Emergency veterinarian visit for Rusty

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Yesterday we had to take Rusty back to the veterinarian as he wasn’t keeping his eyes open and when I went to put drops in one eye, he cried for the first time. Rusty had surgery to fix his cherry eyes last week.

The suture in his eye came loose

They got us in right away and numbed his eyes so they could get a better look. One of the sutures had come loose and they were afraid this was irritating his eye. There was also a cloudy part which was said to be an ulcer. Rusty was wonderful as his eyes were probed, (better than I would have been).

Update on Rusty eye surgery

Poor Rusty had to be sedated so his eye could be checked and the suture removed. While under the doctor checked his other eye and the sutures in that eye had also come loose causing irritation. It has been 7 days since his surgery and we are hoping the sutures will hold and contain his cherry eyes.

They kept Rusty overnight which made me nervous because when we got him from Jo, she had a note saying he didn’t like cages. I didn’t want him chewing the cage and wrecking more of his teeth. It sounds like everything went well and he slept most of the time.

We picked him up this morning, he now has 2 ulcers, one in each eye from the steroids in the eye med so new eye meds to get rid of those.

He got home, drank water, ate, and then went out with Mickey and peed like a racehorse. I wonder if he had been holding it the whole time. He is now on the couch next to me and snoring. I actually think Mickey was glad to see him and even sat by him for a bit. We will go back on Friday for another checkup. The sutures are out and not scratching his eye anymore. Can you imagine how painful that was?

I am so thankful for a doctor that could take care of him so quickly. Everyone at the office adores little Rusty, he is the sweetest!

No Quilting Today

I am going to work on updating my blog on my laptop while I sit next to Rusty today so no quilting. He has only been with us for less than 2 months and he has to wonder what we are going to do to him next! He will still be wearing the cone for at least another 10 days. Once it is off, he is going to get his first bath.

Rusty lying on the couch while I work on my computer

Thank you for your kind words

I want to thank everyone for the kind emails I have received about Rusty, Mickey and Bob. Your words brighten my day!

Hurtful email

I never understand why someone will take the time to complain about a blog post or email when it is just as easy to just unsubscribe and go on their way. Here is an email I received yesterday.

“I thought this was a quilting site.  You may care but most of us could care less about your dog…….so I’m unsubscribing in protest.”

I have been blogging for 12 years, in the beginning, it was more like a daily journal which was always fun. Now I spend most of my time writing quilt tutorials and patterns to share with you but it is still fun to sprinkle in a little about my personal life. From the comments I get, I know many of you enjoy what I write and it makes us feel like friends.

If someone just comes to my blog for the tutorials, that is great also! I sent out a newsletter yesterday to almost 16,000 people so getting one email like this isn’t going to discourage me from writing about what goes on in my life.

Sorry for the rant.

Connie with her dogs

About Connie

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  1. GLORIA REEED says:


  2. Hi Connie,
    Would love to have an update on Rusty.
    Been following the story from the beginning & your family is part of mine.
    Sending prayers & love to all.
    Love your sight. Full of good information & patterns. Keep up the great work.

  3. Mean people suck. I love hearing about the doggos. Keep posting what you want, and we’ll keep reading them. Love the quilting also. Thank you for all you do.

  4. Marion Womble says:

    Your daily comments are great and I read all of them – quilting, dogs, building, fixing up your studio. I would like to know where you ordered some of the tables in your studio – I will be moving and need a table for cutting etc., not too big. Prayers for Rusty

  5. ToniAnne Potter says:

    I’m so sorry that you have to deal with nasty people. To be honest when I started reading blogs way back when, I started reading for the quilting but if they blogged and had photos of their pets I was in heaven. If people don’t like what you do and they unsubscribe I would consider that a gift. I don’t usually reply on many blogs I’m more of a lurker but I really do enjoy and appreciate all you do.

  6. Some people are just turds. Glad she left instead of harrassing you further in the future.I don’t understand people. Not interested in the topic? Move on.

    Rusty looks fabulous!

  7. I am afraid I blame social media for these types of comments. If you were face to face with someone you would see in their face the reaction of this type of comment and probably would not make it and yet through a computer screen people think they can say whatever even if it is mean! Like you say if you don’t want to read a post about something else, don’t read it! I love hearing about Quilter’s lives as well as the quilting, especially as we are in different countries. Please do not take any notice of this type of person I can only imagine that they live a miserable life. Happy New Year. Hugs Susie & Coco xx

    1. Agree. Anonymity is bringing out an overwhelming amount of vitriole in this country.

  8. Connie–

    I am so sorry you had to read such an unkind letter. If you can, please put it behind you. Most of us look forward to your family news as much as we look forward to your quilting news. I, for one, feel as though your family is a part of mine, and I dearly love my family. Please continue to share your life with us.

  9. I like hearing how Mickey and Rusty are doing! And, oh yeah I love your tutorials and patterns. Keeping an eye open for more on how Rusty and Mickey are doing.

    1. I know it’s only been a few days, but all of us want an update of Rusty. If me Mucky and you !
      So, how goes the happy life ?
      Hugs to all.

  10. Kathleen McCormick says:

    People are rude! Its your blog you get to do with it what you want.

    I love hearing about your quilting and your doggies and anything else. I am so glad Rusty has you and that you are taking such good care of him. Deep down, I think they know who is on their side! You have a ton of comments, no need to reply to mine but grateful for you and your blog.

  11. Elizabeth Rivera says:

    You are so great in sharing your knowledge about your quilting and I enjoy your tales about the animals because I am also an animal lover. Don’t change please. I am sorry people have to be so rude, just unsubscribe and be kind.
    I am wishing for Rusty’s recovery.
    The seams don’t match because if your are biter they move. LOL

  12. Kathy Payne says:

    I agree with you, Connie. Why not simply unsubscribe? It seems like so many people feel the need to hurt others or think it is their right to be rude! If you want to share with others of some of the good and not so good events of your life, that is your right. Sometimes, a burden shared is a burden lightened…if only by an ounce. Thank you for posting her comment. She probably thought she could snipe at you and hurt you and get away unscathed but I hope she sees the backlash toward her behavior. As with so many others, I hope your family, Bob and the boys, improve and you can all continue to enjoy being together!

  13. KathyG from Ohio says:

    Well Connie, I am a casual quilter and your blog encourages me. Be yourself…..doggies and all. I look forward to every blog post you write. You are creative and I just love your patterns. That person who posted that nasty note was just a sour grape passing by.

  14. I love hearing about your fur babies too. Sometimes I just look for the updates on them first. You do you & crap on anyone who has issues with that. Some peeps are just unhappy no matter what. So sad, life is just to dang short to be so unhappy.

  15. Carolyn in Arizona says:

    Connie, I am so sorry you got the nasty and ugly comment complaining about your dog’s update. Most of us have a great affinity to pets. You and your husband are so very kind and compassionate to adopt older dogs, not just a puppy. I love hearing about your pets, animals and birds in your environment. You have such a generous heart to share, not only your wonderful quilt adventures, but also your family… human and pets. God bless you and your family!

  16. Connie, I have been subscribing to your blog for years. I even have a “Freemotion by the River” folder on my laptop.
    I love m fur babies and love hearing about the lives of other’s and their fur babies for a multitude of reasons: It provides opportunities to pray, teaches me how to care for my babies (Especially Mia who is now 107), and simple enriches my life.
    I’m so sorry someone had to post something so ugly. It’s more a reflection of their own pain and darkness. How sad.
    I do care about your Rusty, your moves, your life. Thank you for sharing!

  17. Connie, I really enjoy the updates on your family (and quilting, too). As a dog lover and a quilter, I can totally relate to what is going on in your life right now. Rusty and Mr. Mickey are so fortunate to have you and Bob as parents. This difficult time will pass. As for the rude person who made that nasty comment to you, she is a totally self-centered, unhappy person. I am praying God will bless you, Bob and your “fur babies.”

  18. Hi Connie,

    Praying for you, your family and dogs. I too have dogs and they are a blessing. Vet trips and all in between quilting.

  19. Canda Johsnon says:

    People who don’t like dogs, should not be trusted (or liked). This person is apparently unhappy and grumpy. Ignore these people and their rude comments.

  20. Hello Connie,
    Well, some people are unhappy within themselves and feel the need be rude to others. They don’t seem to understand that if you give kindness you receive kindness back and kind people will surround you. Connie, ignore the rude comments. I love your site and look forward to every story you send my way. Thank you for being such a lovely human.
    Hugs from Darlene
    Nova Scotia

  21. connie, this is my first time posting,,just ignore that post you mentioned in today’s email,,it is not worth your positive cheerful energy,,,i for one have been enjoying the emails i received, yes initially because of the quilting topic, then exploring your other topics on your site, and i was so enthralled and happy to see a photo of you with your dog , mickey. i looked forward to read all past articles about him, and of course about you and your family, like reading a short novel, and then when rusty came into your life,, new chapters were added to that novel. it just adds richness to a person’s life, yes i am an animal lover myself, but i would have been drawn to your stories anyway if i have not been an animal lover..PS i have a cat who does not like to be crated, chewed thru one vinyl type carrier, and had to be sedated at vet, so carry on the good work!

  22. I do appreciate the work you do and your patterns, but to be honest one of the big reasons I am still coming to your blog is because you share your life with us. Thank you. I hope Rusty gets well quickly!

  23. Debra Graham says:

    I am so sorry to hear about darling Rusty and I am sure that Mickey must have missed him. I will be thinking good thoughts that his surgery holds after all of this. As for the person who left your blog because of “Dog” talk, they are the one missing out. I believe if we not longer are interested in the topics of someone blog we should POLITELY leave. Not make a comment. Blessing to you and your family.

  24. You two are so wonderful. I feel for the little dog and I know you feel just as bad. He is the baby in the family. I look forward to you all having a wonderful healthy spring.

  25. I feel sorry for the lady who left. She probably has never had a dog! Dogs become our babies. I have been following Rusty’s journey. I commend you for adopting him. He is a lucky fur baby! I enjoy reading all of your posts. Don’t change a thing!

  26. You are a wonderful person Connie and I just love hearing about your dogs and what is happening in your life.
    If people don’t want to, they can unsubscribe or NOT leave an unnecessary comment. We are all different and I appreciate some people may not like dogs but please ladies/ gentlemen keep your negative comments to yourself. They are hurtful and totally unnecessary.

  27. Hi Connie – from the UK,
    Like most of your commenters, I don’t understand anyone making negative remarks. If I find in any of the blogs I follow that it no longer interests me, then I just unsubscribe. Why shout about it?
    For my part I love hearing about the dogs, and also love trying your patterns.
    Ha, like Carol Rea, I too love the comment from Donna Adams. Karma ! 🙂

    1. Pets are our four legged family !! we do care and share. Quilts are great, but family loves back. Thanks for sharing your love for all that you care about. Hugs.

  28. Susan the Farm Quilter says:

    Poor Rusty!!! What a trooper he is…I hope he never has to deal with cherry eye again!! I love reading about your pets! I think it was when you became Pelly’s mom that I subscribed to your blog – I knew someone who cared for a lost pelican was the kind of person I would like to know, even if it was only via your blog and emails!! I feel sorry for the person who wrote you the note as I can’t imagine having a life so narrow and devoid of the love for other creatures that enhance our lives so much – what a desert!! You are right, telling us about your beloved pets makes your blog much more interesting for so many of us. Our lives aren’t one dimensional, why should yours be as well?

  29. Being a dog-lover who is currently without a dog of my own, I love reading about your two dogs. They are so lucky to be a part of your family. Please continue to share them with us. I have had four of my own; they were all rescues and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I also love your quilting projects and look forward to your emails each day.

  30. Connie,
    I have to tell you that you having your posts about your little buddies is what lead me to subscribe to your emails. I LOVE THEM!
    My littles mean the world to me, and I enjoy others who feel them same way.
    Please keep us updated on your loved ones. It’s just the thing that makes you so real, warm and charming.
    Thank you so much for sharing your talent and your life with us.

  31. Ruth Darcangelo says:

    Connie, I, for one, look forward to reading the updates on Rusty! I am praying his cherry eyes are fixed for good! I think he’s great company for Mr. Mickey and will add more time to his life, too! I don’t know how anyone couldn’t care about your fur babies! How rude to post that comment! There is more to life than just quilting, as wonderful as it is, and dogs add so much to our lives! Keep up the good work, and throw out any thoughts or concerns over her comment! Most of your subscribers have a heart and love you, Bob, Mr. Mickey, and Rusty! Keep us posted on all of your life!!

  32. Keep doing what you are doing. Love your blog and tutorials and chatting with you. Glad she decided to unsubscribe. She will not be missed.
    I enjoy hearing updates on your furbabies and your family. It makes me feel like I am talking with a friend.
    I hope Rusty’s eyes heal better now and soon he will be out of that cone. No dog likes the cone. Glad to see Mr Mickey has accepted Rusty and missed him when he was gone. I’m sure he was wondering where Rusty had gone.

  33. Oh, poor Rusty 😢 He has been through so much. I’m sure he was happy to be back home! I can see how relaxed he is 😊♥️ Once this is all behind him, he will be one happy pup! 🥰
    I’m sorry about the rude lady. She is in need of prayer 🙏🏻
    Keep on keeping on & we will keep tuning in! God bless you, Bob & the pups 🐶🐶 ♥️♥️❌⭕️🤗

  34. Carol A Remmick says:

    I am praying for Rusty to get better and no more cherry eye. God bless you and Bob for taking such good care of him.

  35. Vivian Oaks says:

    The loser lost out by unsubscribing. I will never understand people like that. I love free tutorials and new content, but to only expect THAT, without any background, would be so boring. Guess she’s just a boring person who likes being bored. Glad it didn’t bother you. She’s the only one who loses.

  36. Real quilters aren’t mean they are understanding. This person obviously did not bother to look at any of your information on your website. If she had she would have realized how kind and loving you are. I love your furbaby updates. Thank you for sharing.

  37. Prayers for you and Rusty and Mickey. I hope Rusty gets better and his eyes heal.

  38. Just ignore people like that. I enjoy your blog and all the neat patterns you have. Rusty is in good hands. Blessing Jennie

  39. Hi Connie, there is always one rude, nasty person in every group. I simply love hearing all about your fur babies & what you & Bob the Builder have been doing. I read you emails straight away to see the latest from you whether, it be quilting “tips” or your family worries, the latter has been most distressing for & You are one kind loving & very talented lady,
    I pass in my support from Australia. Joan

  40. Linda Behret says:

    Connie, I have been quietly following your blog, lately hearing about Rusty and Mr Mickey. I didn’t even realize how very much I care until I saw today’s post that Rusty had to go back to the vet, and I had to read it right away. I hope he (and Bob and Mickey, too) will all be feeling better soon.
    I can’t see why anyone would complain about you posting about your family–and dogs are definitely part of the family. That was a terrible thing to do to you, when you are so kind and generous to all of us

  41. Cynthia Taylor says:

    You are so generous with your tutorials and patterns. I read your emails every day. I must say, I have gotten caught up in Rusty’s story. I appreciate the updates. Keep being you because you are awesome.

  42. Cynthia T says:

    You are so generous with your tutorials and patterns. I read your emails every day. I must say, I have gotten caught up in Rusty’s story. I appreciate the updates. Keep being you because you are awesome.

  43. Your blog, your rules, topics of choice, etc. I, along with many others, care. A lot. She can move on and take that negativity elsewhere. Sorry you had to experience that comment. Please don’t let it bother you. Your pups are as much a part of your life as quilting, as is Bob the Builder and your lovely family. Big hugs to you all!

  44. My goodness Connie we’ll just have to overlook the small things in life . . . I just welcome you into my space whenever I check my emails. You are like a friend popping in to catch up on family and then even talk about things we love to sew/quilt. And come to find out, all of us have family issues we face and like to share with those close to us. You are family – we are family caring for one another!!
    Thanks for updates on your fur babies and Mr. Bob. Thanks for sharing quilting stuff . . . Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we need to check out the freebies 😉
    Take care and lots of hugs to each of you!

  45. Carlitta Williams says:

    I enjoy reading your stories. Love the fur babies. I hope the poor baby gets well soon. I’ve been thinking about him and the rest of you. Please always keep us posted. Hugs & prayers.

  46. Karen Franko says:

    Connie I think about you and your “fur babies” all the time. I’ll say an extra prayer tonight.

  47. Hope Rusty gets better real soon. I enjoy your tutorials and don’t mind snippets about your pets. Good riddance to bad rubbish!!!!

  48. Sheryl Karpinski says:

    Please keep up with your posts about the dogs. After recently losing my darling fur baby Lily it makes me happy to be connected to your fur babies.

  49. Thanks for the update on Rusty. I pray he gets better quickly and there are no more emergency trips to the vet.
    I enjoy hearing about your pets, life and quilting. No one is forced to read the blog and they can see from the title if it is something they are interested in and if not they can skip it. That commenter is not a nice person. I am glad she unsubscribed so you don’t have to deal with her anymore.

  50. Marcia in TX says:

    What can I say that hasn’t already been expressed? We love your blogs and flowers like friends who care for all aspects of ur life. Hugs

  51. Poor Rusty! I’m so glad you got him to the vet quickly. Thank you for keeping us informed.

  52. Your shares brighten my day Connie. Thank-you and best wishes for a speedy recovery for Rusty.

  53. Rusty is so lucky to have you and Bob as “parents” and Mr. Mickey found a great “brother”. Sending prayers for a fast recovery for Rusty.

  54. Kris Born says:

    For the lady that is leaving because she doesn’t like your posts.
    Good Bye!!! Good riddance!

    I personally, am happy to hear how all your pets are doing.

  55. Barb Applegate says:

    I am so glad Rusty is on the mend again. Anyone that has animals know they are our kids and we all love to hear updates on them as they grow or go through challenging times. So scary for you…praying that things will heal properly, with you sitting by his side I am sure he will.

  56. Diane Masschaele says:

    I anxiously wait for updates of Rusty! ♥️♥️♥️

  57. Connie, #1. I am so glad Rusty is getting better. #2 I truly feel sorry that you received such an email. Like you said if a person in not interest just continue on. I am going to say a prayer for Rusty although with your nursing he will do well.

  58. Linda R Moreno says:

    I have dogs and I would everything to get them healthy. Glad to hear that Rusty is doing well. Love the pictures you put of your dogs.

  59. I am always amazed at how unkind people can be. I look forward to the next Rusty update, even though I have no animals, unless you call my adult sons (who are in more than out at my house) animals 🙂

  60. Patricia Cook says:

    Hope Rusty is on the mend very soon. Bless you and Bob for taking such good care of him. For some of us there is no difference between our pets and people. As far as I am concerned that is the only way to be. As far as the rude comment….well, you just can’t fix stupid. I always enjoy whatever you happen to post about. Take care

  61. Connie ~ First thing – *BIG hugs* for you two and Rusty. He’s very lucky that you have chosen to keep him under your wings. It’s so sad that he’s got the cherry eyes thing. I had to read more about that because I’d never heard of it before.
    I sure hope his body gets to a point, no matter what it is so that he can be whatever healthy spot his body wants to stick with.

    That’s just RUDE to make a post like that. If someone subscribes to someone’s blog and you don’t like what has been posted that day, then just move on and come back tomorrow. I wonder if you had posted someone equally as horrible about a family member if that person would make a comment like that. *HUGS Connie*

  62. Maggie Cooper says:

    I’m sorry about little Rusty and his cherry eyes. I hope and pray that the surgery he had undergone will be the end of that problem. Our pets, no matter how long we’ve had them, are family; I feel sorry for people that have no compassion for fur babies!


  63. Love to read about your family. Forget the naysayers.

  64. Quilting and rescuing animals- what’s not to love. I know Rusty’s eye problems have been stressful for the whole family and expensive. Thank you for all you do.

  65. As for rudeness, it’s her loss not yours. Misery loves company so I would not respond to her at all. In fact, I have been known to delete an email sender from my files altogether. All we can do for those who are bitter for any reason is to pray for them. We received an abused dog 4 years ago and have spoiled her tremendously. She is so very appreciative of all we do for her and is the sweetest dog we have ever had. Prayers go out for all your family (furry children included) for all the problems and health issues you have had to deal with. Be blessed.

  66. So sorry to hear about Rusty. Poor pup. Although he has been through a lot since he joined your family, I’m betting he senses that you care about him. I’m glad you took today to be close by him.

    I’m sorry about the snippy comment you received. Why people feel the need to take the time to be like that is beyond me. As you can see from the comments here, many of us have enjoyed getting to know Rusty and Mickey.

    Here’s hoping everyone rests well tonight!

  67. There are people in our world that do not like any animals. I wonder how they can go through life being so hateful and lack empathy? They are missing out on a lot of joy. I avoid anyone like this as they are extremely toxic, you should be happy she unsubscribed, I know that I am glad she is gone. I love dogs and any animals, I have heated shelters set up outside and feed raccoons, skunks, possums, and cats. I also feed squirrels, birds, and hummingbirds. This year finishing setting up my monarch butterfly habitat. I plant wildflowers for the butterflies and honey bees, and moonflowers to draw hummingbird moths. Last year I had deer come into my yard. I live on the outskirts of town, but surrounded by houses. My entire world has been involved with saving dogs and other animals, including rescue for 48 years. I have bad health and my dogs and cats help me get through the day with their love. I LOVE that you talk about your babies and that you rescued Rusty, Mickey has a friend now!! I have followed Jo’s Country Junction for years and was so happy when she decided to foster and include that part of her life in her blog. I love that you also do that. Don’t stop because of one hateful person, she did not belong here. Quilters can be animal lovers, plenty of room for that too. I am so sorry that Rusty is going through this, but so grateful that he landed with you. Many prayers and blessings to Rusty and you. My son told me that I am Snow White because of my animals. lol

  68. I don’t often reply to blogs but the rude comment you received about the posts about your animal family made me sad and angry. In the movie Bambi one of the animals replied to a negative comment “If you can’t say something positive don’t say nothing at all.” I looked at the post about Rusty first.

  69. I agree with the others, ignore such a rude comment. I love your quilting blogs and hearing about your dogs.

  70. Connie, I love your quilt patterns and hearing about your beloved dogs. I will be praying for a speedy recovery for Rusty.

  71. Cynthia White says:

    Connie, I love to hear about your quilts but ALSO about your fur babies, family, and that you are willing to have a day where your computer needs cleaning.
    There are always people that are unhappy with something and we usually never know what ‘tipped them off’, or manage to make them happy. It’s too easy to flame out to a website or online person … Perhaps she will be much happier being unsubscribed. sts.
    Meanwhile, there are tons of folk that love your sweet posts. Please continue to keep us updated on Mr. Mickey and Rusty. I’m glad Rusty’s found a wonderful home with your family – we love to hear about a successful rescue. And quilts. 🙂

  72. Ditto to all the great things people had to say. I maybe laughed a little too much to Donna Adams comment.

  73. Poor Rusty! I’m glad those sutures are out and he can start to heal those ulcers. I love hearing about your entire life…Mr. Mickey, Rusty, Builder Bob and your daughter and grandchildren. Thank you for not being discourage by one extremely RUDE email. As you say, they can just unsubscribe! That’s ridiculous! Hang in there, my friend.

  74. Patricia Melton says:

    I say farwell and don’t let the door hit you in the rear end. I hope the best for your doggie boys!

  75. Poor baby, has to go all through that. No animal should have to go through that or any inhumane thing like you see on TV. I’m glad that lady unsubscribed, you don’t need that either. I’m glad you and Bob got him, at least we all know he is getting good care. Me and Happy wish him all the best. Mr. Mickey knows he is not feeling good. Animals sense that sort of thing.
    I’ve always liked your articles and photos with the dogs on quilts.
    My quilt guild leader love the quilt I sent you a picture of. “One Simple Block”

  76. Rusty was so lucky to have found you and Bob as his new “parents” and Mr. Mickey as his new “brother”. Prayers for his recuperation. You are such a loving person.

  77. Hi Connie. Post whatever you want to post. I like the quilts but I like the little personal tidbits that feel like a visit from you. And you are right just don’t read it if you don’t want to read it Unsubscribing is a threat that Carrie’s little clout. Who cares. As I said it’s yours. Enjoy your puppy dogs and use your time as you want. Best wishes for a great day. Judy.

  78. I am a quilter but always a pet lover first. I love your blogs and I know how lucky your animals are to have such loving , caring parents. I have two Australian Shepherds so I am praying for Rusty. He is a strong little dog and knows he has found a wonderful home. He will fight to get better, just you watch him. There will be more days ahead to quilt so take care of Rusty now.

  79. Thank you for sharing your life – the loves of your life and quilting. That is what makes you authentic – makes you connect with the real world. I love your tutorials and I love the blogs about your personal life. Maybe that means I love you too! Again – thank you.

  80. I am preying for you and your family. I enjoy hearing about your fur babies.

  81. Connie, I agree with the comments about the negative email. Best to put it out of your mind. I have enjoyed your blog snd messages about your life. I have rescued dogs and cats too and love to hear your tales about yours. I want to pass along a suggestion for folks who have unopened pet Rx after their pet has passed – shelters are glad to take them. Don’t toss them. Grateful for your sharing.

  82. Barb Partyka says:

    Please don’t apologize for caring about your fur babies and family. They are part of who you are and we love hearing about them!!!

  83. As an animal lover (one who happens to quilt, as well), I am genuinely concerned about Rusty. I am worried about Mr. Mickey when he’s not well, and I cried the whole day when you had to euthanize Sadie. Your former reader needs to know that one CAN multitask – quilt and have compassion simultaneously.
    Amy Smart, Jacquelynne Steves, Pat Sloan, Laura Piland, Amanda Niederhauser, Sherri McConnell – just a handful of the quilters who mix family and pet stories into their quilting posts. I’d like to see someone try to separate Alfie from Jacquelynne or Mufasa from Amanda! Ain’t gonna happen, Girlfriend!
    Having said all that, let me also say that I feel sorry for someone who cannot have sympathy for an ailing animal and his humans.
    Rusty sounds as if he’s already doing better after having the wayward sutures removed, and I’m thrilled for all of you!! God bless people like you who have the hearts to foster/adopt and love critters like Rusty.

  84. All these wonderful friends! Makes it worthwhile. You have gathered us all in your home and family and we learn to quilt too! Thanks for keeping us in your heart all this time when you are trying to save the eyesight of your baby! Thanks

  85. Glad to hear, that you won’t like a rude comment like that stop you from letting us know how you and your family are doing. Poor little Rusty🥲. I hope heals well quickly and gets all traces of these memories banished from his little mind. All the best to you and Rusty and the family. Stay well!

  86. Glenda Hyde says:

    I`m so sorry , Been sending prayers . Prayers for Rusty , Mickey & You and Bob . I love the updates on your Dog Childern they are part of the family.

  87. I’m with you, Connie. Cranky pants should just unsubscribe!! I get plenty of emails from people I’m subscribed to and when their information isn’t of interest to me, I delete it and move on. If it turns out it’s never of interest to me, then I unsubscribe. Anyway, I hope Rusty is feeling better by now. We are thinking of you.

  88. I’m so sorry to hear about Rusty’s eyes. Ulcers are very hard to deal with. You were so kind when I told you about our dog. I wish you were near me I’d gladly give you any of the medications we have for your dog. We have some that haven’t been opened Praying Rusty’s eyes heal. He’s lucky to have a loving home that cares for him.

  89. Dear Connie,
    Your fans have said it all.
    As one of those, I also love it when you talk about your pets, your homes, your family, and, of course, your quilting projects! You have such a kind and generous heart for everyone and everything, and reading your posts is like reading an email from a good friend, with quilting bonuses added in!
    Your posts are always ones I look forward to reading, and involving your pets is just icing on the cake! Please don’t change anything.
    There was no need for the rude reader to be so nasty. Invisibility makes unkindness so much easier, and the person was not even brave enough to sign their name.
    Please keep us posted on Rusty’s and Mr. Mickey’s progress. Most of your readers do care about your pets and the rude person got that all wrong for sure!
    All the best to you and your husband, and the pets!
    Johanna ❣️🇨🇦

    1. Anne Ramberansingh says:

      Dear Connie,
      I look forward to your posts.
      I have made many of your table runners which I have given as gifts.
      Keep us posted on Rusty’s and Mr Mickey’s health issues,
      Many of us are interested in more than just Quilting. These pets are lucky to be in a loving and caring home.
      Don’t let rude bitter unhappy individuals affect your caring life.
      Thank you for all your informative tutorials.

  90. Mary Lou Dawson says:

    Your blog your dog. Some people are just rude.

  91. Sorry someone send you that rude message. It’s YOUR blog and you can write about anything you want to write about (including the cute dogs). I write about what I want to on my blog (not that many followers, but I don’t care). If I follow someone’s blog, and don’t like what they post, then I wait several more blog posts, then, if I still don’t like it, then I just unfollow. Simple, and nicer. Too bad people don’t remember the Golden Rule anymore.

  92. I don’t even quilt and I still enjoy your blog. You are a REAL person with a Real life and that’s part of the charm of your blog. I don’t always click on the links in your email (but I usually do) but I ALWAYs click when you have something to say about the dogs!

  93. That was so rude. You share so much for free and that takes a lot of time. Hope your dog gets better.

  94. Hi Connie, Thank You for all you do! You work hard to put it all together! I cannot do what you do but I look forward to your posts. I have recently retired and enjoy sewing. You are giving me the inspiration every time I come across your posts. I am sorry that
    Someone had to take their sadness out on you. You have Grace and was able to ignore. I will enjoy your posts and send prayers for your sweet babies. Take care 🤗

  95. Connie, I am so sorry to hear about Rusty. Our fur babies are so precious to us and it breaks our hearts to see them hurt. Thank you for taking such good care of him. And as far as that nasty email, please ignore her. She is obviously not a happy person and feels the need to pass that on. Good riddance to her. Thank you for all you do.

  96. In the past few years, I believe more people now think they have permission to be rude, ugly and mean. Just consider the source. Personally, I look forward to reading your blog and the updates on Mickey and Rusty.

    1. Yes, I agree! Some people are so rude…to even bother to take the time to berate you! Click the unsubscribe button…easier and faster than a rant.
      Prayers for Rusty!

  97. Penny Had says:

    Dear Connie, I love hearing about Rusty & Micky. The are part of your family. You kindness to Rusty is so heartwarming. And love all your quilting items. People are so hateful these days. You keep doing as you have been. And just tell the bad ones to leave. We do not want to hear there hatefulness. Praying all will be better at your home again real soon.

  98. I am so glad Rusty has you in his life to give him love. When it comes to blogs, you have to take the person doing it and their family. Rusty is part of your family. A person doing a blog will sometimes need to talk about sad things happening because that to, is part of the person and the blog.

    I hope things get better for Rusty.

  99. Joey Ritenour says:

    Keep being yourself. I don’t have pets anymore. ( grands have allergies) As my pets passed, they were not replaced. Pets define people. How you’ve adopted Rusty and cared for him tells me a great deal about your character. It makes you a real person. Thank you for being you and sharing your life with your readers.

  100. I love hearing about your family. The lady that complained isn’t worth worrying about. I also really enjoy all the patterns that you offer us. Keep writing and I will read! Thanks!

  101. I’m glad you don’t take to heart anything that the cranky person said. I appreciate your quilting tips but I really do like hearing about your dogs. They’re very lucky to have someone so caring as their owner. Hopefully little Rusty will get through this ordeal. He sounds like such a sweet dog! Take good care of yourself, because those two dogs and your husband really need you!

  102. Connie, I am sorry that someone had to try and spread his/her unhappiness on to you. Especially while you are going through a difficult time with Rusty. Along with seeing your quilt projects, I enjoy reading about what is happening in your life. It makes a nice personal connection that brings me back to your blog to see what is up next. You just keep being you. It’s why I signed up for your newsletter.

    1. Connie,

      I initially subscribed because I saw the picture of you and Mickey. At the time, I thought I really didn’t need to be subscribed to another quilting blog. However, in the short time that I’ve been a subscriber, I’ve really looked forward to your posts. Your patterns are meticulous, your writing is entertaining and hearing about Mickey (and now Rusty) is a wonderful bonus. Referring to the imbecile who sent off that email – good riddance. It just baffles my mind that somebody could be that vile but then again those are the very same people that make animal rescuing a necessity. They see animals as a nuisance and, sadly, don’t understand the joy animals bring to our lives!

      Poor Rusty! I can only imagine the discomfort he has been in – ouch! I’m so glad the little angel found a great home with you.

  103. Linda Scott says:

    I’m so sorry you had to hear such unkindness…Most of us love your posts, all of them, and I especially love hearing about your furry friends…keep it up. These fur babies are our family.

    1. Barbara Willems says:

      I think that is so horrible to say something like that. They should keep there comments to themselves if they have nothing nice to say. Just to let you know I like to hear what is going on with your pets. I hope everything works out for Rusty. Such a cute dog. Thanks for sharing.

  104. Sara Fridley says:

    I agree with the comment that your posts are like hearing from a friend. You just can’t please some people. Good riddance to those complaining.

  105. Thanks for share about your fur babies and teaching me about quilting. It’s a win win for me. It’s your blog you can keep sharing what want, plus it might help someone else going through something similar. Many of us do care!!!

    1. Barbara Stewart says:

      I absolutely agree! Keep spreading the love to all of us and your fur babies along with the quilting insight.

  106. Some people’s children! I love your blog, and letting us what’s going on. I’m glad that person it unsubscribed. Life is too short!! Prayers out for you and Rusty. Keep doing what you’re doing and that is a great job!!

    1. Thank you for loving Rusty!! Those of us who read your blog know what you are all about. If someone doesn’t want to hear about pets and your family, they can skip those parts. No need to be rude. Keep doing what you’re doing and we’ll keep reading!

  107. Rita Harley says:

    Wow…so sad someone has to be so negative and snippy !
    I only found your blog recently & I already look forward to RUSTY updates ! …& quilt ideas .
    It feels like chatting with you 💕
    Prayers for Rusty …we recently got a dachshund baby …& one of its litter mates had cherry eye 😳

  108. Patti Lawn says:

    I originally found your site and subscribed to learn more about quilting. I have thoroughly enjoyed your stories about your dogs and especially the adoption of Rusty. Who would have thought that a quilting blog would teach me so much about the love and devotion of pet ownership! Thank you!

  109. Vicki in MN says:

    I am sorry you had to get that snooty email! Really like you said just unsubscribe if you don’t like the content! FYI-I think you do a great job of blogging and of course I love your tutorials!
    So scary for Rusty and you guys, I hope things will be all better very soon:)

  110. There are so many unhappy people in this world that just feel the need to complain about something. Let’s all just try to be positive! It is your blog, Connie, you can post whatever you would like and most of us love dogs and all animals!

  111. I don’t have any pets, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy hearing about other people’s pets. You just never know what someone else is going through. Maybe all the Dog Talk just hit her wrong and she just couldn’t help herself. Clearly, this is not about your post, but about whatever pain she is going through in her life.

    So keep posting about quilting and Mickey and Rusty and Bob. I enjoy your posts.

  112. Carol Rea says:

    I am so sorry about the rude comment, some people should just keep their comments to themselves.
    I love reading about your dogs, sometimes I read your blog before the tutorial.

  113. Judith Henry says:

    Hi Connie
    Just to let you know I am Not included in this persons” “most of us”. I enjoy, like others, your patterns and the stories and pictures of your babies. It’s so sad when animals hurt. I have had an eye ulcer myself and it is very painful. Thankyou for all the ideas and patterns you give us. Prayers for all of you. 🙂

  114. Sheila B. says:

    I’m sorry to hear about Rusty, hope this will help him heal. It’s all scary for our little fur babies, since they can’t tell us where they hurt. I have two and recently lost my third dog.
    I enjoy reading about your pets and all that you blog about.

  115. Poor Rusty. He is so lucky to have a family that cares and loves him like you do.

  116. My heart just broke when you said Rusty cried for the first time.
    That happened to me with my former corgi and it just broke my heart.
    I won’t go into details….but just know that I am praying for little Rusty every day.

    Lord Jesus, please heal Rusty’s eyes and let the rest of his life be a true “Dogs Life” full of much joy and love and no pain or suffering. Amen.

  117. You just keep on letting us know anything you want to. I love hearing about your dogs.

  118. Hi Connie,
    It’s funny, most creative people, actually look forward to reading about Mikey and little Rusty just as much as we enjoy looking forward to whatever new item you have created. I think there are prayers going out for Rusty by so many caring people everywhere that read your blog. So sorry the little guy has been in pain but thankful you have wonderful veterinary services to take good care of him. Sending all of you hugs from CA and thank you for sharing your beautiful patterns and tutorials with us.

  119. I love hearing about your dogs, sometimes I read about the dogs before the tutorial! So sorry someone was so rude to you.

  120. Dawn Nelson says:

    OMG! Poor little Rusty. Thank goodness you responded to his issues by calling the vet. He’s been through so much for a little guy. It’s time for him to catch a break. Hopefully now that will happen. Sending healing thoughts and prayers for Rusty to have a speedy recovery.

  121. Sorry to hear about Rusty’s setback but I know in my heart, he’s in good hands with you and your vet. AND, all of us who love to read your blog and hear about Mr. Mickey, Rusty, quilting, and your move(s) is called sharing. One Negative Nelly won’t hurt your audience one bit. Sad that some people can be so cold.

    1. Nancy Bauman says:

      What a jerk, so sorry you had to put up with that. I think you and your husband are wonderful caring and loving these creatures. Love your stories.

    2. I totally agree with you, Vicki. I have never met Connie, but she is a friend and a giving person I would love to meet. Most quilters I know are pet lovers, too, but apparently not all.

  122. Fran Connelly says:

    Dearest Connie, so sorry about poor Rusty. When I saw you email, my heart sank. I am so glad that the could help him and that he is on the road to recovery. I am so glad he has such a loving family. I love you blog and all the free patterns and tutorials. You are a great writer. Don’t let one person spoil your day. God bless you and your whole family. 🙏 take care my friend. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  123. Carolyn Thompson says:

    Hi Connie,
    I’m so sorry Rusty is having such a hard time with his eyes!! My heart aches for him!!!!
    I’m so grateful you got to be his “furever” home!! You care so much and I know he’s in great hands with you and your husband!!
    In regards to the one blogger………..I say “Grrrrrrrrrrrrr”!!!(This is from Rusty)…LOL!!
    I would also say, “Lady or Sir, Not my problem. ……sure sounds like you have a
    personal problem!!
    I love your blog Connie!!

  124. Rachelle Ressler says:

    Thank you so much for your blog! I enjoy reading of your day, adventures, your sweet Rusty and his “sibling”…. it does feel like friends! I live in the country, no close neighbors , so it’s fun to have your blog to feel like neighbors visiting! Ignore the squeaky wheels! They can just roll on by!!! ( & the quilting info, patterns, etc… are fantastic!) Have a great day & hope Rusty feels better very soon! 💕

  125. I feel sorry for the blog reader who had the meltdown. I assume they behave similarly to those around them. Likely they have no friends, and feel like a victim because they are clueless about friendships being a give/take relationship. They must live a bitter and unhappy life. But at least they like quilting!!!

    As for me, I’ve become quite interested in little Rusty, the sweetest dog on earth. Thank you for sharing about him, and about your own life.

  126. Donna Adams says:

    I am praying for dear Rusty. Dogs are so loving and forgiving. It breaks my heart that he has to have these medical treatments; I don’t think they understand. I do know that Rusty is revelling in your love and your loving home. Thank God there are kind people like you to keep him loved and comfortable. God bless you!

    1. I am so sorry that you and your family have to go through this difficult time. I am praying for God to give you strength and to heal Rusty.

  127. Praying for a positive outcome for Rusty. What a trooper he has been through all of this and how fortunate he is to have such a compassionate person taking care of him. If someone does not want to read about a poor dog’s trials, then don’t read about it. No need to be so cruel.

  128. Quilters are people with lives and I love to know about that. We love our Maggie to pieces and it makes me happy to know that your furry friends are so loved and well cared for. They won’t make us better quilters, but they make us better people

  129. I’m so sorry to hear of Rusty’s complications from his surgery. He’s such a plucky little dog ,and for sure he’s going to thrive after he gets thru the “cone period”. Thank goodness for you and Bob as loving and observant Pet Parents, as well as quilters (and quilter assistant). I love your blog, not just for the patterns and tutorials, but for the family insights and glances of your wonderful home, studio and especially pets!! That nasty person who wrote that nasty comment did not have to give her name . That is how they get away with saying nasty things. Hiding behind the cloak of invisibility.

  130. I am a quilter, but I am also a pet lover. I love hearing about your pets and pray that all goes well with little Rusty. He’s had a rough start, but you are so generous to love and take care of him. Thank you for that.

  131. In my opinion this is your blog and you are entitled to write anything you like. To hear about the goings on in your life is really interesting and makes for a personal relationship with your subscribers. In many cases, I imagine, that is why some people read your blog. It’s a friendship. And I like to know how poor little Rusty is faring as well. I know he has a very loving home with his new family. I hope he is soon well and bouncing around with Mickey.
    You don’t need a nasty comment or this type of person in your circle of friends.
    Thankyou for sharing some of your life and your expertise with all of us. :))

  132. Some people just always love to complain about anything and everything! So glad Rusty doing better. The thing of it is is that they have a choice whether they read the article or not by clicking on it and like I said, they just love to complain and I love reading about Rusty, and the fact that you took him in that’s very honorable.

  133. Deborah Rhodes says:

    Just in past few days I remember thinking to myself. That my favorite blogs are the ones that include something about their home life. Since covid I am watching my 2 year old great granddaughter daily so .I am not getting out with friends or to quilt events as much as I would like. Blogs like yours keep me involved with others. We lost our golden retriever in 2018 and our toy poodle in 2019 both were 17 when they passed. My heart isn’t ready for another dog so hearing about others pets keeps my love of dogs alive. Thanks so much.

  134. Your blog with updates about Micky and Rusty absolutely make my day. As an immune compromised person over 70, I spend most of my time alone—so I feel like I’m hearing from a friend. I really do appreciate everything you write about and always love your personal updates. I was actually born in Iowa, so your moves around the state are very interesting, too. Thanks, Connie.

  135. Connie,
    Most of us “find” you through quilting but I think the majority stay for the stories of everyday life. It’s nice to find others “out there” that we connect with and have similar interests and life experiences. I love hearing about your moves and your love for those precious pups in addition to the quilting:) Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  136. Dorothy Clear says:

    From just the positive comments you are receiving showing that so many of us want you to continue to write about your two dogs who give you so much happiness. Praying that Rusty improves and also your husband’s knee. Love your website–pets and quilting!

    1. Me too..Love this site..just love your dog stories 🐶❤️🐶

  137. Peggy Wichmann says:

    Poor puppy. I know it if frustrating when we don’t know what is wrong with our pups.
    I had to take one of my pups in today as he was not feeling well. He wouldn’t eat and just sat off by himself. He is such a food hound and it is not like him not to want to eat.
    He will be ok, just a stomach bug.
    I hope Rusty is feeling better and you get him home soon.
    Peggy Wichmann

    ps: I am originally from Waterloo, but have lived in Minnesota for the last 47 years.

  138. Oh, Connie.. Love your patterns/tutorials, your fur babies, and your family life stories. They make us feel like friends/neighbors even though we may live hundreds of miles away. I look forward to seeing them in my e-mail box.
    One of my fur babies is having problems right now; so, I know and understand what you are going through.
    Don’t understand people?!? That person, who sent that e-mail, gets FREE patterns and tutorials every time you post!!! She doesn’t have to read your family info. Yes, she can unsubscribe, but look what all she’ll be missing!!!
    Take good care of yourself, Bob, and your fur babies.

  139. I too enjoy reading your blog posts about all of your life. Poor little Rusty! I do pray he will recover and be much better after all of this. I get tired of the blog posts that are supposed to be about quilting or cooking or family times but are all about cross-stitching. I don’t do that and never will so how you select thread, fabric, patterns is of no interest to me. I have unsubscribed to some of these. They should just go to a cross-stitching site and not pretend they do quilting. It wastes my time. Keep up your posts. And God bless little Rusty! You too!

  140. Connie, sometimes we have to remember that hurting people sometimes have to hurt to feel better. You just keep doing what you do. you are doing a great job. I started following you because of Rusty (and Jo), I follow Jo’s blog and now yours because you guys talk about all aspects of your journeys. When people like that pop up just pray for them and keep moving forward.

  141. Please, keep writing your posts as you always have. I love knowing about your pets, your husband and your family as well as the quilting projects.

    I hope Rusty is well very soon.

  142. Some people have no empathy or compassion and especially no patience, how sad for them.
    Poor Rusty, so glad he has loving “parents” to coddle and comfort him through this long painful ordeal, plus Mr. Mickey to stay by his side too.
    Praying he’s on the mend and that his eyes and the ulcers heal quickly and he’ll be back to enjoying his new family.
    Praying Peace for you and your husband as Rusty recovers and you do too.

  143. Faye Tronsgard says:

    Connie I look forward to your posts and especially to hear how Rusty is doing. Brush the rude comments out of your mind and know that there are so many of us who love hearing the personal side to your blog. Have a beautiful day and praying for a rapid recovery for Rusty.

  144. So sorry you had a rude comment – somehow or other in today’s world, some people feel free to spout mean and hurtful nonsense on blog posts. They never would do that in a group setting (not internet group, but live groups). Again, so sorry you received such a rude note.

  145. Sheryl Harrison says:

    I am a new follower and found your blog because I follow Jo and wanted to keep up on Rusty. I love Jo’s blog, Mary’s (from country threads) blog, Bonnie Hunter’s blog…and your blog. Quilting bloggers who share stories about their dogs/cats, etc. are my favorites and I read every word instead of skimming. Keep writing about and posting pictures of your dogs for their fans!

  146. Good riddance to the lady who unsubscribed! I love your blog, do not change a thing. I would suggest that those of us who follow you do because we love your compassion for animals and your passion for quilting both of which you share so openly with us. Hugs to you, Builder Bob, and your precious Mr. Mickey and Rusty.🥰 🇨🇦

  147. Connie, I’m happy to hear about your dogs and your life so do keep including that kind of information. We don’t have any pets just now, and I really miss those furry little friends.

  148. Leslie Schofield says:

    I love having updates on Rusty. In fact I had been wondering about him. Yes I know this is a quilting site but I love getting to know you a bit thru it. I admire your care and love of animals. I kinda wonder if the person who is protesting has ever had a pet. I check your email every day and enjoy reading it and the quilting ideas.

  149. Poor sweet Rusty! I am so glad he is with your family, and gets the care he needs. He has had a rough time, but he knows he is loved. He will get better now. One of the reasons I was initially drawn to your blog was I could tell you were also an animal lover. Your generous nature was also attractive. I actually am not enamored with piecing, I prefer machine applique, but your blog was so friendly I stayed. I like getting to know you and your family (sweet puppies included). To the nasty person that sent an ugly comment, good riddance! Fortunately, I believe there are many more nice people out there than rude ones! Obviously, if you have 16,000 people following your blog — you are doing something right. Keep up the good blogs, and keep us updated on this sweet babies, please. And, I hope builder Bob improves.

  150. Jane Knoll-Tenney says:

    Oh, Connie, I am so sorry to hear that someone was so very rude to you with their comment. You are absolutely right in that if someone doesn’t like what’s in a newsletter…just unsubscribe. Please don’t let that one person stop you from writing and sharing your wonderful life of words, thoughts, and quilts. As soon as I saw your subject title that Rusty was back in the hospital I immediately read your newsletter above any other email. We care! Poor Rusty…he’s been through so much. Prayers that your little guy gets better quickly. How fortunate that he found your loving heart. God bless you and your husband!

  151. June Alton says:

    I love to hear about your cute dogs. It makes a post seem so much more personal. I hope Rusty feels better real soon. Keep up the great work.

  152. I love to hear about your cute dogs. It makes a post seem so much more personal. I hope Rusty feels better real soon. Keep up the great work.

  153. Thanks for sharing Rusty’s journey with us. It’s so difficult when our “fur babies” aren’t feeling well. You’re doing a wonderful job taking care of him. I’ll keep you, Bob, Rusty and Mr. Mickey in my prayers. My very best to all of you. As for the angry emailer, I’ll be praying for her also. Seems like she could use it. May God soften her heart towards others.

  154. Just finished your blog. that is while kitycat my male black with a tail tries to move thing on my pc table, tink is sleeping in a quilt on the couch, she is my female black with no tail who has,t noticed willow female, for a hissy fit time. keep up the blog and good luck

  155. Christina Thomas says:

    I am sorry that person needed to vent before unsubscribing. Wow! So sorry for poor Rusty. I have 2 dogs myself, one with chronic issues, and it weighs on us, doesn’t it? They are family members. Hope little buddy’s eyes heal soon.

  156. personally I love hearing about your dogs so who ever was rude to you about the dogs need to get a life.so please keep us all in the lope about. Poor Rusty has been threw hell and back Bless his heart. I wish you all the best of luck. betty

    1. I’m right there with you. I enjoy hearing about the other family members. Boo, hiss to the curmudgeon

  157. Like you said, if they don’t like your blog, they can just unsubscribe.
    We had a rescue dog. Got to love him for nearly 10 years. Adopted him from CARE. The previous owners were going to shoot him! My oldest said that our dog lived so long was because he was loved (17 years old). That’s what they need most is to be loved. A few years ago a cat wondered into our back yard and refused to leave. We know her age because she is micro chipped. The Vet tried contacting the owners but no luck. If we turned her in, the waiting time was only 5 days then they would put her down. She turns 13 soon. Still a little lady.

  158. Roxy Sherburne says:

    Dear Connie, Our pets are like family to us and it is important we take care of them first and foremost – our family! Don’t let anyone tell you different, and yes, you have a “Super Fantastic” blog and website! The person unsubscribing is going to miss out and does not understand how important our fur babies are to us. They require lots of tender loving care. It takes a lot of time to care for our families. We all love quilting, but there are priorities. I was finally able to get in a couple of hours yesterday after not doing any quilting for almost 2 weeks. I’m working on my Ribbon Candy quilt in Merry and Bright fabric by Me and My Sisters. Oh, well, it will be finished for Christmas in 2023. My thoughts and prayers go out to you, Rusty, Mr. Mickey, and Builder Bob. I hope Bob’s knee gets better.
    Roxy in Hudson, WI

  159. Your emails are like getting news from a friend. Keep it up.

  160. Doreen Sherk says:

    Oh no, I was reading the other comments and can’t believe someone wrote you a nasty message. If they have been following you they would have known how important your fur babies are.

  161. For myself personally, I like dogs as much as quilting so look forward to the updates. There is a lot of quilting content out there, it’s the slice of life posts that keep me coming back. Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself with us.

  162. Mildred E. Bishop says:

    I like reading your blog and I don’t have a fur baby!

  163. Do not pay any attention to that one nasty comment..she probably has never had a pet who loves unconditionally..I love to hear news about your dogs..it makes my heart sing to know how much they are loved. I also have a little fog who follows me around wherever I go and loves to be in the sewing room with me. Please continue with your news about Rusty..this lady wants to know how he is doing!

  164. Charlene Horwood says:

    I am so sorry you received that email complaining about when you talk about the dogs. You are sharing your life with your subscribers and that makes you human. I appreciate that. If you are going to say something mean better to say nothing at all. I, for one, like hearing about the dogs. I have a 14 year old dog who is healthy, which I am thankful for, but he is slowing down and getting deaf so I understand some of the issues you are dealing with. Hope Rusty recovers well. I am rooting for him. ❤️❤️

  165. I have just started following you and I look every time to see how the dogs are and your move. Please keep this up. I can always read a quilt magazine that is impersonal.

  166. Thank you for the Rusty update. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers. He has had such a hard life and deserves better. Rusty is so lucky that you brought him into your home. You are a blessing!

  167. Please keep posting about Mickey and Rusty. Although some people aren’t concerned about animals — a lot of us are. They have many different sites for quilting only and we get to choose which ones we want to look at. So good luck to the person who has such an attitude. Your site is unique in the way you share personal information. Thanks for all you do.

  168. Doreen Sherk says:

    Oh dear, the poor little guy, hope he quickly mends this time. I feel so sad for him.

  169. good riddance! I enjoy your writings-quilting and otherwise.


  170. Marge Gray says:

    It takes all kind of people but that took the cake!! I am so sorry you received such a hateful message, you did not need that at this time or any other time. My heart breaks when I read all about Rusty has been going through lately, I bet the stitch HURT BIG time sticking into his eyeball, poor baby, thank God you have a great vet to be on top of it all and took care immediately. Our weather here has been up and down and I am taking a head cold ugh from 30’s to 70’s (thank goodness no snow) Thinking about you all. Love Marge in cool FLA

  171. Janeen Smith says:

    So glad Rusty has you for his “hooman.” I am sorry for the mean spirited people that want to be bitter Bettys. I enjoy your posts about life and your quilting. Never quit what you are called to do. Praying for Rusty’s complete recovery and settling back in at home. What is important to you is also important to the Lord. If he cares about the little sparrow that falls to the ground, He cares about Rusty and you too! 🙂

    1. Susan Dysinger says:

      I love reading about Rusty and Mickey. Don’t let one bad Apple ruin your day!

  172. If some people are leaving nasty comments – that just says something about their character! I am so glad to hear about Rusty. I always look forward to hear how he is doing along with your other dog and your family. Keep up the good work, and just ignore the ignorant people who thrive on making someone else miserable. Also, keep up the good work of your tutorials.

  173. Love all your comments – about quilting, dogs, redecorating, building, whatever. Don’t stop!!!!

    And I like your patterns, too – just don’t have the time do do all of them.

  174. Kathy Whetstine says:

    OMG, you just cannot believe that someone can be like that! Can you unsubscribe them first? I look forward to your updates as I wish I could be there and baby Rusty myself! Please don’t stop, the rest of us really want to know.❤❤❤

  175. I’m so sorry you had to receive that awful email. Some people are so unkind. God bless you and Bob for your kind hearts. People who are kind to animals are also kind to people, and people who are unkind to people are often unkind to animals. What goes around comes around.

  176. Thank goodness the person unsubscribed……
    I/we are dog lovers and know what you are going through. You do not need people like that on your site, you are kind to share your patterns and help with us and I thank you for that. Prayers for all..

    My email is one of our dogs . I was nervous when I first ventured into the internet and chose Sassy’s name. (she didn’t mind) Now she has gone but lives on in my email addy.

  177. Jan from NE IA says:

    Hello, Connie! I am so glad you write about your home life a bit, especially the dogs, besides the quilting end of things. You just keep on being you! Prayers for Rusty to heal and bless you all!

  178. Helen Bowie says:

    So Glad Rusty is recovering ok. Very scary indeed. So sorry to hear about that rude statement, imagine, nice to see how others get along in life, with their pets, etc. Like you said, they can always unsubscribe. Thanks for sharing your news. I look forward to reading your news! Take care.

  179. How awful for that person to have said that. I love hearing about your life not just quilting. Prayers lifted for Rusty. You are great dog parents. Please ignore that person. She only speaks for herself & I myself wouldn’t want her on my blog.

  180. Suzy Alexander says:

    Prayers for little Rusty …..hope he is feeling better than ever very soon. Also Thank you for sharing his hardship with us. That is what caring human beings do. So sorry you had to have such a negative comment from another person. We love you and just continue being who you are!
    Suzy Alexander

    1. Some people make life harder than it needs to be. Ignore the comment, you have enough to deal with. I actually look for Rusty updates in my email to read first. I do hope you and your husband and the little ones get through this soon. Take care.

  181. Poor doggie. Hope this will be the end of his health issues! <3
    Don't mind the haters, nobody is forcing them to read. I love your patterns and tutorials. Thank you for sharing so many of them free of charge!

  182. OH Connie, I have been a subscriber of your for years and the reason I HAVE STAYED,, IS BECAUSE OF THE ARTICLES, THE PHOTOS OF YOUR DOGS ON/WITH THE QUILTS…. so let’s just let the grouchy animal dislike-rs leave……. good riddance. They probably are terrible quilters anyway. ]
    EQ a life time animal lover……

  183. I can’t believe someone would write such a horrible note.
    I am sorry you are having issues with Rusty, it’s so hard when your dog is suffering.
    Been there, done that, it’s not easy.
    The best to all of you. I hope Bob’s knee is feeling better.

  184. Betsy Box says:

    All the quilters I know are compassionate and caring folks. The woman who complained just shouldn’t be a quilter!

    1. Donna Adams says:

      I bet the seams on her quilts don’t match! LOL !

      1. Carol Rea says:

        🤪. I am afraid I loved this comment