Halloween Party

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This isn’t my usual quilting post, we went to a Halloween party this weekend and I wanted to share a few photos from it. (Keep reading and get a special discount on my quilt patterns at the end!)

Last night was also trick or treat in our neighborhood and a neighbor brought over a Ninja costume for Mr. Mickey. He wasn’t thrilled with it. I think it was meant for a smaller dog but it was fun to put it on him.

Dog wearing a Halloween costume

Mr. Mickey’s neighbor Miss Rosie wasn’t thrilled by his costume either, in fact she just wanted to close her eyes and not even look at him. Doesn’t she look cute in her sweatshirt?

French bulldog in sweatshirt

Aging Hippies

Bob and I went as hippies……aging hippies LOL. I should have painted Bob’s beard black but he refused.

Connie dressed up as a hippie for Halloween
Bob dressed up as a hippie for Halloween

Joker and Harley Quinn

The couple hosting the party dressed as Joker and Harley Quinn. What great costumes!

Neighbors dressed as Joker and Harley Quinn

Scary Nurse

My daughter was a scary, sexy nurse, Mr. Mickey liked her costume! I guess this can be a quilt post as you can see my Quilt Keeper on the door in the background.

Scary nurse and Mr. Mickey

Halloween Food

You can’t have a party without Halloween food! Look at all of the goodies! Spider-deviled eggs, eyeballs, brains, cheese dip!

Halloween food

That scary face was cheese dip with meat slices covering it. The pumpkin dip was neat too!

Cheese dip with crackers
Pumpkin dip

My sister came up for the weekend which was fun!

girls at Halloween

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  1. Great pictures. I’m sure is was a wonderful time by all !! Yum the food was very creative too. Thanks for sharing

  2. All of the photos were wonderful. The nurse was my favorite, plus the food looks delicious. Great photography!

  3. What great pictures of all of you, especially like the dogs! The costumes on both people and dogs were wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

  4. That Halloween party snack table was great! What imagination! Did you vote for who had the best costume? Thanks for the discount, and happy Halloween. Are you going to dress up again tonight to pass out treats?

    1. Another Sharon commenting. Sharon Luedeman
      Wow! what a fun party and wish I could have been there. Great costumes, yummy food and just so much fun! We all need fun. Thanks for your post including all the fun photos.

  5. All of you look great and I agree your neighborhood sounds great. I wonder, did anyone eat the dip from the pumpkin. It really looks scary….

  6. Looks like a great party. You guys all just went all-out and that’s the way to do Halloween or any other party for that matter.

  7. How absolutely adorable those little puppies look in their costumes! Mr. Mickey could definitely be a ninja and Rosie is hilarious with her expression! It seems you have moved into a highly wild & crazy, and very neighborly, area…so happy for you! All the costumes are great..yours and Bob’s, especially! By the way, if I see this particular nurse, I’m turning around and going the other way……lol….

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