Garage Door Design Wall

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Have you ever thought of using your garage door as a design wall when you want to take photos? The other day I went out and scrubbed the garage door and made sure I got all the icky dead bugs and things off of it before I hung my quilts on it.

Quilt hung by magnets

Garage Door Design Wall

I was actually taking photos of all of my quilts that are ready to send off to Island Batik for Fall Quilt Market. It will be a long time before I see them again so I had to make sure I took plenty of photos.

Here is a little sneak peek of them!IslandBatik Fall 2016 Quilts

Okay, back to photographing and using garage doors.

My garage door is metal…..if yours is wood….this won’t work. You will need some heavy duty magnets that are strong enough to hold even a quilt. I bought several different sizes years ago that had hooks on them and removed the hook. The larger magnet works the best.

Magnet used on quilt

All of the quilts that I make for Island Batik have a sleeve on the back and I slip 3 magnets inside that so nothing shows on the front.

The magnets are very, very strong.

Since I can’t show one of my new Island Batik quilts I pulled out my Summer Flowers quilt which is 44 x 60 so you could see how the magnets really hold it well.

Be careful removing the magnets from your quilt……I dropped one and when it hit the concrete it cracked.
Summer Flowers Quilt Pattern

Below is a baby quilt that I just finished piecing which is made from batiks and also regular quilting fabrics. I enjoy combining them.

Garage Door quilt display

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Spider Web pillow pattern

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  1. Fran Hiltz says:

    Is there a pattern for the baby size quilt? I have the large one.

  2. Oh my gosh! I’ve been wishing for years that I had a flat place to photograph quilts. Now I’m going to run outside and make sure our metal barn door is the right kind of metal.

  3. ---"Love" says:

    I just found this, and I just had to check my garage doors with a refrigerator magnet. It works! I’ll be looking for some large magnets soon! What a great idea! (I’ll have to wash down my doors too!) —“Love”

  4. I really love the little quilt you have hanging up Connie. That background fabric is awesome.

  5. Connie, as usual your quilts are GORGEOUS!

    A little off topic, but I thought back when you got Iggy you mentioned the name of the gentleman who carved him. I thought I had looked him up online and saw that he shipped throughout the US. I thought I saved the information. Notice a lot of “I thoughts”? What I wouldn’t give for a memory, LOL! My husband has wanted a carved eagle for YEARS and I wanted to look into buying him one. If it is not too much trouble, could you provide the gentleman’s name? Thanks for any info!

  6. Amazing! I’m always looking for a place to photograph my quilts, and the garage door is perfect! Great idea and thanks for sharing! Love it!

  7. as always Connie, you work is beautiful. Great idea too. My garage door won’t work but my front doors will. I will think about that. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Excellent use of a large space to show off your quilts and get photos. Lovely new baby quilt. Sew exciting to send your Island Batik quilts off to “market”. Summer Sunshine Smiles…

  9. Thanks for the garage door as design wall tip!! It just so happens that we have metal doors on our garage and I sometimes (read often) want to take photos when the big, strong quilt holders are away at work or school. This is a fabulous solution to that challenge!!

  10. great idea and fun quilts! I sent mine off the other day, phew…. glad to have them gone…. hmm need to check tracking on them.

  11. What a great idea – I’ll might have to investigate those magnets! The baby quilt is just lovely 🙂 Hope your quilts have fun on their travels!

  12. Great idea, Connie Now all I need is a garage … and a door. lol I really like that baby quilt.

  13. You are brilliant, Connie! I’ll have to shop for some large magnets and then be careful to cover the dent in the garage door left by my future son-in-law!

  14. Great idea….I may be copying you for that design wall idea!!Always inspired by your batik quilts!

  15. Great idea Connie! Off to see if my door will work – thinking it won’t but we’ll figure out an alternative!

  16. That’s a great idea. My door is not metal…..darn! The lighting would be great too.

    I love the spinning star quilt.