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Featherweight and 1591 Singer sewing machines

When we were in Bonaparte, Iowa there was an old Mill that had been converted to an Antique and Collectables shop. See what I found in there!

I got excited when I saw the Featherweight but…….it was $300 and the plating was all off the bottom. I keep hoping I’ll find one for under $100. I also spotted the 1591 which didn’t have a tag and found out it was only $57 which was very reasonable but……… Builder Bob said…… already have 3….why do you need another. So I didn’t buy it. There were also a couple Spartans that the woman said were a imitation Featherweight. They looked like 3/4 machines to me though. The one I looked at was $180 and looked in good shape but…….I didn’t bring it home.

Mill in Bonaparte Iowa

What I did buy was some Christmas fabrics in Cantril, Iowa at the Dutchman’s Store. Builder Bob got his pickles……6 jars and about 8 bags of popcorn so we probably won’t be coming here again until next year. I told myself I would only buy fabric if it was on sale but didn’t see any I wanted and I didn’t want to come home empty handed…….

Christmas fabrics bought at the Dutchmans Store in Cantril Iowa

Now here is something you don’t see everyday in Iowa!

Camel in Cantril Iowa

This was in Cantril, Iowa and Builder Bob actually spotted it first and pulled over, I guess he knows what makes a fun blog post! A camel, can you believe that!

Camel and goats in Cantril Iowa

There were a couple goats too and I got out to take a couple pictures, I was hoping the camel would either look at me or walk over.

Camel and goats in Cantril Iowa

I must have been talking “goat” because pretty sound this cute gal came over to check me out.

Front view of goat

The goat obviously wanted her picture taken.

Front view of goat

I think she was asking if I liked her side profile better………..wish I would have had a treat!

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  1. Krista Lyn says:

    a camel in iowa?! no way! i wonder what for? i'd love an old featherweight, too. so expensive!

  2. Madame Samm says:

    great pics C, a camel in the field…now I have seen everything lol

  3. Well you can't come home empty handed! I love your new fabrics, beautiful!

  4. Thanks for sharing. I love seeing the machines and the camel!

  5. Oh my gosh Connie! I don't know what's more surpirsing; YOU leaving antique sewing machines at a store and not adopting them (any of them since you had choices) OR seeing that camel. LOL I've started seeing many Llamas around more and more lately, but I have to admit that I've never seen a camel in our part of the country on any farms. I'll bet that goat would have eaten some pickles. hehe

    Pretty fabric you found.

  6. NO….camels are not normally seen in Iowa!!! I wonder what he thinks of Iowa winters vs the deserts.

    It sounds like you enjoyed the "window shopping" anyway.

  7. I'm so jealous! 😉 You have such great outings! 🙂 I think goats are awesome, but then I think all critters are. When I was working I used to drive different roads to get home just for a change of scenery and one day came upon a whole heard of Pigmy goats. It was springtime and they had the most adorable babies or kids I suppose is the correct name. I would buy big bags of carrots to take to them. They were funny because by the 3rd time I stopped they recognized the car and the whole herd ran across the pasture when they saw me drive up. It was pretty cute. I wish I had a smartphone back then because I sure would have taken a video. 🙂 I grew up in Eureka, CA and we had a camel at our zoo. As I think back now the north coast of California was a pretty strange place for a camel, too. Thanks for sharing all of your fun adventures.

  8. sulrossgrad says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I love looking for old machines, my husband on the other hand, does not think I need them.
    I love the pics of the camel and goats. I often have pictures of interesting rocks my husband brings home. Strange mix, I know. But I enjoy watching him enjoy his hobby of flintknapping.

  9. So you didnt buy either one of those machines? Good Control! Nice fabrics, cute goat, even cuter camel!

  10. What a fun photo-op – the camel may be the big draw but that's a pretty little goat. Gosh, I had a Singer Spartan so many years ago. Later, I bought a fancier Singer and gave the Spartan to my sister. She told me it eventually died but I suspect it was lack of TLC more than anything – not just from her but from me as well.

  11. Great pictures. I like your fabric and the very sweet goat.

    The Spartan is a 3/4 machine. Mine was made in Canada about 1958. They didn`t come with a case, instead they sat in a colored plastic bottom. Any case is aftermarket. It weighs 35 pounds. My Spartan is a great machine. I love the way it stitches. So smooth. I paid 25.00 for mine with lots of accessories. I doubt it is an imitation Featherweight. I am still looking for a Featherweight.

  12. Missy Shay says:

    How fun, I know it is really hard not to buy a sewing machine when it is a good price!

  13. Never leave home without your camera! Really, a camel-LOL. Glad you got your fabric, I think when you sew with it, your will be thinking about camels!

  14. lovely post Connie and i do love your fabric buys,what a lovely day.xx

  15. In my opinion, and from what I have gathered, the Spartan was the 'budget' model of the Singer 99, which is indeed a 3/4 model machine. It came with a plastic base, as opposed to a wooden base, and I'm really not even sure if it had a lid. I think not. It was made by singer, and it basically does exactly the same thing as the 99. I have two of the Spartans. They are sweet, and so quiet, and they are a very nice heavy machine. I even drove to Fond du Lac Wisconsin earlier this spring to pick one up I bought on ebay for $40. The price they were asking for the one you saw is way too much, IMHO.

    Looks like you had a wonderful trip!

  16. Happy Cottage Quilter says:

    Is the 1591 marked in any way?? Or is it just that it has the larger throat opening?

  17. Denise :) says:

    "Holy cow!" was my first thought, but I'm thinking 'goat' or 'camel' is more appropriate!! I'm *so* glad you didn't do yourself the disservice of coming home empty handed!! 😉

  18. Fabric and camels and goats, oh my! Sounds like a fun trip.

  19. Wow, the wildlife…LOL..OK, I gotta dmit I was surprised by the camel! The goat, not surprising, but veru endearing!
    OK, so inquiring minds…How do you know which machines are valuable, the ages, the ones you like? Do you have a web site you learn from or has it just been "stuff" you picked up along the way??