First Blush Block 3 and 4 Oops on both

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First Blush book blocks ruler

First Blush Block 3 and 4 Oops on both

Where has the month gone?? Last week I worked on blocks 3 and 4 that are in the First Blush book, last month I said I was going to try and do 2 blocks a month…..I barely made it!

I am going to make this a scrappy batik quilt so I just grab whatever batiks are in my stash. No surprise that these are from Island Batik. Here is what the block looks like before you trim it up. Using a 12 1/2″ ruler to square up your block makes trimming it easy (just remember to concentrate).
First Blush Block 3 and a Oops on Block 4Here is block 3 all trimmed and ready to go. I forgot that the center point on my 12 1/2″ ruler is 6″ not 6 1/4″. When I lined up the ruler on the center of the block I was off 1/4 inch. Oops! My block is off center. My center points may not be perfect but they are good enough for me.First Blush Block 3 and a Oops on Block 4
Once I finished block 3 it was time to work on block 4. It is the same block just a bit smaller. I’m not sure where these batiks came from. I forgot to mention that the background I am using is a premium muslin. I use that a lot with my batiks and printed fabrics.

You can see how the Creative Grid Starburst 30 degree ruler is used.First Blush Block 3 and a Oops on Block 4
When you go to trim a block…….

  1. Lay your ruler on it
  2. LOOK at the layout
  3. LOOK at the layout AGAIN!
  4. Trim your block

Oops on Block 4

Obviously I didn’t look and look again! I was concentrating on getting the center correct and didn’t may attention to the rotation of the block. Oops! This even made the block off center.

First Blush Block 3 and a Oops on Block 4Blocks 3 and 4 are completed! Not perfect but I’m not going to remake them. Once they are in the quilt I doubt anyone will notice. Would you remake them?
First Blush Block 3 and a Oops on Block 4So far I have 4 blocks made, there will be 24 blocks in the quilt and the finished size will be 97 1/2″ x 97 1/2″ – that is going to be a big beautiful quilt!
First Blush Block 3 and a Oops on Block 4
If you missed my post about Block 1 and using the 12 1/2″ ruler you can find it here.

If you missed Block 2 of First Blush be sure and check it out.

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  1. Susan the Farm Quilter says:

    I wouldn’t remake the blocks but I would make a couple of other blocks off-center just to satisfy my need for asymmetrical!! This is going to be a beautiful quilt and I can’t wait to see it finished!!!

  2. Jeanne Brown says:

    no remake love the off center block

  3. Susan Melgaard says:

    This quilt is inspiring. I love it. Wonder what would happen if you continued making the same mistake on purpose. Wonder what that would do to the quilt. I don’t think two blocks will even be noticed. P.S. LOVE YOUR DOG.

  4. These are gorgeous blocks Connie, but I did laugh at your instructions…..lay it out look at and look at it “AGAIN”……That should be on all pattern that I work on.

  5. Just say that Block 4 is your very own Design Element. Nothing more needs to be said. This is your quilt, and you can make it any way you darn well please!!!

  6. Lori Smanski says:

    these are so pretty. I kind of like the ooops in block 4. It gives movement to the 4 blocks together.

  7. Ahhhh….what’s a quarter inch???? Those blocks look great.

  8. Nope I wouldn’t remake them, like you said they will just blend in when the quilt is all done and quilted. I love your blocks! The blue and teal ones are my favorite!

  9. No chance I’d remake the blocks. The design has the stars floating in negative space anyway, so nobody’s going to know it wasn’t as intended unless they read your blog. It might even add a little interest akin to having a block on point. Tell people you are exploring alternative angles and asymmetry.

  10. I wouldn’t remake it. You can hardly notice now and by the time it is in a whole quilt, the difference will disappear.

  11. No, I don’t think you will ever notice in the finished quilt! I’ve definitely made my share of oops blocks.

  12. Lovely blocks, Connie. With all the white space in the finished quilt, you’ll neer be able to tell they’re off by a tiny bit. Going to be lovely!

  13. Nope, no remake…..I would say to the quilt police, “I intended them to be offset”. Blocks look great.

  14. Beautiful blocks. Going to make for a brilliant quilt.