20 Fast & Easy Strip Quilt Patterns

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Are you looking for some fast and easy Strip Quilt patterns? I have rounded up over 20 strip quilt tutorials that I think you will like them. Each link and photo will take you to the tutorial. I hope you find one or two that you can’t wait to make!

Fast & Easy Strip Quilt Tutorials

Click on each photo to be taken to the tutorial.

Easy Stripe Quilt

I think this is such a great idea for making a unique strip quilt! The Easy Stripe quilt tutorial uses 2½-inch strips which are pastel colors and then there is an accent of a very bold color. I really like the way the red stands out. The quilt finishes at 58-inches x 80-inches.

Easy Stripe quilt tutorial
Found at Gathered

Basket Weave Quilt

It is so much fun to find a tutorial for a quilt similar to one that I have made in the past.

This adorable quilt from Honey Bear Lane is similar to a small woven quilt I made that was in blues and browns. I don’t think I have it anymore. Might be time to make another one!

Pastel Strip Quilt

This cute quilt from All People Quilt would make the perfect baby gift! It uses 5-inch squares and a piece of background fabric! The quilt size is 36½-inches x 45½-inches. If you wanted to use just one width of fabric for the backing, it would be easy to make the borders a little smaller.

Sugar Almonds Quilt

Looking for a sweet quilt for a little girl? Jelly Roll quilts are always a fast and easy quilt to make and the colors in this one from Sameilia’s Mum would be perfect for a little girl’s room. The size is perfect for a twin bed.

Meet Cute Quilt

This is a colorful quilt that uses four charm square packs or grab some a bunch of fat quarters in all kinds of fun colors and a neutral sashing fabric. You could also use Jelly Rolls or Layer cakes. This quilt/project finishes at 53-inches x 70-inches.

Meet Cute quilt from charm squares
Found at Moda Fabrics

Magic Baby Quilt

Have you ever added giant rick rack to a quilt? What a difference this makes to the look of the quilt! The Magic baby quilt finishes at 41-inches x 50½-inches.

Magic Baby quilt tutorial
Found at Piece N Quilt

Skinny Strips Quilt

The Skinny Strips quilt can be found at All People Quilt and is a favorite of mine and one that I made several years ago. The finished quilt size is 61½-inches x74½-inches.

At the time I didn’t know a Jelly Roll was made up of coordinating fabrics. I remember I just cut 2½-inch strips of all of my fabrics to make mine. It still looked pretty neat.

Braided Stripe Quilt

Here is a beautiful braided strip quilt tutorial that you can find at Anne & Will. She first saw a fabric designed like this and then created the quilt. The size is 45-inches x 60-inches. Choose your own colors and fabrics for a very unique look. It would be very easy to change the size of the strips and make a smaller or larger quilt.

Braided Strip quilt tutorial
Found at Anne & Will

Jelly Roll Magic Quilt

Using Jelly Rolls is always fun and the Jelly Roll Magic quilt is another fast and easy quilt to make that you can find at Moda Fabrics. This quilt finishes at 53-inches x 67-inches and is made with one Jelly Roll and a charm pack.

Jelly Roll Magic quilt
Found at Moda Fabrics

Marmalade Dreams Strip Quilt

Here is another beautiful strip quilt to make. Marmalade Dreams uses one Jelly Roll and the quilt finishes at 50-inches x 60-inches. These are very addictive quilts to make as each one is different!

Marmalade Dreams strip quilt tutorial
Found at Stitchin’ Post

Batik Strips & Squares Quilt

Batik Strips & Squares is a beautiful quilt from All People Quilt that is made from nine simple blocks. The finished quilt size is 31-inches square and the blocks are 8-inch square. It would be very easy to make this larger by making more quilt blocks.

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Here is another neat quilt called Railways that uses two charm packs and some yardage. This quilt finishes at 51-inches x 66-inches. It would be fast and easy to make.

Railway quilt tutorial
Found at Moda Fabrics

Stacked Strips Crib Quilt

Quilts that take no time to make are always a favorite with me.d The Stacked Strips crib quilt would be fun to make. I would really like to make this in bright batiks! The finished quilt is 38½-inches x 54½-inches.

Strip and Flip Quilt

There is nothing cuter than this Strip and Flip quilt! This tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew is one you’ll want to make! It would be a good one using two-inch strips of fabrics from your stash. The finished size is 36-inches x 41-inches.

Jane’s Ladder Quilt

Allison Jensen of Woodberry Way shared this beautiful quilt and tutorial on Moda Fabrics. This is one of my favorite quilt blocks and I have used it in many quilt projects. Her quilt finishes at 48-inches x 56-inches and is a perfect crib size.

Janes Ladder Quilt tutorial
Found at Moda Fabrics

Four Corners Quilt

Quirky Granola Girl shared this neat tutorial for the Four Corner quilt which is a great way to use Jelly Roll strips. The finished size is about 56-inches square. You only have to make four large blocks that are joined to a small center block.

Briar Rose Strip Quilt

Baby quilts are always fun to make and the Briar Rose strip quilt is a super cute pattern from Taylor Made Creates! She uses four-inch strips cut from fat quarters. In her tutorial, she uses a ½-inch seam allowance but I would use a ¼-inch seam allowance if I was making it.


Here is another Jelly Roll quilt called Waves by Jenny Kae that uses one Jelly Roll and some additional yardage. This quilt finishes at 56-inches x 89-inches.

Waves quilt tutorial
Found at Moda Bake Shop

Giant Jelly Roll Quilt

If you like the look of a log cabin quilt, you’ll really like this Giant Log Cabin quilt tutorial from Kelly at My Quilt Infatuation using 4½-inch strips. She suggests buying eighth of a yard strips of fabrics.

American Notebook Quilt

Here is another fun quilt that is made with charm squares cut in half. The American Notebook quilt by Esch House Quilts would be fun to make.

American Notebook quilt
Found at Debbie Grifka

Half Rail Frenzy Quilt

Here is another fun quilt to make called the Half Rail Frenzy. This quilt/project finishes at 54-inches x 70-inches and uses one Jelly Roll. You can use a layer cake for the white fabric or yardage.

Half Rail Frenzy quilt tutorial
Found at Moda Fabrics

I hope you have enjoyed this roundup of easy Strip Quilt tutorials. I am sure you’ll find at least one that you like!

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  1. Barbara Pretola says:

    Thank you. I have been saving my scraps , cutting them into 2.5 inch strips. 3 inch strips and various sized squares. I have a box of them neatly sorted into zip lock bags. These quilts would be perfect.

  2. Joan Sheppard says:

    I tried to give you a “heart (down at the bottom of the page) for each of these.
    especially love the Moda “Half Rail Frenzy” that looks like envelopes! How cute would that be for Valentines. Or the “Pastel Strip Quilt” I would like to make with the sheer Korean fabrics. All of them are wonderful.
    p. s. Yes indeed you need a long arm. Treat yourself!

  3. Great patterns, thanks for sharing! I love the Simply Woven quilt

  4. Connie thanks for listing these simple jelly roll quilt patterns. I have a few of them saved already but a few are new to me. I made my inner self agree that we are no longer hoarding nor saving nor not using fabrics. I buy then to use right? Well some of them I have had a few years to gaze at so time to get busy. Some of these patterns will help that progress along.

  5. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Connie, I would love to be able to make all of these patterns that you share with us, but my reality kicks in and since I am a very slow quilter nowadays I have to be honest. No, way that is not any fun at all…we just have to keep adding to are to make list and keep telling ourselves we can make them all! LOL. You sure do a fantastic job at creating new patterns and quilts all of the time, I always am awe inspired when you share a new project you have completed! I most likely will not achieve much quilting at all this weekend, I hope that you have a fantastic weekend! Thank you for sharing all of these great pattern links!