Garden Song pillow

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Garden Song pillow

I got to spend the whole weekend in my quilt room cleaning, doing lots of free-motion quilting and working on projects. I finished this little 15 inch square pillow out of Garden Song. It had been on my design wall as just a block after I had done some quilting using a template. I could never decide if I wanted to do the rest of the blocks the same way or not…………so while I was cleaning I decided to go with a pillow. It looks a little overstuffed as I have a 16 inch pillow form in it.  Need to get the 15 inch form made.

Garden Song pillow

I went through my gazillion photos to find out when I pieced this, I was looking for photos of doing the quilting but I can’t find them. I really need to re-organize my photos! This was taken in March 2011, look how much those kitties have grown! Simon is huge now.

Garden Song pillow

I have several charm packs, some yardage and some blocks made….can’t believe I forgot about this! Hmmm…..what will I make now?? Notice what I have it stored in? I use meat containers for projects. Builder/cook Bob loves to buy meat in large amounts and I throw the containers in the dishwashers and they are perfect to use!

Garden Song pillow

I have a few projects going on…….see that beautiful shelf? Builder Bob started on that before we put the cabinets in my room, it is huge and the top is made to hold my templates. There is a drawer too. Well…..I have no wall space at the moment. Everything is sitting in the computer room for now, I really want that big bookcase shelf in my room too!

Garden Song pillow

As long as I’m showing my mess…this is a pile of quilt tops that I’ve been cutting batting for to get them to the “NEXT” stage.

Garden Song pillow

I had to bring up a table to support my quilting so I was a crazy quilter this weekend.  Now to get the binding so I can share them!

Garden Song pillow

I’ve been emptying this closet because Builder Bob is going to tear it out in Phase II of my quilt room remodel. He spent the weekend building a out-feed table for his saw which is a huge 4 x 4 table. When he gets done with that we’ll be tearing my room apart again……gulp!

Garden Song pillow

While cleaning, my assistants found this UFO. I remember making all of these coin squares, laying them on our bed and thinking……I just don’t want to quilt a king size quilt………I know what I’ll do! A QAYG! Each block is 20 inches square and I decided to do a big free-motion quilt on each one then join them together. I had read about quilt-as-you-go quilts but I didn’t want sashing. I didn’t really do it the right way and only have 4 blocks put together and put it aside. I remember I was out of batting and wanted to use the same type.

Garden Song pillow

At some point I bought the batting and it was stuffed in the back of my closet……amazing what you can find when you empty a closet out! I had 12 blocks that needed quilting so I worked on them this weekend.

Garden Song pillow

Note to self: Don’t trim blocks when you are tired/not paying attention…….see what I did! No problem, I just added the muslin side back on as a…..quilt as you go!

Garden Song pillow

I now have all of the blocks done!  I’ll have to put this aside for the moment but when I go to put them together I’ll show you how I did it.

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  1. Gorgeous pillow. And you are really digging deep now. I'm jealous of all the building you have going on. But then again, I am totally jealous of the size of your room even more. 🙂

  2. Love the pillow – the FMQ in the center immediately made me think of the spirograph designs I used to draw as a kid.

  3. Oh my there's so much going on in your life and sewing room. Excited for you to be more organized and getting a "new" closet! I use empty Ramen Noodles boxes for my projects…good to know there are other "repurposers" out there!

    Good luck on the QAYGA!

  4. So many wonderful projects and such cute helpers! I am looking forward to your tute on attaching the quilt-as-you-go blocks together. It is something that I have been wanting to try.

  5. Love the Garden Song pillow. Your cats and my dogs have something in common, they like to "help" you quilt, huh?

  6. I have always wanted to try the quilt as you go! but right now I am working on my BOM catch up! I was so proud of me, i kind of cleaned and organized this weekend, too! Yay me and you!!

  7. I love that pillow! The colors are so pretty and the quilting is gorgeous! What a great finish! Thanks for linking up.

    xo -E

  8. Love to see your quilt room/studio progress! And to see the buried treasures. Lovely finds….

    I'm really intrigued with trying the QuiltAsYouGo (QAYG) process. What book or tutorial do you recommend for learning how to do it well?

  9. Wow, I'm dizzy. You've got so many projects coming and going. I don't
    know how you do it all. And why is it that kitties love to lay right where you are working?
    The pillow is really pretty.

  10. What a lot of things you accomplished. I really like the color palette you use and your FMQ is beautiful. I am afraid to dig into my quilting closet. The UFOs on the top of the pile are enough to stress me out!

  11. The QAYG was so popular before the FMQ took over.

    Your pillow is just charming. The quilting looks wonderful on it too.

    Good luck with the next phase of the remodel.

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