Fairport Golf Cart Parade for the 4th of July

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A couple people asked how our first Fairport Golf Cart Parade 4th of July turned out. Besides being miserably hot…..it was fun! Many of our houses were decorated with banners.4th of July Parade in FairportAt noon we all gathered at my friend Diannia’s yard before heading out along the highway where we could get a picture of all of the golf carts.4th of July Parade in Fairport

Here they are, we had a nice little crowd.4th of July Parade in Fairport

Here is a closer picture, Bob the Builder is sitting in our golf cart which is to the left of the Gator with the umbrella. We were going to bring Sadie but it was just too hot.4th of July Parade in FairportIsn’t that a beautiful little golf cart for Lil’ Miss Fairport.4th of July Parade in FairportLil’ Miss Fairport, isn’t she a cutie!4th of July Parade in Fairport

This little guy had his little car all decked out.4th of July Parade in FairportWe took a spin through our little town and visited a neighbor who wasn’t able to come down.4th of July Parade in FairportThen we took a cruise down by the Lighthouse marina and restaurant. The river was still high, see the boats? You couldn’t walk out to them and we didn’t take the golf carts down on the lower road but the gator had no problem going through the water. The houseboat to the left belongs to my brother.4th of July Parade in FairportIf there would have been prizes for the best decorated golf cart this would have won! They even had lights on it!
4th of July Parade in FairportAfter the parade we went back and ate brats, hot dogs and lots of other good food. Did I say it was hot???? Most of us went home in the afternoon and then came back out for the fireworks and pizza around dark. Now you know what we did on the 4th…..what did you do?
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  1. Belle was out today and I showed her your picture. She was properly impressed. Her comment was “I look like a princess.” Yes you do Isabel, yes you do!


  2. Hello Connie; It was a lot of fun reading about and seeing all of the fun decorated golf carts that you and your friends and neighbors did on the Fourth of July. Plus, it is just wonderful to hear that all of you know each other and do things such as this together. It is something you do not hear of often any more and it is sad. I am glad that you and Builder Bob have this. We stayed home and I sewed. Thank you for sharing and have a fabulous day!

  3. What a fun neighborhood!! That’s a great way to celebrate. We had a HUGE family reunion with 160+ people here the weekend before the 4th. Our kids and grandkids had gone home again so we spent a very quiet July 4th. It was grey and drizzly but my husband’s Wednesday golf league played in the morning instead of the afternoon/evening. And I sewed.

  4. Looks like a grand ole time! I loved living in a small town where all this was everyday stuff! What did we do? Well, let’s see. Hubby worked on the ceiling inside, where it appeared to be falling down on us, but was only just cracked from above, I cut grass all day. And weeded some. After tgat, we enjoyed a good dinner of Q for 2 at the new Smokehouse in town. Then we hit up Home Depot for some more paint for said ceiling. Went home and watched what we could of the local fireworks from our front porch. Let’s just say we heard a lot, saw a few. 🙂

  5. That looks like such fun. It looks like everyone went way out to decorate and be a part of it. I love that the little ones participated too. I’m glad that no one melted with that heat too! It sounds like a great way to celebrate our independence. We had the whole gang here for a BBQ.

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