Flying Geese Four at a Time

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Flying Geese quilt blocks are used in many quilt patterns and there are many ways to make them including the 4 at a time flying geese block method.

This is also called the no-waste method of making flying geese quilt blocks, have you tried it?

Flying Geese quilt block 4 at a time


Choose four different fabrics for the geese – this is the large shape in the center of the block. You’ll also want to use a different fabric for the side triangles.

Size of Flying Geese

2½-inches x 4½-inches – finished size is 2-inches x 4-inches.

Each 4 at-a-time Flying Geese block is made with the following.

  • Cut (1) 5¼-inch square of four different colors
  • Cut (4) 2 7/8-inch squares
Cut squares for flying geese blocks

Step One

  • Draw a diagonal line corner to corner on the wrong side of each of the four smaller background squares
  • Sew a line ¼-inch away from the drawn line and stitch. I like to use a Frixon pen and mark lines 1/4″ away from the center line
  • Cut apart on the center line as shown below.
Add small squares to the large block

Repeat this step for all four colors.

Repeat for all four colors

Press your blocks with the seams toward the small squares – be careful not to stretch the blocks.

Press the flying geese sections

Step Two

Now the magic begins!

Place another of the smaller squares that have the diagonal lines drawn on it and place it right side down on top of the larger triangle as shown below.

  • Stitch ¼-inch away from the center line on both sides
  • Cut on the center line
  • Press the seam toward the smaller squares
Step 2 for the flying geese blocks

Trim the dog ears off of your flying geese blocks. You now have four flying geese blocks of each color.

Finished Flying geese blocks

I am working on a new quilt project that will use the flying geese blocks with four sewn together for the block I’ll be using. I can’t wait to finish this and show it to you!

Sewing the flying geese blocks together

Other sizes of Flying Geese blocks

Would you like to make the four at a time flying geese blocks in different sizes? This chart will help you make a variety of sizes of the blocks.

Flying geese quilt block sizes

Get an ad-free PDF of this tutorial, the chart, and also the Flying Geese Pillow tutorial.

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  1. Hi Connie I ❤️ your new hair cut and Mickey’s. l have downloaded a few table runners I will show you when i finish them. Thank you so much for sharing. I have had a hernia surgery with complications I am so looking forward to sewing once more and finally getting there.Thank you Connie. God Bless.

    1. It is like you read my mind! I have never made half square triangles or the flying geese block. For my first try, I wanted to make a vertical row down the side of some placemats. You make it look easy and the chart for different sizes is fantastic! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to get started!

  2. Hi Connie,
    I would love to print the chart of the sizes of fabric to make different size flying geese. But when I press the pink box to print nothing happens.
    Am I doing something wrong?
    Thanks for helping.

    1. Hi Sue, the dark pink button will take you to my shop for the ad-free PDF and chart. Otherwise, you can click on the chart image and save it to your computer.

  3. I Love your new look its very pretty on you. Thank You for all your help. You are so gracious.
    I Love You!! Barb 😊♥️

  4. Connie – I love your new hair cut . . . and Mickey’s, too!
    Quick question – would it make much difference if I cut 3-inch squares?? Should I also increase the 5-1/4 square too?? Thanks!

  5. Hi Connie
    Your new hair cut is very nice, quite elegant in fact. This is a gorgeous picture of both you and Mr Mikey.
    The flying geese pattern looks ridiculously simple using this method. I think I will give it a try. Thank you again for all your sewing tips and emails. I really enjoy reading them. I hope the predicted snow storm is not too severe.
    Stay well and sew on….
    Warm regards n happy stitching
    Lynda ☺ 🌹

  6. Good morning Connie love ❤️ yours and Mr Mickeys hair cut .
    We are having none stop rain 🌧 over here in Australian, lot’s of flooding everywhere, even in the dryer’s area like Lake Eyre which is flooded, that has never happen in my life so far as I can remember.
    I am making drink mates from one of your patterns , so I will send a photo as soon as I am finished .
    Hope you have a good day and keep safe.
    From Queensland, Australia
    Cheers 🥂

  7. You look wonderful – and the Handsome Mr. M. is a natural Star!
    Love the flying geese tutorial. I see it but can’t believe it’s so easy! Just finished another baby quilt and the machine went “toes up” when I went to put the border on so will take this time to cut the squares to try this! Thanks!

  8. Hi Connie, Both you and Mr. Mickey look wonderful with your new haircuts! It is a lovely picture of the two of you. Hope the expected snow storm you mentioned is not too severe. We had a nasty bit of freezing rain earlier this week, and 4-5 inches of snow expected tomorrow. Winter is not yet over here in Ottawa, Canada. Sigh!

  9. You two look wonderful! Nothing like a haircut to lift the spirits! Well, unless you have a great way to make flying geese!!! Thanks for this tutorial, I will work on this soon. I need a nice little border for a service quilt, this method looks efficient for that purpose. Have a great day, let us hope this whole snow business is over soon. Here in the mid-Atlantic we are hopeful!

  10. I love the picture of you and Mr. Mickey. You both got great hair cuts. Thanks for the Pinwheel runner tutorial. I’ve been looking for something like that, but just couldn’t come up with something on my own. Thanks again!!!

  11. You and Mr Mickey look great with your new cuts! Thank you for the flying geese tutorial. It is easy to follow. I’ll be sure to reference this for future blocks.

  12. Hi Connie! Love the new do . . . . And your haircut is perfect too. It’s lifted 10 years off your face, so now you are looking 45 instead of 55. 😉 Seriously you look younger. Thanks for all you share here. You are so much appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you! Cheers, Ronnie

  13. Like this pattern. May have to try it. Both you and Mickey have lovely hairstyles. Yours really suits you! Have a great day and kiss Mickey for me.🤗

  14. Excellent info on making flying geese. It makes sense to me. Flying geese and I don’t play well together. Maybe this will help. Thank you!

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