps

Hearts Baby Quilt Scraps

I think I pull this box out every year about this time and start thinking about Valentine’s Day. These are the leftovers from my Hearts Baby Quilt tutorial. When I have this much leftover from a quilt project, I find it helpful to keep everything together in case I want to make something else. Maybe it is time to do that!

Batik Heart baby quilt

I even have a couple of blocks and tons of extra block pieces. These are 8½-inch unfinished blocks.

Scrappy Batik Squares

I decided to make a few more of the scrappy batik square blocks. Adding more blocks really helps the design show up. I think it will end up being a lap quilt.

Scrappy batik blocks

Builder Bob Installs New Lights

Builder Bob has a whole list of projects to do around the house. He finally finished insulating the garage which is his “man cave”, he even bought a huge new tv which is why I have a tv in my quilt studio.

I doubt if I will turn it on much. I tried to watch Queen’s Gambit on Netflix which my daughter had recommended and finally had to just stop sewing and just enjoy the show. It was really good.

Artika Skylights

Anyway, here is what he worked on today. Last summer I bought six Artika Skylights for my “soon to be built” quilt studio. Obviously that never happened so we have been using them in other places in our country home. He just finished installing two in the family room downstairs. That is also where my office is.

I’m having so much fun watching the birds right now that I am writing this post at the kitchen table so I can watch them.

Builder Bob installing new lights

I know some of you will want to know more about the Artika Skylights, you can read more about them by following the link. They are Flat Ultra Thin LED lights. Builder Bob said they were kind of a pain to install but now that he has three done…..not too bad.

He also installed one upstairs in the hallway where our washer and dryer are. That area went from dim to bright!

He also installed a small tv in the kitchen, we used to have it in the bedroom but never used it. Many times we eat dinner when the news is on so I think it will work better here.

Another Free 12 Month Calendar

I finished another calendar that has all twelve months on one page. Several people have asked for a calendar that starts on Monday as it does in Australia, New Zealand and other countries so I now have this for you. I will also be updating my 2021 Quilt Calendar.

Week starting on Sunday calendar

Click to download the Sunday calendar.

12 month calendar for quilters

Week starting on Monday calendar

Click to download the Monday calendar.

Calendar starting on Monday

Great deals for you!

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Heart quilt blocks and wildlife visitors

I hope you have enjoyed what is going on in my life right now as we are staying home most of the time and I’m so thankful for all the wildlife we have here!

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  1. Marcia in TX says:

    I really Ike reading about your house and crittersaswell as your quilting.
    where did get your clear boxes under your cutting table that have the stringsand 3 inch foundations in them? It looks like they are about 2 to 3 inches high with tops..
    Thank you. Hugs

    1. I bought them at Joanns, they are normally used for scrapbooking and are 12 x 13 by 3

  2. Barbara Pretola says:

    I am so so jealous. Your sewing area is beautiful. Also you are so organized. I expect you will have tons of kittens in the spring which can be exciting if you love cats. I love your quilts and seeing what you have done to the house.

  3. ~Aunt Marti~ says:

    The first time I saw a possum (in San Antonio TX) I screamed so loud, I’m pretty sure they heard me at the Alamo! I like how you have unfinished projects in the plastic bins, can you tell me where you get the clear hard plastic ones?

  4. Lady4Yeshua says:

    Please ask Builder Bob to tell us where he got those lights! I have a dark coat closet that could us a mini version…

  5. Pam Temple says:

    Love possums! They eat ticks and can withstand venomous snake bites also. I have one that lives around my house. Once several years ago I had one that would use the cat door and go into my cat’s room. It would hang out with them, even climb one of the cat scratching trees. Cats don’t bother them either. You’ll enjoy the wildlife, just wish I had more than 2 acres. Keep up the good work!

  6. Linda Garcia says:

    My DH installed one of the skylights in our kitchen, dinning room, and laundry. I love the bright light. In the laundry room it solved a problem we had also. The light fixture is in front of the cupboards above the washer and dryer and the cupboards go all the way to the ceiling. When I would open the cupboard door, it would run into the light fixture. With the flat panel light, not only is it so much brighter, Now I can open the door and not hit the light fixture. I love, love, love these lights!

    1. I really love reading your stories and I love looking at the snow. So glad those strat kitties have found you 😻 we have rain here in Australia today, but hoping for sunshine soon. I have just gotten a new sewing table, very pleased with it, it accommodates my sewing and my kitties 😻😻

  7. Carla Hundley says:

    So enjoy your wildlife
    stories. The house is
    looking great. Happy
    New Year.
    Carla from Utah

  8. Joy Teague says:

    I love seeing the pictures of your snow, wildlife and everything you do to your house and sewing room. I also like seeing all your quilts. I hope to use some of your patterns that I have purchased soon.

  9. Hi Connie:
    Have enjoyed seeing all your wild life. We do not have possums here. We get deer, the odd fox and rabbit, squirrels once in awhile a skunk that I could do with out and different birds. Saw two moose once but they were just passing through.
    I love your heart block and fabric stash. The skylights look like they would be great.
    So glad you are enjoying your new home.
    Thanks for sharing.
    All the best for a great new year.
    Shirley in Canada

  10. Margaret Magri says:

    love your site and all the updates to you new home…I too have been renovating and soon to have it all finished even throughout all this covid. Glad to see you are feeding the strays…feel sorry for them that they don’t have a forever home. Looks like your possum might be helping himself to your grateful feeding. take care and look forward to all the valentine things to make thank you so much

  11. Dianne Mann says:

    I love reading your blog with all the updates on your new house and what’s going on in your quilt world. Been reading a long time and have enjoyed your journey. Loving your country home!!

  12. So much information – I’ll have to go back and read it again! Love your new pets! And the lights are spectacular! I put a medium size tv in the sewing room and play music from there or movies that I don’t have to pay attention to! Check to see – I think you can use it as a computer screen (sorry I can’t tell you how – mine has a setting “Stream Internet”) but in case you decide to do a Zoom class!?!?!
    I try to make a couple extra blocks when making a baby quilt, then I put a large hand towel 14 x 18 and just use the blocks and the towel for a matching burp cloth. Those hearts would be perfect. Love them!

  13. Ruth Chapman says:

    Hi Connie, If you don’t already have one, I’d suggest you get a Trail Camera. You set it up in a tree, on your back porch, or anywhere you want to see wildlife at night. it is so fun and interesting to see what is going on out in the yard at night. (Would make a great gift for Builder Bob!!)