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Like many of you, I couldn’t wait to see what the first step in Bonnie Hunter’s new En Provence Mystery quilt and start working on it. Neutrals……that is something I always look for when I visit a quilt shop and if I can find them on sale….I’ll buy yards.Neutral Scraps for quilts

I am challenging myself to work on En Provence even though I have lots of other things I’m working on. Most of the time I work with batiks and I have all these totes of quilt fabric scraps that I want to use.

Bonnie’s quilts are always perfect for that. Notice I even have a tote of salvage strips…..a project for another day. There is even a t-shirt quilt that I keep putting off working on….a project for another day.Fabric Scraps stored in totesI cut out some of the squares and started working on my blocks…..I have many more to go but….who is counting. Are you working on En Provence?Neutral scraps for En Provence

Leaders and Enders, I have to laugh as I have a hard time with them…..I cut up all the scraps I had and put them in the bin next to my sewing machine so I could grab one or two when sewing.

Well, this weekend I pulled out some flannels I bought last year (probably about this time as Joann’s runs such great deals on them) and of course I haven’t used them so I cut some of them up to add to my flannel scrap Leaders and Enders quilt.Flannel scraps for Leaders and EndersDid I mention that little Sadie is now sleeping with us? I guess that means she is officially part of the family.

That is my old Log Cabin quilt that I showed earlier and yes, we use it on our bed. I looked back through my posts and remembered that I didn’t mention much about finding Sadie at first as we wanted to surprise Builder Bob’s mom when we went to visit her.

I am definitely going to do a detailed Sadie post soon. Did I mention that she “almost” has us trained…..

Sadie wrapped in Log cabin quilt

I forgot to share a photo from the baby shower where I gifted this baby quilt. I think she really liked it. Baby quilt for KendraThat is what is going on in my studio this week. 

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  1. Pat Evans says:

    My four patches were finished today, but I only did half the number. I have a Christmas table topper that I have to get quilted. I want to use one of Lori Kennedy’s poinsettia motifs, but I’m so afraid I’ll mess it up that I can’t make myself start it. Maybe tomorrow.

  2. I am saving the En-Provence mystery, but this time I can’t for sure attempt it as I have no scraps that are needed for the very first part. I also don’t have the time currently since I am hoping to get that machine of mine opened up and start on some gifts. We’ll see if that actually happens, but I’m at least hopeful this year.

    HA! Our pets tend to train us without us even knowing sometimes. We’re still trying to stay ahead of our monster cat to be sure she knows who is boss in this house. She’s a stubborn little monster though, so that may be a lifelong lesson with her. LOL

  3. Lori Smanski says:

    what an adorable little face Sadie has. She just looks super sweet.

  4. Sadie is such a cutie. Working with batiks for the mystery as I have missed using them this year.

  5. You have some lovely neutral fabrics there! And Sadie is cute as a button.

  6. I am currently trying to ignore the mystery….thinking about it. I love the baby quilt! So cute!

  7. Yep, little Sadie has you trained alright, LOL She is so dang cute!!! Your scrap bins look similar to mine, except I don’t have clear ones. How is it that they generate so darn fast!!! I am not doing Bonnie’s mystery, but I am planning on doing the QAL from My Carolina Home. I best get to cutting fabric.

  8. Bonnie has a way of getting us all involved doesn’t she! LOL!! Sadie looks like one happy pup.
    And I see we have another JoAnns bargain shopper. I bought enough flannel to sink a ship years ago when it was .98 a yard. LOL Finally used up the last of that stuff! hahahahaha

  9. I started En Provenance too! But I only have 30 4-patches done. Such a cute little dog Sadie is. I’m getting a new puppy in December. Can’t wait. That baby quilt is adorable!!

  10. Little Sadie is sure a sweetie! I’m sure it didn’t take her long to have you both trained, lol. They’re experts at that sort of thing.

  11. lol. I’m sure it won’t be long before you are completely trained. Your four patches look great. Still need to sew mine.

  12. Anyone would be thrilled with that quilt, Connie. Sadie just gets cuter with each photo.