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Guest rooms and quilts

We are slowly working on getting things all set up in the country house. This is the guest room downstairs that also houses all of my quilts. It is a queen-size bed and has a bathroom next to it. It will be perfect for friends.

My daughter helped me put all of them in plastic bags to move them. She is a lot stronger than me and some of those bags were heavy! I am so glad they are all emptied and my beautiful quilts are organized again.

That is a Bonnie Hunter quilt on the bed. Her mystery quilts are always fun.

Guest bedroom with lots of quilts

Twin beds for granddaughters

My granddaughters were excited to see that they will have a bedroom of their own when they want to stay overnight. The view out the window is all woods and beautiful. Can you imagine the trees covered in snow? That will happen soon!

Bedroom for granddaughters with quilts

Here is what the guest room looked like at the river house. It was perfect for the granddaughters.

Twin beds with quilts

It isn’t the flu that I have

Last week I mentioned that I had gotten run down with all of the moving I’ve been doing. I just figured that at my age my body was trying to tell me that I was working too hard. I thought maybe it was the flu as I had the chills and body aches and was just exhausted. I started working 15 minutes and then taking a 15 minute break.

We have been very careful who we are around. Last weekend my daughter and the granddaughters helped me move quite a bit of things and we never thought anything about the youngest having a headache and then later a little fever. She must have caught it when she was with her dad.

Two days ago my daughter decided to get tested and was positive for Covid. Ugh! Yesterday I got tested and was positive also. I am so thankful that we seem to have been very fortunate to not be sicker. I continue to take short breaks, I’m not good at lying around unless I’m really sick. I did have two days that I did nothing but sleep. Builder Bob doesn’t have any symptoms yet and I am hoping he won’t get it.

During most of this move, we have been working in different areas of the house and driving separate vehicles to move things. It is isolation time now.

Mr. Mickey has a friend

There are several stray cats around and they are looking for attention much more than food. This little lady is always at the door and I don’t think she can figure out why Mr. Mickey gets to go inside but she doesn’t.

I hope I can catch a video of them as she tries to block him from coming into the house. Mr. Mickey of course is a wimp and can’t figure out what she is doing.

Cat and Mr. Mickey outside

Mr. Mickey and quilts

I found this cute photo of Mr. Mickey laying on a quilt top I had just finished piecing in July that was to go on our bed. Wow, have things changed in our lives since then! I have no idea where this quilt top is right now.

At that point we still planned on adding on a quilt studio, who knew we would find the perfect place out in the country.

Working on my quilt studio

Work slowly continues on organizing my new quilt studio. I am more interested in functional rather than beautiful. I hope it will be pleasing to look at but having things accessible is more important to me.

The black shelves at the back of the room are temporary and will soon be gone.

organizing things in quilt studio

I started to empty the totes that have my fabrics in them. I don’t have my bookcases setup yet but I took a shelf and am folding the fabrics to fit on it. I can’t wait to start working with my batiks again!

Batiks on shelves

Builder Bob will have to add the drawer on this side but right now he is busy with other projects.

Cutting table

This will be my office area, we’ll bring the love seat down here so Mr. Mickey has a place to lay with his pillow while I work. The new carpet is a berber plush and I love it. Lights still need to be replaced but that is down on the “to do” list.

Builder Bob has spent almost all of his time rewiring the garage and insulating it as it will be his new “man cave”. We have priorities – I will spend most of my time in my quilt studio and he’ll spend most of his time in his man cave.

Stay safe and healthy, I hope to start working on a new quilt project soon!

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  1. I am sad to hear you have that horrible disease now too Connie! I hope you are doing well. I have not read any other posts on your blog in a while now, either before or after this post was done, so I’m sorry if there’s been a drastic change.
    How is your granddaughter doing now, and her Mom as well?
    We have both been afraid of Covid, especially Curt because he is the one going out to do all the shopping and errand now. He is super careful with mask, and all the germ removing stuff that’s necessary. I bought him a brass tool to help open doors and push elevator buttons etc so he didn’t have that worry. He is still an amazing husband and is extremely concerned about me catching that stuff. The cardiologist and my pulmonologist both told me that it would be a potential death sentence if I caught that because of my health. And that’s why my husband is so concerned. I go nowhere other than to my doctor visits or if there is anything else that I am required to go to. ugh. Of course, I worry about him catching it somehow. He has been sticking close to the house much more lately when the state was getting worse and worse case number counts.

    Again, I sure hope you are doing better and your entire family. Hugs!

  2. So sorry to hear those pesky germs found you and your family! Truly a scary thing. Here’s to a speedy recovery for you! My unsolicited advice? Rest more!!!

    1. So sorry to hear you got it. How are you feeling now?

  3. Get well soon. Masks help. Praying for you from Vic. Australia.

  4. Kathleen McCormick says:

    I hope you are all doing well and on the way to health again. Covid is no joke…we are awaiting results for our son and that will determine our already small holiday plans. Your space looks great…you guys amaze me. The work will wait, rest and take care.

  5. So to hear you are unwell. I do have family members who have had COVID and recovered so hopefully you will be okay soon.
    Take care x

  6. Oh my Gosh Connie, I am so sorry to hear you and family members have Covid. Please, do be careful and get better. It is so dangerous. Our pharmacist told my husband having a good Vitamin D level can be very helpful with respect to fighting Covid, we have been taking it daily now for a month. Hope your hubby doesn’t get it. Is he getting tested anyway, they are discovering here there are so many folks that don’t know they are carriers, they aren’t getting sick and many have no symptoms at all.
    Love your new home, and those gorgeous quilts are really stunning .
    Please take care Connie and Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Nova Scotia

    1. Thank you for telling your story about COVID. I am glad you are not
      suffering extreme symptoms. Even when you do the right things to protect yourself, this virus is still ready to strike. Hope you continue to improve and also that you will allow yourself to rest and heal. Best Wishes for the Holidays and for your good health in the future.


  7. Judith K. says:

    Hope you will recover soon, without more symptoms you already have!
    Thank you for sharing the nice photos of your great work and studio- at least you will not geht bored in quarantine!

    All the best and enjoy the time before xmas- for me it is the most beautiful time of the year😘

    Greetings from a little village near Heidelberg, Germany

  8. Hope you will recover soon, without more symptoms you already have!
    Thank you for sharing the nice photos of your great work and studio- at least you will not geht bored in quarantine!

    All the best and enjoy the time before xmas- for me it is the most beautiful time of the year😘

    Greetings from a little village near Heidelberg, Germany

  9. LINDA GILLIAN says:

    Get well. I am so sorry you were taken in by the Covid bug!

  10. I am sorry to hear that you have Covid but glad than your symptoms seem mild. I will pray for a quick recovery. Thankfully recovery rate for Covid seems to be at about 98% from every thing I have read. I am sad for the 2% and their family’s but grateful that the majority get better.
    Now that you have had Covid you may not need a vaccine. Wouldn’t that be nice.

  11. Oh, Connie, I’m so sorry (and worried) that you have caught covid, as well as your daughter and gkids. I am fearful of Covid and don’t know how much, but my take is I hope you let your body rest vs try to push it thru when you are low on energy. I’m a believer that your body tells you when you need to stop and focus on healing. I do so hope you feel 100% very soon, as well as your extended family. Big hug. Very big hug. I’m sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.

  12. Catching Covid is way too easy even though a person tries and does most everything right. My husband got it first in our home and we thought he was doing well. Then, he went downhill for a few days and ended up in the hospital for 3 days. I did get it, too, though my symptoms weren’t as severe. I spent nearly every day in November in quarantine! Quarantine is the worst!
    Love seeing how you’re arranging the new space. Especially loved the old dresser. Take it easy and stay safe.

    1. Connie Speedy recovery 🙏🙏🙏💕.
      I love your new studio! I looks so big. Wish I had half that much space.
      Happy healthy holidays.

  13. Teresa Ervin says:

    Take care of yourself, we all love you.

  14. Hope everyone is well soon. What a beautiful studio you are going to have. Take care!

  15. Thinking about you and yours and praying for a swift and 100% recovery. Your place is lovely.

  16. Oh Connie I am so sorry you and your girls got Covid. May you all feel much better very soon and be back to normal in record time. Prayers and Healing Energy.
    Your home is coming along nicely. Please do not overdo though.

    1. I am sorry that you have covid and am glad your symptoms are less severe. Hope you are well soon. I love the quilts on your beds and your quilt studio is going to be great.

  17. Connie, Sorry to hear about your COVID experience. As others have reminded you, rest is most important. Thank you for all you do for us beginners out here! Your new studio and office are beginning to look so great. My youngest son works as a physician at our largest hospital here and they are FULL! Glad you can stay at home. Take care-:)

  18. Carol-Anne Morcom says:

    HiConnie sorry to hear about you and family members being unwell with COVID here’s hoping it is just a mild case look after yourself and listen to your body rest as necessary, the work settling into new house can wait for you to feel better.
    It’s all looking great and will be worth it in the end 😄

  19. I’m sorry to hear that you and some family members got covid. Just take care of yourself until you get a negative test result. I read about a study that said many of the people who end up in the ICU with covid are deficient in vitamin D. I’ve been taking extra vitamin C and D for months now to boost my immune system. It’s good to see that vaccines are starting to be given, but it will take months to reach everyone.

    1. Barb Guenther says:

      Do take care of yourself, Connie. There’s no need to hurry & I’ m glad you listen to your body when you need to rest. Thanks for sharing photos of all that’s going on at your country house – beautiful!

  20. So glad you are doing good with the virus. And the daughter too. Love, love the new studio area. It is so wonderful and I am sure you will be creating in it soon. Small projects will get done on the house, enjoy it while you can!

  21. WOW So much information. Sorry you and your daughter are sick when you have so many things to do. I heard that this epidemic is not IF you get it but WHEN. Thank you for doing this post even though you must feel bad. The house looks positively amazing. Will you be getting a house cat? She really is a pretty little thing. Thanks for all the news, am going back into the archives to “catch-up” on some of the old patterns.

  22. Hello Connie, so sad to hear that you have catched it as well. So many people I know are suffering. I hope that you will get better soon.
    It is a terrible time right now. We cannot see our daughter and the grandchildren and we hoped so much to meet them for Christmas.
    We pray for you and your family

  23. sheryl karle says:

    My goodness, girl! Moving and the virus too? You have the stamina of
    an Ox! Puleeze be careful, take your time and rest a LOT! Loving all
    the photos. Thanks!
    SK in AZ

  24. I too am so sorry your family has COVID. As others in the medical field have said, please take of yourself, isolate, plenty of fluids, and if recurring fever, or difficulty breathing, call your doctor. I’ve been spending 16 hour days, 5 days on and 2 days off in the ER since June, and this is awful-wear your mask and take care of you. Thanks so much for your great patterns-I’ve downloaded with great plans for next year! Happy holidays!

  25. Oh my, I am so sorry you have been unwell. That darn virus can be really bad and I am so glad your experience has not been unbearable. But, let me caution here. (remember I am a nurse and have worked in some really difficult epidemics) There are some limited studies showing that those early symptoms may not be the end of it. Be careful and listen to your body, it can turn on you and you will be more ill. I don’t NOT want to be an alarmist but I am just passing on what I have seen and the studies I trust. Rest is essential, fluids are essential, if you have a recurrent fever call the doc. Take care, I will add you to my prayer list. You will be fine, I am sure, no one with a new studio like that can be sick too long, right?

  26. Ugh! So sorry to hear you have Covid. Feel better soon! One of my daughters has it now too. Today she said is the first day since Friday that she hasn’t had a headache.
    Your studio is going to be wonderful. so spacious!

  27. Hope that you get well soon, just take it slower and rest .I just love the shelving that your quilts are stored on. Is there a proper name for them and where does one buy them? Thanks for any info.

  28. Wilma in Arvada, Co says:

    Praying for your families complete recovery. I love your new sewing room. I would like one just like it. And the amount of fabric is out of this world.

  29. Joanie Avants says:

    Your move looks so nice. So many Beautiful quilts
    Hope you feel better, take a break and read a good book.
    Material won’t go anywhere The beds are so pretty.
    Enjoy your new adventure

  30. We are recovered from Covid here, but I understand what you are talking about. Rest, but do get up and move around too. When you feel you need a nap, take one. I hope your bout is short and mild, like ours! Take care!

  31. Louise Johnson says:

    So sorry to hear you and family are ill! Speedy recovery and try not to do too much!!!

  32. Catherine Bowers says:

    Connie- Thank you so much for taking the time to write about and photograph your projects, home and pets. I enjoy every post and read them as soon as they show up. So sorry to hear you and your daughter are sick, hopefully it will pass quickly. This is why it spreads so quickly, many people just feel a bit off, never thinking Covid. We all assume that would be something dramatic. I know of several families that have similar stories, just feeling a bit under the weather, then it would turn out some in the family had it and some didn’t. I’m sending healing thoughts your way. Hopefully Builder Bob will make a warm “bunk house” for the stray kitties.

  33. Sorry you and your family have covid. I hope you don’t get very sick with it, seems a lot of people don’t. Love your new house and hope you get to move in soon. Don’t over do it though, rest when you can.

  34. Carla Hundley says:

    The house is looking
    great! Sorry you got
    Covid, but hope you
    continue to feel better.
    Carla from Utah

  35. Priscilla Witwer says:

    Hey Connie, So sorry to hear about you and your family having covid. Sending many prayers for all of you. A caring advice from “sister to sister” just be careful. Don’t push yourself. I know it is so exciting to get settled in your new home, but it will still be there. Do a little, but then take care of You! The rest will be taken care of soon. Merry Christmas and feel better soon! Priscilla

  36. Thank you for letting us know about your current events. My son had a mild case of Covid in early April and donates his plasma antibodies each month so sick people can use them. . We live separately and , because we were careful about distancing, I was fortunate not to get it. I told him that I am first in line for his antibodies if I need them. LOL.
    Thankfully, it sounds like you have a milder case of Covid. Rest and drink plenty of fluids. Listen to your body.
    Your house and studio in progress look wonderful. I am glad you stressed it will be functional if not designer beautiful. I, too, am a practical person that likes to create workspaces for my preferences.
    Thank you for sharing
    Take care

  37. Sorry to hear you have Covid. Glad to know it hasn’t been too bad of a case.

  38. So sorry about you & family members testing positive! Continue to work at a slower pace to help your body heal. But how absolutely exciting about your new country home and great sewing space! And thank you for so many wonderful patterns you have given us…quilt on!

  39. Get well quickly, prayers sent for you and family.

  40. I’m so sorry to hear that you have Covid. Take good care of yourself and I’m praying Builder Bob does not contract it. This is serious stuff. Thankfully you two take care of yourselves and hopefully your symptoms will be mild and you will recuperate quickly. Glad you are taking a lot of rest breaks. Good to see you are in your new home.

    1. I tested positive too and had no symptoms whatsoever. Take zinc, vitamin c and d3.

  41. Gloria Jacobs says:

    Conniie I am so sorry you and your family have the virus, I pray for a speedy recovery. Im glad you and Builder Bob found the beautiful home. I love your messages and nice pictures. Please get well soon so you can enjoy your studio.

  42. Barb Partyka says:

    Please take good care of yourself and we all hope Builder Bob doesn’t get it. Have a wonderful and safe Holiday season…

  43. Connie, I hope you continue to feel better and that Bob manages to stay clear of the virus. ALL of my alarm bells went off when you said you were feeling tired and achy! Do take care of yourself. It’s discouraging to know how many more months of isolation we all face, but we can get through this.

    1. Charlotte Broadie says:

      Hope you get back to feeling like your old self.

  44. Gwynette in NWArkansas says:

    Wishing you a speedy and total recovery from COVID and I hope your hubby doesn’t get it! I am totally loving every post about your new home! Wishing you a very Merry and healthy Christmas!🎄

  45. Miss Daisy says:

    Sorry to hear y’all are sick , stay safe and feel good prayers sent your way. Have a Blessed weekend.

  46. Hi Connie,
    Sorry to hear that you have Covid. That sucks! I really hope you get well soon.. I love seeing pictures of your studio and all your quilts. I’m sure you are going to be very very happy in your new home.

  47. Susan Riss says:

    Oh my goodness. When you told us your symptoms last week I had a bad feeling. Fever, chills and tired are all red flags. I am so glad that you got tested immediately and are now quarantining yourself. This virus is very serious and I wish you and your hubby and family all the best. I am enjoying all the photos of your new wonderful home! I can’t wait to go through the seasons and the many new quilt creations with you. I am sending good thoughts and best wishes. Put yourself and good health first…please.

  48. Glenda B. says:

    So sorry to hear that Covid has struck your family, especially when you have been so very careful! You are absolutely amazing to still carry on setting up your new home and continuing to send out your newsletter and update your blog while dealing with Covid. Sending healing prayers to you and yours. May you all experience a quick recovery.
    Best wishes from Canada.

  49. Vicki in MN says:

    Oh dear I am so sorry Covid entered your house. I hope that it will stay very mild with all of you. Take care!

  50. Barbara Jansz says:

    Get well soon! You are amazing. Your new home is just beautiful! Love the truck Tablerunner. Merry Christmas in your new home. 🎄

  51. Sending prayers and hugs for a rapid recovery for everyone. Love your studio .. with all the wonderful quilts you make, you sure deserve it. [GRIN] Too funny that Mickey has a new friend that wants him to stay and play … lol … PattiK

  52. Chin up! I tested positive in early October and only had a couple of day of sinus pain. Take it easy!

  53. It’s amazing how sneaky this virus is! I’m sure your recovery is aided by your anticipation of working in your new studio!

  54. Colleen Mcniven says:

    Sure hope you are feeling better soon,
    Love your new home as looks so bright and cheery.We are trying to stay safe here in Alberta as Covid has worsened
    Take care

  55. What a fabulous studio! Won’t you have fun there! Mr. Mickey and friends, that is great that the cat is friendly. … And I thought I had a lot of quilts. 🙂

    1. Oh, and may both you and your daughter feel better real soon. Sorry you caught Covid.

      1. Connie, Like many others I will pray for your quick and total recovery from Covid. Thank you for pics, patterns and news, Sandy from Mn.

    2. Wishing you all a speedy recovery. Take care and stay safe. Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy new year. I really enjoy your emails. 🎄🤶🎅🇨🇦