Fairport Iowa Fish Hatchery on the Mississippi river

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This morning there is a little bit of snow on the ground and it made me think of these photos I took on December 21st in the evening after our first snow. We live within walking distance of the Fairport, Iowa Fish Hatchery and there is a path on the far side of these ponds right along the river and I love to walk it.

Fairport Iowa Fish Hatchery on the Mississippi river

Fairport, Iowa Fish Hatchery along the Mississippi River

Builder Bob told me about all the snow on the trees by the Hatchery and dropped me off to take some pictures…..you can barely see his truck in the distance.

Snow on trees by the Fairport Fish Hatchery

Then I had to take a picture of the snow in front of our house on the Mississippi river bank. It was 4:30 p.m. – don’t you love how the date and time is on your photos!

Mississippi River bank in front of our house

Below I have included some links if you would like to read more about the fish hatchery. In the photo below you can see in the bottom left corner a little bit of the marina that is 6 houses down from our home and there is a trail through the trees that I go on to get to the hatchery and walk around the lower ponds. There are lots of Canadian geese there and occasionally I have seen a fox.

Fairport, Iowa Fish Hatchery - species of fish reared here

The Fairport Fish Hatchery is a warm water extensive culture station
located on the Mississippi River near Muscatine. Eighteen ponds are used
to hatch and rear warm-water angling favorites such as largemouth bass
and bluegill.  Adult fish such as largemouth bass are kept at the
hatchery year-around.

The Lucille A. Carver Mississippi Riverside Environmental Research Station (LACMRERS) is also located here. It is a field station where people study, collaborate and learn about the Upper Mississippi River. The Mississippi River is the largest river system on the continent.

Fairport Fish Hatchery
Lacmrers facilties and equipment

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  1. Such different fish from what we see. Mostly giant catfish in the river here! Love seeing the snow on the riverbank – thank goodness we seldom see snow on our end!

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