Family in Minnesota

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Creativity comes in so many different ways. While we were visiting Bob’s mom she gave me this beautiful crocheted doily that she made. Isn’t it beautiful!  Right next to her chair in her living room is her crochet hook, thread and the latest project she is working on.

crochet doilie by Bobs mom

She will be turning 93 soon and I hope to have as much energy as she does at that age. Besides crocheting she plays cards with friends most evenings and still makes homemade bread…and yes we got to eat some!

Family in Minnesota

We really had a wonderful time visiting with her.

Family in Minnesota

We also got to spend time with Bob’s sister and her husband. One day we even went up to the lake and saw Bob’s niece and her family. She makes homemade soap that I’ll show you soon.

Family in Minnesota
Family in Minnesota

Bob’s sister does beautiful embroidery and her husband helps make homemade soap. Creativity seems to run in the family!

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  1. Darlene Fel....... says:

    Thanks for sharing with us; what beautiful items from such talented ladies! can't wait to hear more about the soap too! let us know if she has a website or where we can purchase it here in MN!

  2. So many lovelies. What a talented family. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Those embroideries are gorgeous. She is very talented. Obviously it runs in the family look at that doiliy…it is gorgeous.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Lovely family. Your MIL reminds me of my Mom who was still very active at 94 and could crochet anything! It puts a smile on my face to know about your family and see the pictures! Thanks.

  5. God Bless Bob's mom and the work she is still able to do at 93, and she looks much younger than that! And his sister's embroidery is adorable! Thank you for sharing your family with us.

  6. Deborah Hamilton says:

    The doily is beautiful, and it's such a nice gift.

  7. Kiera Vanella says:

    Oh Connie..I love that doily and embroidery! My mom made the most beautiful doilys that she'd starch and they'd stand up around the vase. She did the most amazing designs all without a pattern. I wish I had some of her pieces now. I think it's becoming a lost art. Treasure that piece my friend. I love all the pics…looks like you had a wonderful time. Good for you!

  8. The crochet is beautiful – your mother in law looks at least 20 yrs younger than her age!

  9. The doily is beautiful. Homemade bread and soup. Won't be long and it will be cool enough to cook again! I agree, I hope I have the energy at 93.

  10. Joyce Carter says:

    Beautiful pictures, Connie. Your mother-in-law does not look to be 93.She is a very beautiful lady and looks great for her age. Your doily is sooo pretty. I really love crochet items, but don't have the patience to do it. A lady gave me some doilies that she had made for my 16th birthday and I still use them.(Now I am 65). I hope my daughter appreciates them and keeps them in the family as a treasured memory. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Kristen King says:

    What beautiful projects your relatives have made…you know, we Minnesotans are crafty because the winters are so long and so cold! 🙂

  12. Quilting Babcia says:

    You are so blessed to have your MIL in such good health at this age. Her active life keeps her healthy! I've started that same embroidery set, though haven't progressed too far with it. Those blocks as well as your MIL's doily are beautifully done.

  13. Your MIL does beautiful work…. love the delicate doily…. a treasured heirloom, for sure!

  14. Great photos. The crocheted doily is beautiful. My mother taught me to crochet years ago but I haven't kept up the skill. The embroidery is lovely.

  15. Those are great embroidery blocks! I made the same blocks for the Betsy's Closet pattern…her stitching is wonderful! Nice pics!

  16. What a blessing she has been in your lives! Her crocheting is lovely and you will cherish that for many years to come. It does look like creativity runs in the family. The embroidery is gorgeous.

  17. I love doilies, hankies, dresser scarves – all that heritage goodness. A lovely talented family.

  18. I cherish all of the doilies that I have of my grandmothers. My mother did not crochet but she did quilt with my granny. I really do not recall my mother ever actually making a quilt that she could say she made from scratch. She was always helping granny quilt the quilts she made.

    Your sweet mother in law does not look 93! Staying busy has really kept her young!