Golden Sunset Quilt Pattern

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Golden Sunset quilt pattern

Golden Sunset Quilt Pattern

Golden Sunset quilt pattern perfect for autumnThe other day we took Sadie (our new photo shoot model) to a park near us for some pictures of my Pumpkin Fest table runner and I also pulled out one of the first quilts I ever designed using Island Batik fabrics.

I had written the pattern as a paper pattern using InDesign and had never converted it to a PDF file. I am now doing all of my patterns with full color diagrams so….I spent the last couple of days redoing the pattern (in between a baby shower and a neighborhood fish fry) and the Golden Sunset quilt pattern is now available.

I draped the Golden Sunset quilt over a picnic table and then we put Sadie on top….isn’t she cute!Golden Sunset quilt with Sadie sitting on itThen we got silly, this beautiful bur oak tree had all kinds of neat knots and Builder Bob held onto Sadie so I could get this picture.Bur Oak tree with neat natural knots with a dogThis is such a neat tree…..imagine how old it is!Golden Sunset Quilt on a Bur Oak treeIf you missed my post about the Pumpkin Fest table runner, be sure to check it out. The batiks I used in the Golden Sunset quilt pattern are two years old from Island Batik. When I made the Pumpkin Fest table runner I used batiks from my newest box from Island Batik and you can see how the colors coordinate very well.

While we were at the park, we walked down by the Grist Mill.
Grist Mill in Muscatine Iowa Wild Cat Den Park with Sadie

Golden Sunset Quilt Pattern


Golden Sunset quilt and Pumpkin Fest Tablerunner


golden sunset quilt pattern

Here are a couple ideas of how it would look to use different colors for the Golden Sunset quilt.Golden Sunset Pattern in other colors

Other patterns and info on them that you might like!

Golden Sunset quilt pattern
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  1. Hi Connie! This quilt beautiful and full of sunshine! I’m so happy Sadie found good home with you. She is so cute and perfect for quilt modelling! x Teje

  2. What a stunning quilt! You certainly made gorgeous pictures with it and your dog. Have a good week!

  3. This is really a beautiful quilt, and Sadie adds the finishing touch. I do not envy you redoing your patterns. That’s a huge undertaking, but it will be worth it.

    I had to laugh a little when I saw you laid your quilt on the ground by the tree. I think that’s the biggest eye opener for people who believe they are too precious to touch or wash. I always mutter under my breath, “It’s fabric people!”

  4. I love the knobby tree, and if I had a model like Sadie, I’d be taking just as many pictures–loved it!!! What a pretty setting with the old mill. Your quilt is beautiful, and I really like the table runner!

  5. Kaye in Georgia says:

    Don’t know which I like more…the quilt or Sadie. Both are adorable.

  6. Pretty quilts. Nice pictures.K

  7. Mary Baars says:

    You sure did find a big old tree with some character. I’m thinking all those bumps in the tree are probably burls. Love the colors in the quilt and the pattern. Sadie looks so cute modeling for you. She seems to like it now:-)

  8. Sadie is the perfect model for that beautiful quilt. The colors make it radiant! That is a beautiful tree. Glad it didn’t go down with the other one.

  9. Another beautiful quilt, I can tell you are loving having a dog-she is a cutie!!

  10. What a fabulous quilt tree! I love photographing quilts outdoors (when the wind stops blowing) and a neat old tree for a backdrop is such an asset. p.s. I love the quilt too!

  11. I love your Golden Sunset quilt, what an appropriate name! And the oak tree is beautiful!

  12. Oh my!! That’s just gorgeous Connie! And perfect for this time of year! Love it!

  13. Beautiful quilt Connie. The pup is adorable.

  14. Connie your Island Batik fabric projects like the Sunset Quilt and Pumpkin Table Runner are truly beautiful. Sadie is so precious and looks like a natural model. I love that Builder Bob is Sadie’s personal assistant. You always have the most interesting photo shoot locations. Autumn Bliss Dear…

  15. Beautiful new design with yummy fabric. Definitely captures a golden sunset. Sadie is sure looking like a happy puppy, who knows how much she is loved (and loves you back). I’m so thrilled she found you guys.


  16. Gorgeous quilt! Love everything about it. .I can see it in so many different color palettes.

  17. Kelly Tadlock says:

    Your quilts are beautiful and Sadie is adorable!