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We got back from Minnesota Monday afternoon and had a wonderful getaway! We spent a few days with Builder Bob’s mom, then went to the Kenny Rogers concert with both of his daughters and their husbands as a treat for his birthday.  You can’t do a getaway without stopping at a quilt store and this time we finally got to Red-Roxy Quilt Co. in Decorah, Iowa. Red Roxy Quilt Co

Roxanne Schnitzler & her daughter Jessica Rediske are the owners and it was so nice to finally meet them. Last year I designed their Row by Row Experience pattern. Builder Bob was spotted before I was……I think he is starting to feel like he is famous! Roxanne said “I know you, you’re Builder Bob!”

Did you happen to notice the quilt hanging to the left of us…….that is my Country Birds pattern! It was so neat to walk in and see it hanging up there.

Roxanne at Red Roxy Quilt Co

I had to pick up a few things……some Island Batik fabric….no surprise there! Aurifil thread in a couple nice neutral colors, a paper piecing pattern and also a little Christmas ornament kit.

Red Roxy Quilt Co Aurifil thread and Island Batik fabrics

I think I gained 10 pounds while we were gone…….lots of great food and drinks! This was chicken and ribs in Fairbault, MN….yummy!

Builder Bob eating

We spent the weekend in Clear Lake, Iowa and went to the Kenny Rogers concert.

Kenny Rogers Concert Final World Tour

It was great! Isn’t that interesting to see a selfie…..look at the sign….it is backwards!

Kenny Rogers Concert Final World Tour

We are finally having some nice weather…..notice everyone is still wearing sweatshirts….but at least we are out by the river.Spring by the Mississippi riverThis is a photo from last February when I was getting ready to send off my quilts to Island Batik. Notice the ice on the river….it was cold that day!

The quilts will be in Island Batik’s booth at Quilt Market in Salt Lake City, Utah this week. Island Batik will have the patterns available for quilt stores and are also doing trunk shows so I won’t see my quilts again until next year. I will also have patterns available shortly.

Spring Quilt Market 2016

I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek at my new quilts and a little bit about our getaway! Tomorrow I’ll share my Wonky Paper Pieced Star that I finally finished!

Red Roxy Quilt store visit



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  1. Good to see ya’ll had a great time!! Yay!! Quilts are gorgeous! Glad you got to spend time with Family and Friends! Enjoying good food on vacation is always a must!

  2. Kaye in Georgia says:

    I kept going back to the picture of yours quilts near the river. Beautiful! What is the name of each of the patterns? Are they available on line yet? How can we find out which stores will carry them? I can’t wait to make several of them especially the bright one on the far left as well as the one with the circular look. Lovely!

  3. You both just had a great trip for sure. I’m sure hubby’s Mom was happy to see you both again too. LOVE the quilts! I’m sure you’ll be happy to see them again.

  4. You made me laugh out loud about Builder Bob becoming famous amongst your quilting friends. It’s so true Connie. It sounds and looks like you had the most perfect getaway!
    That’s so incredibly exciting that your quilts will be a Quilt Market and then going on a year long tour! You are a great designer and ambassador! Many Congratulations!

  5. You and Builder Bob are famous and I love seeing what you are up to. Visiting family is always special. Great quilt shop Red Roxy! Love your quilts and congratulations on being part of Island Batik’s traveling show. Embracing Creative Bliss…

  6. It looks like it was a great trip. Did you enjoy the show?

    I always love seeing the quilts by the river. Don’t you wish you could travel with your quilts?

  7. The river is such a dramatic but yet neutral backdrop for your quilt photos. The quilts are the star of the show.

  8. Debbie Clarke says:

    how wonderful to see your design up in a shop! You have come so far in your designing and quilts in a few short years. I think it is great!