Fruit Slices Quilts for Spare Bedroom

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During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I did a little shopping…..okay, maybe I did a lot of shopping and here is why.

Fruit slices quilt is pieced

We have recently remodeled my old quilt room and made it into a spare bedroom with 2 twin beds. I have been making quilts for a long time…..and I went through all of them looking for something to put on the new beds.

Spare room beds with quilts

Builder Bob could not believe that I didn’t have 2 identical quilts in my stash. Then he suggested I just dig into my fabric stash and make an identical quilt to one I already have……really?

You really think I have enough of the fabrics I have already used?? Silly guy! So…..I went shopping for fabric!

Craftsy had this beautiful, bright quilt kit on sale. It is made with their boundless fabrics which I have used before and like. I bought 2 Fruit Slices quilt kits. Angela Walters also does a video on the Fruit Slices quilt which I watched and enjoyed.

Fruit Slices Kit
Photo courtesy of Craftsy

The Fruit Slices quilt kit came in a neat plastic bag and Craftsy is now including a printed pattern with all of their kits.

Fruit Slices quilt kit

I couldn’t wait to open it and start working on the quilt. There are four different color variations of each color family and having the kit really made it easy as I didn’t have to decide what fabrics to use.

Fruit Slices quilt kit

Each color group was a different size yardage which also made it easy for me to layout the groups.

Fruit Slices Quilt centers

There are 2 greens and two pinks that are very similar.

Fruit Slices Quilt block pieces

I love working with all of these beautiful fabric

Fruit Slices Quilt blocks

I can’t wait to finish this quilt! Then I’ll have to start on the second one….I doubt that will be as much fun.

Fruit Sliced quilt

Great deals for you!

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  1. Terry Mawhorter says:

    I love the colors & the pattern itself! Beautiful! Terry

  2. Honestly, Connie, that fruit slice quilt looks good enough to eat. It’s making my mouth water. I only skimmed the email, but it looked to me like Bluprint has sold off the Craftsy part of their business and that maybe? they will be reverting to the Craftsy name as well as the availability of classes. I hope so. I guess I need to go back and find that email.

  3. Hi there,

    I really love this quilt pattern and I am unable to download it from the bluprint website as it’s not available here in my country. Do you mind sharing the PDF pattern? Thanks…

  4. The colors and pattern of Fruit Slices is luscious.

  5. Fruit Slices is a gorgeous mix of fruit colors. It will be a beauty!

  6. Just like a man to think you could whip up a second from stash!! hahahaha. Poor boy. Next he’ll be telling you how much he likes the backs……
    Anyway, love your choice. I think I would go for making all the blocks for two at once, pretending I was making a queen….. then when you go to quilt them and find that they are only “little” it will be such a lovely surprise! 🙂
    I look forward to seeing them done and side by side on the beds.

  7. Julie Stocker says:

    I agree. Sometimes buying a kit is just the ticket, and Craftsy does them well. Had to snicker when you said the first one was really fun, but you had doubts the second one would be as much. Amen to that! I’m not one to make the same quilt twice either, but I think the vibrant colors will really ramp up your new remodel. I wish you perseverance.

  8. You could have made two complimentary quilts… just sayin’…
    But they will be lovely and bright.

  9. Karin Callander says:

    ROF! Any excuse to shop is a good excuse, right!? Yeah, I don’t think I could make 2 identical either…I have yet to do so, anyway. And I think it’s funny that BB thinks you have enough fabric leftover to do that. Would it not be easier to make them both at the same time? I dunno, maybe that would get boring. I did a trip around the world, and I found that sewing boring. I kind of like making all different blocks, then putting them together with sashing.

  10. Cheerful and colorful these fabrics will make two matching quilts that bring your spare bedroom to life. Happy Shoppng and Sewing Dear…<3

  11. It looks so pretty. I’m not sure I could make two identical ones. You are getting a lot of 9 patch sewing with that and On Ringo Lake.