Getting settled in Ankeny, Iowa

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We are finally getting settled in our new home. I have to say that this move took more out of Bob and me than any other move which is why you haven’t heard from me in almost 2 weeks.

Normally when we move, I pack and haul everything but the furniture myself but since we were moving 3½ hours away, the movers did this.

Old quilt room packed up

There were boxes and boxes of fabric and tons of bags of quilts.

More quilt stuff to move

Poor Mr. Mickey couldn’t figure out what was going on! I kept moving his favorite pillow around the house so he could keep an eye on what I was doing.

Mr. Mickey on his pillows

The kitchen was emptied, this is the last time you’ll see my blue countertops. Our new home will have white quartz.

Kitchen with blue counters

It was exciting to see the movers start to pack everything up. Would you believe it took two trucks this size to move us?

Moving trucks

I was so worried about Mr. Mickey handling the 3½ hour drive. All week I was taking him for short drives. I had the front passenger floor and set layered with pillows so he sat a bit higher. He was such a trooper! We stopped 3 times for breaks.

Our Ankeny home

It felt so good to finally get to our new house! The next day the movers would be here early to unload everything. We were so happy to be here that we decided to stay here instead of going to our daughter’s house to sleep. Boy was that a mistake! There weren’t enough quilts to make sleeping on the floor comfortable at our age. It was a miserable night, (Mr. Mickey slept well) and we will never do this again.

Our Ankeny house

It isn’t a big house, but it will work for us. The next day was moving in, we found several things about the house we didn’t like and……told our movers to keep a truck handy as we would probably be moving again. Are we crazy??

Future quilt studio

The basement is unfinished, this large room would normally be a family room but it will be my quilt studio. Before long it will be similar to my Maquoketa quilt studio in the country.

Empty basement for studio

I am so glad someone else moved everything down here!

new quilt room with stuff in it

My bookshelves which will hold my fabric and AccuQuilt dies are going on this wall.

Book shelves and table

My cutting table is huge and heavy, I was so worried they wouldn’t be able to get it down the stairs but they did! I love that it is on wheels and can be moved around.

quilt studio mess

This is the other side of the basement which should be a bedroom and bathroom. For now, I’ll use it to store my quilts and other things. There is another large section that Bob will use to store his stuff.

Other side of quilt room

Mr. Mickey goes for a walk

When we lived in town I used to take Mr. Mickey for walks twice a day, (his idea) when we moved to the country we fenced in the backyard and occasionally I would take him to the park for walks.

We also found out he had congestive heart failure and I tried to keep his walks to a short distance. He is so happy to be in town again and go for walks, it is amazing how excited he is and he is making me take him 3 times a day! His appetite has really improved, he is eating more and seems like a young pup again.

Mr. Mickey going for a walk

There are new homes being built everywhere in Ankeny, and we see many dogs on our walks.

New homes being built

We are slowly getting settled, I found rugs for the living room and dining room and pulled out a quilt that was in the same colors to wrap around Mr. Mickey’s pillow.

Mr. Mickey in the living room

He loves this spot by the fireplace.

Mr. Mickey by fireplace

Bob and I have been exhausted. This is a brand new home so we have had to buy a new dryer, refrigerator, and many fixtures. Between sorting everything and shopping, we have both gone to bed every night with our legs and feet hurting. Yes, we are getting too old for this stuff!

I had to laugh when I downloaded the photos on my phone, I didn’t even know I took this one but thought it was pretty funny. I wanted a medicine cabinet in the bathroom and we found a beautiful one and planned on taking the mirror down and putting it in the hallway. When we got home Bob realized the large mirror in the bathroom was glued on. Ugh! He watched some Youtube videos to learn how to remove it, there was a possibility the mirror would break.

The box sat in the hall for 5 days and yesterday I decided I really didn’t need it so we took it back to Home Depot and bought a smaller medicine cabinet to hang on the sidewall.

Shopping for bathroom fixtures

Finally getting settled

It has been almost 2 weeks since we moved in and there are still so many things to do. Every day we have had someone at the house to install things like our Smart Home system or fix something that isn’t right. Today we are waiting for someone to fix the stove and dishwasher that have problems with the seals.

Bob has a knee that is still very sore and both of us have slowed down on things. Eventually, we will get everything done and the house is growing on us, I think we will be staying.

A peek at my new studio

We have been working on the basement and setting up my quilt studio. Here is a sneak peek at what we’ve done so far. I have to laugh though as the baskets under the wallhanging have already been moved. I have reorganized things 3 times already.

My goa with a quilt studio is functionality which is why I am okay working with an unfinished basement and I’m loving it already!

Peek at my new quilt studio

In between writing this, I’ve been helping Bob while he has been installing 2 cabinets in my bathroom. Mr. Mickey is also giving me the look which means it is time we took a walk and you know he is the boss!

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  1. It’s true that as the years catch up with us, moving is meant for . . . the movers! Your new house look wonderful and it’s amazing you’re already settled into your studio. Question for you: I have the same brick printed wall backdrop as you (from one of your posts!) but I no longer need to take photographs of my quilts/products. I found it the other day and wondered if it would work well as a design board? It looked like you have small quilts placed on the fabric. Before I go securing it on my wall, I wondered if it keeps blocks in place well? Glad your doggo likes his new neighborhood – that’s great!

  2. Hey Connie thanks for inviting us in your lovely home I love it especially your specious studio i know its a lot of work to unpack but take it one day at a time. Mr Micky seem to love it there give my regards to him.
    Dell Rose

  3. Good grief Connie, you make me tired just reading your packing, trip there, and unpacking. “I” need a rest. I sure hope you are settled in there, drive in your steak and stay there. Looking good at the possibilitys of/for your studio. I envy you my dear.
    Builder Bob is a very patient man, so is Mister Mickey your dog. He looks so much like our Buddy, tho he is all white. He is a typical male, he knows when it is supper time and I should be in the kitchen! He is sitting at the kitchen doorway waiting for me.
    Time to go, the boss is waiting. Take care, keep us in stitches. Happy mothers day
    God Bless you and Bob.

  4. Connie Dear you are so good at moving. I like your unfinished basement for your quilting studio. Mr. Mickey is looking quite well for all the moving. Builder Bob will have lots of projects to keep him busy. Happy arranging my friend.

  5. Looks like a nice house and a beautiful neighborhood. Its nice to be somewhere where you can meet people and find others that have the same interest- quilting…… ( if they don’t you can teach them). Enjoy……

  6. I, too, am jealous of your wonderful Quilt room. We moved to our current home 11 years ago and it is our forever home. I was 64 at that time but my husband is 9 years younger than me. Anyway, when we moved to SC 4 years earlier we bought a house that was too big and down sized to a smaller one that did have a designated area for my sewing. Then we decided to build on our Lake property and a year later moved into it. OOPS, when I designed the house I was sewing some but not quilting and Icould get on the floor to cut things out like drapes and home decorating items…Well, Those day are gone ! We had to build a large unattached garage for the husband’s big truck and that gave me an area in the house’s garage to set up a “Quilting area”…I have to share it with the golf cart, two freezers, a refrigerator and my mobility scooter… At 75 years the heat in the summer, and the cold in the winter in my “Quilting Area” have made quilting difficult and no fun any more…I think all the moves and changes have aged me also. Take the setup easy and do not put too much stress on yourself. You will get it done and love the space. It is so nice. I am so envious. God Bless you!

  7. Color me green, with jealousy! I LOVE your quilt studio, especially the rolling cutting table. When I moved here, 19 years ago, I planned on having the cellar for my quilt studio. That lasted for about 7 months, til a spring thaw and a wet basement. Thank goodness all my fabric and projects were in plastic totes! Now I quilt on the 2nd floor of my house. It works for me, except in the summer when it is beastly hot, but who quilts in the summer, in Northern New York? We go outside to play, for the few months of good weather! Moving is hard work, isn’t it!!

  8. I have to give you a lot of credit for moving again but I know it will be wonderful to be closer to family. I can’t believe all you have gotten done so far and you just exhaust me. I am 70 and can’t do a lot anymore but so enjoy all your posts and I try to quilt a little every day. Your sewing studio is fabulous and sure you will make a lot of new quilting friends

  9. What a beautiful new home and your new sewing room is going to be awesome. I’m sure you and Bob will make plenty of new friends and I hope you have many, many years of enjoyment in your new home. But I must have missed something as I thought your last two homes were spectacular, but good to know you’ll be close to kids in your new home. Enjoy!

    PS – We are still looking for a forever home. Sky rocketing home prices and lack of inventory are making it hard for us to find what we are looking for. So happy to see you found such a lovely home.

  10. I can so identify with you. We moved up here to the Flathead Valley outside of Glacier National Park just about 11 years ago and it was exhausting! Our house had doubled in value but there is no way we would move again!!! I was 63 then and now I am almost 74. Much too much for this old body to do.
    Your new house is wonderful…I only have a 10X11 foot bedroom for my sewing room but your have given me several ideas.
    Thank you for all you do! Rest and stay well!!!
    Bonnie Wilson

  11. I’m so glad to hear from you again. Your new place sounds wonderland I’m sure Bob will make it fit you both. You have such a nice bigggg room for your sewing its so great. I’m so happy for you and Bob. Don’t work so hard now that you are in take time to enjoy Bob and you. Love You Barb

  12. I loved your other house, but, being near as possible to family is more important than anything else.
    I am so glad Mr. Mickey made the journey well, and loves taking walks and being near the fireplace.
    May the presence of the Lord be with you and fill your home with His glory, goodness, mercy and love.

  13. OMG Conny, what a lot of work…..But I’m jalouz on your quilting studio.
    I get exhousted only to see what you have moved in the basement, but men, what a lot of fabric and all sorted on colour; I love it.
    I hope you Bob and mr Mickey will find peace, rest and will be blessed on this new spot.
    Sorry if the words aren’t right…I’m from Holland.

    1. Hi Anja, thank you so much and your words are perfect! I can already tell that we are going to love it here and Bob has already made friends with several neighbors.

  14. I’m glad you are getting settled and hope you don’t end up moving again anytime soon. I really dread the day when we decide it’s time to downsize. I hate moving!

  15. Zzzzz, Connie, just reading about your move and I’m tuckered out and need a nap. Haha. I get it, oh my gosh, we picked up branches this evening in our back yard, I thought afterward; thank heavens I have leftover chicken dinner in the fridge. I couldn’t have cooked a meal after that. This aging has to stop :)).
    So nice you are close to your daughter again now.
    Love that huge blank canvas basement what treat you luck girl. It’s looking fantastic. You all have a beautiful new home, congratulations Connie. Mr. Mickie loving it is a good sign. It’s great news he is doing so well.
    Looking forward to seeing the first quilt you make in your new home.
    Get some rest folks. 💤
    Thanks for the update Connie.
    Nova Scotia

  16. Happy that you are getting settled in. Moving is not easy. Your new home is lovely.

  17. You and your husband are very brave to take on such a huge move but it will soon be history and you’ll have many laughs about it. I love your new quilting studio. I always enjoy seeing pictures and hearing stories about Mr. Mickey. Good luck in your new home!

  18. Connie,
    I’m so happy to hear that you, Bob & Mickey have finally “landed”!! From one who has moved many, many times during our married life you always land on your feet after the move 😉 We will have lived here 10 years in August (used to moving every 3 – 4 years) and can already see that a move is in our future (next year) to be closer to our daughter.
    Of course we’re hoping it will be our last move. It’s amazing how much you accumulate over the years. We’ve started revisiting our “collections” and donating.
    Look forward to hearing more of your “nesting efforts” and Mickey’s happiness!
    Happy Mother’s Day!!
    P.S. Take your time with unpacking, your “stuff” isn’t going anywhere!

    1. Thanks Katie, I actually have enjoyed the recent moves and once our bodies heal I’m sure I’ll have fun looking at other houses in the area. We have told our daughter that if she moves again……she is paying for our move. Have fun getting ready for your next move!

  19. Oh I do understand the recent move. My hubby and I did the same two years ago. Our country home became to much to care for so we built new in the city 2 hrs away but much closer to our daughter. My quilt room was in the basement but is much smaller and warmer in the smallest of the three bedrooms in the new house. I love being able to look out the windows. Enjoy and hope you and Bob are blessed with many happy memories.

    1. Congrats on your move Kathy. Basement quilt rooms can be cold in the summer. Of course, the perfect house for us would be zero entry with a quilt studio of 500 square feet on the main floor. Who needs a kitchen???

  20. Enjoy your lovely new place and all the possibilities before you. Tell you daughter she CANNOT move again because you aren’t as young as you once were. I’m thrilled to hear that Mr. Mickey is happy to be back in town again, with sidewalks on which he can encourage you walk with him. I love Mr. Mickey! I look forward to seeing the beautiful quilted items you’ll create in your new space.

    1. Thanks Jacqueline, we told my daughter that if she moves again she will pay for movers to move us. I am sure that will convince her to stay in Ankeny! Mr. Mickey is so happy, what a change!

  21. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your new home, it looks beautiful and I am a little envious… enjoy your new surroundings, making new friends, and I know once you are settled we will see lots of new tutorials….
    Take care Connie!

  22. Your new place is lovely and so spacious! What a wonderful new sewing space! I am so happy to hear about the fact that the move has actually been a benefit for Mr. Mickey, long may he walk! I hope that there is a nice restaurant with your favourite dishes close by so you can treat yourself to a night out, you and Builder Bob deserve it. Have a most glorious Mother’s Day Connie.
    Stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy and carry on quilting!
    All the best
    Glenda B. 🇨🇦
    P.S. Love the picture of you and Mr.Mickey at the bottom 💕.

    1. Hi Glenda, Bob and I are having so much fun eating out as there are tons of restaurants here. Back in Maquoketa, we were very limited. The change in Mr. Mickey is amazing!

  23. WOW, you do have a really nice, big area for quilting/sewing!!! I admire how resilient you both are with all the moves, and must admit that in a small way I envy you, but at our ages (79 – 77) we decided when we moved this last time that it would be our last move, lol
    Happy to hear Mr. Mickey likes the new home. He’s such a sweet and good looking little man.

    1. Thanks Nita, the moves are getting tougher and we are never sleeping on the floor again LOL! We are really liking Ankeny.

  24. Hopefully, the home we have been waiting for will be available soon and we’ll be moving too. I have a head start on packing, but will still have loads of work ahead of us. It looks like you’ll have a lot of fun arranging your new studio. Take your time and enjoy the process.

  25. You are sooo clever! But we knew that already! Your studio is fabulous already! My motto is, “somehow, it all gets done.”

  26. Congratulations on the move! Things will work out; take your time. Enjoy exploring the neighborhood with Mickey!

  27. Thanks for sharing your move experience, love the pics and the stories to go with them. Congrats and may you be blessed in your new home.

  28. Thanks for sharing your move experience, love the pics and the stories to go with them. Congrats and may you be blessed in your new home.

  29. Glad the move went well and you are settling in! Yes, I’d say you guys are a bit crazy to be moving like that, especially not being young anymore!! I couldn’t do it, so I really give you kudos for that! Hopefully, you will love this house and stay for a long time!

  30. That was a big move for you guys. The new studio looks amazing. I’m sure you will have it organized to your likes before you know it. I’m glad that you “think” you’ll be staying. 🤣. I can’t imagine doing it again. The neighborhood looks nice too. Looking forward to seeing more pics of the rest of the house. I’m sure Mickey is loving it there.

  31. I don’t even want to imagine what it would be like packing up a whole house let alone a quilt studio!! Little by little you will get it done and love it in the end.

  32. Absolutely stunning! And lots of garage space! Enjoying your move vicariously…glad Mr. M is enjoying the new space, it can be so stressful for them. I remember a quilt store in town but looks like you have lots to choose from in the general area. That’s a big win!!!
    Take a breath. Let Mr. M. introduce you to the neighbors. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks Joan, lol, yep I do have plenty of fabric on hand. You wouldn’t believe all the dogs in Ankeny! We have met several neighbors and next door they rescued a miniature English Bulldog from a puppy mill. She is 6 and very timid but sweet. There is a large white German Shepard 2 houses down and Mickey and her greet through the fence. There are also other German Shepards, and lots of Doodles but I haven’t seen a Husky yet. Mickey is in dog heaven and we are really loving Ankeny as it is so easy to get around!

  33. Congratulations Connie and Bob! We are moving in June. From Ontario to Newfoundland. A three day drive with 2 kitties. It sure is a lot of work to pack up house and more when you get moved in. Love that you have so much room in your Studio. Hope you enjoy it to the full! Glad to hear about Mr. Mickey getting a new bundle of energy. Take your time and enjoy.

    1. Best of luck with your move Grace, I’m sure the kitties will do great. Years and years ago we moved to CA with our cat and she did fine.

  34. Your studio is looking amazing!
    Don’t know how you stand moving
    again. Good luck with getting
    everything situated and enjoy.
    Carla from Arizona

  35. Connie, I admire you both for moving again in such a short time. The house looks beautiful. Now you get to go exploring in the the area to find groceries and restaurants. Hopefully by summer you will be all settled in. Can’t wait to see how you set up the studio.

  36. Your new house is great. I just love, love, love your sewing studio. So jealous. I thought that we would be able to move to a bigger home with a sewing room that I don’t have to share, but like you, I am to old to have to deal with all our stuff. We have lived here 22 years, so you can imagine All he stuff we have even after cleaning out a lot of stuff. Besides, my 2 boys are here within 5- 10 mins away. Good luck in your new home and enjoy your family. Time has a habit of slipping away.

    1. Thanks Fran, you are so right that times just slips by! If someone told me 4 years ago that I would move 3 times in 4 years I would have said they were crazy! You are close to your boys and that is perfect.

  37. I love your new place! And I’d kill for the quilt studio….but that would take too much energy so everyone is safe 😉
    Please spill – what don’t you like about the house?

    1. Hi Linda, there are 2 things we don’t like about the house – the basement door and garage door butt up to each other. For now Bob removed the basement door and I make sure he isn’t coming into the house before I start down the steps. (Garage is his man cave). The master bathroom has a toilet in a separate tiny room that is like a tunnel even though there is space in the actual bathroom for it. The bathroom can be changed and we are having a fence installed next week so I think we are staying.

  38. Your studio space looks so wonderfully big! And it has a nice big window. I dislike the small windows in my basement studio and my next one will have full sized windows. Mr. Mickey must be excited to meet all the neighborhood dogs! I wish you much happiness in your new home.

  39. I have lived in the same house for 40 years. I can’t imagine moving we are 70. Just cleaning house is so tiring. Love the amount of space for your quilt studio.

    1. LOL, Deborah Rhodes! I feel the same way about moving. I’ve been in my house since 1987, and the only way I’ll be leaving is when the Good Lord comes for me! Way too much work too move. A year before the Covid lockdowns, I repainted the entire downstairs and upstairs, enlarged my laundry room by 100 square feet, and redesigned my front porch. I’m STILL recovering from that! LOL Connie, Thank you for sharing with us. Your new home is lovely; Mr. Mickey is absolutely adorable. Wishing you and your husband many, many years of good health, much happiness, and endless blessings in your new home. Congratulations!

      1. Thanks Mary, when we bought the country house we had the entire house painted before we moved in. I would hate to do it while living there and having to move things! I bet your laundry room is beautiful!

  40. Dear Connie,
    The new house and quilting studio are wonderful!
    You have accomplished so much in such a short time.
    Look forward to seeing all your new quilting projects to inspire all of us.
    Thank you!

    1. Connie, the new house is just adorable. I am so glad you sent out a post today. I thought that I had lost you. We are also contemplating a move after only being in our house three years. Our son, Greg wants us to live with his family just outside of Houston, TX. We would have to get rid of about 50% of our things in our home. We would have two rooms to ourselves: a big bedroom and a quilt room. Oh, and a woodshop so Jim can teach our grandsons how to work with wood. My husband is not healthy at all and it would be great for Jim. Get some rest xoxoxoxo

      1. The move took more out of me than I thought but I’m so glad to be back writing. You should definitely do the move! That sounds wonderful to be right there with your son and family. As long as you have a quilt room and your husband has a woodshop you will love it!

  41. Congrats on your new home..! You and your husband are “moving warriors” and it seems you have found a great place and being close to family is a plus. Take care of yourselves…

  42. We are looking to move in the future and reading about your move and knowing how exhausting a move is, I be thinking twice about moving. I love your quilt studio which is the reason I want to move to a bigger and more lit place. I’ll just have to bite the bullet and do it. Congrats on your new home.

    1. Bite the bullet Deb! We should have taken it a bit slower so we wouldn’t have been so sore but give us a month or two and we’ll be ready to do it again! Kind of like having a baby!

  43. Congratulations on the new home! It is really beautiful and I love that it’s new and you both can make it your own! I know you will be so happy and Mr. Mickey will have fun marking his territory and making new friends!

  44. I had a good chuckle thanks.
    Your house is beautiful and your quilting room to die for.

    Glad Mr Mickey has settle. Mom, Mickey says please don’t move again. Lol….😀

    Take it easy there’s always tomorrow.

    Take care.

    Elaine Stanley.

  45. Congratulations on your new home. My goodness you have moved so much these past few years. Was there a reason for this last move? I must have missed that episode but hope this location better suits everyone. Mr. Mickey seems to be super happy. Love your studio and when the dust settles, hope to see more pictures.

  46. Your studio is magnificent. I just love it. Know how hard it is to move, pack and unpack; find a place for everything, especially when the move is to a smaller place. You appear to be coping. Did that a few years ago. Haha still looking for things. Thank you for your posting.

  47. Love you new space! And so happy that Mickey has a new lease on life. He’s probably enjoying all the new smells he’s encountering on the walks. Enjoy!

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