Ghost Walk

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Full moon for the Ghost Walk

Last night we went on a Ghost Walk at Wildcat Den State Park. It was about ghosts of Pine Creek Gris Mill.  At one time Iowa had 500 gristmills which is where early settlers took their grain and had it ground. The grains were corn, wheat, buckwheat and rye. You can read more about the History of Pine Creek Grist Mill

Ghost Walk at Grist Mill in Iowa

That is me in the red, I really didn’t need a jacket as the weather was warmer than usual, perfect for a ghost walk.

Builder Bob on the Ghost Walk
Builder Bob didn’t need a jacket.
We joined other people to take a walk down paths lined with lighted pumpkins and stopped at the school where “ghosts” a teacher and a child talked about school in the late 1900s. I couldn’t take any pictures outside as each place we stopped at that had a ghost also had a very bright light right next to them.
Ghost Walk Grist Mill Wild Cat Den Iowa

This photo was inside the Grist mill and was a mother and son talking about the harvest and what foods they would have for the winter. The ghost walk was very interesting and educational.

Ghost Walk Grist Mill Wild Cat Den Iowa

Here we had a niece visiting her Aunt to learn about herbs and gardening and what you could find each month. I blurred their faces as I didn’t get their names. The final thing on the Ghost Walk was a woman who told a ghost story. Then we had apple cider and popcorn. You could grind corn by hand in the gristmill which I have done before.

Someday we could have a ghost walk at our house. Have you ever seen a tombstone in someone’s front yard? We have a full size one. It was a gift to my parents years ago.

Tombstone The Kresin Family

I did some quilting today. The weather has been unbelievable and I had to include a picture I took this afternoon. Lots of people were out boating and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Mississippi River in October

Tomorrow you will see quilting  and I will have a AccuQuilt tutorial for you.

Day 9 of my 31 days of blogging……..almost didn’t make it.

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  1. The weather is just amazing! How great to get to do something outside and not freeze! can't wait for the tutorial!

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