Elk Lodge Island Batik Collection Blog Hop

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Quilt made with Elk Lodge batik fabrics

Welcome to the Island Batik Getaway Blog Hop!

Island Batik Getaway blog hop

This is the last Blog Hop for the 2018 Island Batik Ambassadors, we have had a wonderful year and shared many beautiful quilt projects with you. I hope you have enjoyed them.

Look forward to seeing many new quilt projects year using Island Batiks beautiful fabrics as I continue as an ambassador in 2019.

The beautiful collection I am sharing today is the Elk Lodge collection. This collection makes me think of a cabin in the woods and would make the perfect quilt for a hunter or someone who loves wildlife.

Elk Lodge batik fabricsWhen we receive a full collection like this, we make a small Sales Representative sample that will end up being donated as a kennel mat. Here is my Elk Lodge collection sample that I made last August and sent to Island Batik.
Elk Lodge batik fabrics dog kennel mat

I had an idea for a quilt and pulled out all of the batiks in the collection and then chose the ones that I thought would work well in my quilt.

Elk Lodge batik fabrics

I started making blocks and sometimes you don’t realize something doesn’t work until you actually step back and really look at it. Many times I take a photo and then I’ll notice something like this. Look at how the bright orange just pops and seems to be the focus fabric. Not what I wanted!

Elk Lodge batik fabrics for quilt blocks

I only had a few squares that I had to tear apart and then I picked another fabric to use. Can you see the difference? Same fabrics but much more subdued colors which was the look I was going for.

Elk Lodge batik fabrics for quilt blocks without orange batik

Here is the final beautiful quilt made with the Elk Lodge batik collection!

Quilt made with Elk Lodge batik fabrics

A closeup of the fabrics for you! I used Aurifil thread for all of my piecing and quilting. For the quilting I used the Light Chestnut Aurifil thread. The batting was from Hobbs and is the Heirloom Natural Cotton Batting.

Quilt made with Elk Lodge batik fabrics

I had hoped to have the pattern written for this quilt but it didn’t happen. Hopefully I’ll be able to work on it soon.

I did write another quilt pattern that uses the Elk Lodge collection called Crystal Swirls. This quilt pattern is available in my new quilt shop! This is a new shop I just setup, if you check it out you’ll also find a coupon code you can use for a discount!

Crystal Swirls quilt pattern made with Elk Lodge batiks

Here is the complete list of quilters taking part in the Island Batik Blog Hop. Today be sure and visit Anna Branch Ark Angel Creations who is also sharing a quilt project made with the Elk Lodge collection.

Island Batik also has a giveaway for 20 fat quarters, – be sure to enter on Island Batik’s blog.

Many of the other ambassadors will have giveaways so be sure and visit all of them on the day they share their quilt projects.

Elk Lodge fabric batiks for giveaway

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  1. Beautiful. Love the placement of all the different fabrics. You got them all to play together wonderfully.
    Both quilts are gorgeous.

  2. Your quilt is just beautiful! I love the colors! I love the Island Batik Fabrics, and your design shows them off really nicely. That is definitely a quilt I would enjoy wrapping up in while reading a good book on a cold winter’s day. Well done!

  3. Great quilt, with a great collection. I have lots of guys in my family who would enjoy this.
    Thanks for sharing, I always enjoy your designs.


  5. Beautiful quilt love the rich colors.
    I always enjoy your blog and still think pelican ( pelly)whenever is see a post

  6. What a gorgeous line. I know a certain guy that would love a quilt with these rich colors.

  7. Linda Dennis says:

    I love the batiks used in your quilt. The pairing of the two turned out to be a lovely quilt. Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. Joyce Koeppl says:

    Beautiful fabric!

  9. Helen Bowie says:

    I love those rich deep hues.

  10. Love the fabric line!

  11. I always like the way quilts look when Batiks are used.

  12. Kay Statom says:

    It is wonderful for you to share these beautiful fabrics. Thank you for sharing

  13. Batiks are my jam, and I would love to put some of your leftovers into a quilt for my littlest grandson. He loves those colors!

  14. Elena Gelletly says:

    Great use of the batiks you received. Your Crystal Swirls pattern is lovely with the batiks, too! Thank you for sharing these with us!

  15. I’m a collector of batiks – love them – and just waiting for the right pattern to show them off. Thanks for your suggestions and this beautiful fabric.

  16. Marlene Capelle says:

    The final quilt is sunning. One of these belongs in my cabin.

  17. Sheryl Sherman says:

    Love the Elk Lodge collection and options to use this fabric to make a quilt for my California Mountain home. Thanks for sharing all your creative ideas. Also loved your photos of a snowy view of quilts. I just left Iowa yesterday and was happy to escape the cold for my warm California. . Keep warm!!!

  18. Cheri Searles says:

    Gorgeous batiks! Thank you for the giveaway.

  19. Very much enjoying all your ideas which encourage me to dig in and TRY some new ideas.e colors are types I really enjoy and having just moved from the country after 50 plus years, sort of miss seeing the deer [ not elk] frequently in the yard and fields {after harvest of course}. Thanks for all you give us.

  20. I’m really enjoying this whole blog hop. They are all so gorgeous!

  21. Love these fabrics. I have Labrador Retrievers and each year a group of us design and make a quilt over the internet that we donate to a rescue organization (LABMED) to raffle. I also make table runners or small wall hangings to donate to a raffle at our local dog show. These fabrics would be great to use.

  22. I love your choice of fabric colors. Beautiful quilt. I am just going to start a jelly roll race quilt using batiks. Glad I found your site. Thank you.

  23. Sharon MacBride says:

    I am so happy to have found you. Love all your emails and pictures.

  24. Sheree A. says:

    Beautiful fabrics and quilt

  25. Becky Banet says:

    I love your quilt and you were right about the orange. It just wasn’t gonna do. I love the outdoorsy fabric, too.

  26. This blog hop is a new experience for me. Loving it! I love learning so many new things and meeting so many new friends and instructors. Thank you!

  27. Rosanne Little says:

    I love the batiks that you chose for your quilt and love the quilt. The orange was too much for it.

  28. Gorgeous quilt! You had some beautiful fabric to play with but you’re right, that orange just didn’t work for this quilt.

  29. Really glorious fabrics with such rich colours Connie. You were so right about leaving out the orange. Crystal Swirls is terrific too.

  30. Love, love, love the colors and the quilt. My husband liked it too.

  31. Janet Nykiel says:

    Love your fabric choices! Love the fabric!

  32. Deborah Herold says:

    I’m not a hunter, nor do we have a cabin , but we live in the country. We have lots of friends who do hunt and have leases elsewhere. One particular friend in her 80’s is an avid hunter and I could see making her a quilt from these fabrics. She would appreciate it on those cold winter days when a “blue norther” hits without adequate warning. They are no fun to be caught outside without warm comforts!

  33. Cheryl L Buchanan says:

    I love the elk materials. I work for the Town of Banner Elk and woul dlove to have the left overs to make something reminiscent of my time here!

  34. I love the quilt, love batiks.

  35. Linda Cejnar says:

    Thank you for sharing your scraps with us. You’re right, that orange fabric was really distracting from the overall color of the quilt!

  36. Janine A. says:

    Connie, These fabrics are gorgeous!

  37. LuAnne Roberts says:

    I’m new at commenting. Your quilt is perfect. I also would have changed the orange. Someone lucky will really enjoy it.

  38. Hi Connie! I really like your final fabric selection for the quilt. Its lovely fabric and I can definitely see it incorporated in my Montana themed quilt projects. Have a great week!

  39. Patt clancy says:

    Love love love! Orange is my favorite color Nd actually use in almost everything but, good choice on that change. Thank you for your inspiration.

  40. Shawn Geist says:

    This Elk Lodge fabric is just what I have been looking for to make a house warming quilt for my son’s new house which he is currently remodeling. Good choice replacing the orange fabric. I just did some deep cleaning of my studio and came across many scraps and am thrilled at your suggestion for the kennel quilts. Now off to purchase your beautiful Crystal Swirls pattern.

  41. Gill Moore says:

    gorgeous quilt, love it!

  42. I REALLY like that Elk Lodge quilt. It is so perfect for a man. Thank you for the chance to win your leftovers. That orange is perfect for a U of Tennessee fan! LOL

  43. Geri VanVliet says:

    This fabric collection is so warm and cozy. It reminds me of time spent outside on family vacations. Just lovely

  44. Anne-Marie says:

    I love the look of your quilt. Thank you for sharing the preview with the orange fabric. Wow, what a change. As a person who can only “see” what I can “see” that was very helpful and encouraging to know that even the experts sometimes need an actual visual.
    Good luck with your move. I don’t envy you.

  45. Deborah Browning says:

    Your quilt is lovely, it works very well with the fabric. Thank you for sharing your process so we could see the change after you switched out the orange fabric. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

  46. Rita Prock says:

    Love the Island batiks fabric. I have a nephew who would love this fabric made into a quilt to display in his hunters
    Retreat studio . He live in southern iowa enjoys wild life. Great arrangement of colors. Thanks for sharing!

  47. Mary Lou p. says:

    Great fabrics for the men in my life (hubby & 4 boys). You quilt looks great!

  48. Colleen Murray says:

    Great quilt – I love the simple lines and uncluttered feel of it. And the idea of taking a photo as you work – genius! I’m going start doing that!

  49. I love the fabric line and you’ve inspired me to make some kennel mats out of my scraps. There are so many shelters and rescue groups that can sure use them. Thanks for all your ideas and inspiration!

  50. Mary Ann Tavares says:

    I love Batik fabrics! So easy to work with and the ones in this set are so pretty! Thank you for your patterns and advice!

  51. Great quilt from some great fabric.

  52. Catherine Berkley says:

    Such pretty fabric. I would love to win them!

  53. Esther Daugherty says:

    I would love to take your leftovers and I love your quilt

  54. Sue Vilsack says:

    Beautiful quilt as always! Thank you for the chance at the giveaway.

  55. Love the simplicity of the pattern and the masculine color way. I have just the man in mind for this wonderful project. Thanks for sharing

  56. You make this look so easy! Looking forward to working with this collection, it is wonderful.

  57. you really let the beautiful fabrics shine!!!

  58. MJ Tichich says:

    Love the quilt! Batiks always talk to me, I think because the patterns are so organic. I appreciated you lesson on colors that just don’t “fit” with what you are doing.

  59. Lucy Clabaugh says:

    I love the look of batiks fabrics. I am new to quilting, but my goal this year is to make at least one batiks quilt .

  60. Mickey Louth says:

    You have such a creative eye! Would love your batik scrap/leftovers 🙂 My next batik project is a bed runner for my room…..waiting for hubby to paint it so I can pick out colors….I’m thinking golds, rusts,red.

  61. Love how your quilt turned out! It’s beautiful!

  62. Great for the men in our lives.

  63. Sheila Ivany says:

    Surprising how change of one colour can make, great choice for replacement. I have my brother who would appreciate a quilt with these fabrics. Thanks for the chance to win. Happy Quilting 🙂.

  64. Your quilt looks very nice! I like the final fabric selection.

  65. Jody Mason says:

    I know a family member who would love a quilt made from this collection! Just beautiful!!

  66. Maureen Fry says:

    These are beautiful fabrics, looking forward to using them in future projects.

  67. I would love to use the fabric to make a kennel mat for my niece’s dog. It is beautiful fabric that you used to make a beautiful quilt.

  68. Janie Jones says:

    This line is gorgeous. I don’t usually sew with batiks and this makes me change my mind.

  69. DANA OLNESS says:

    Love this fabric collection. My family lives in Wyoming, so this would be perfect to make a quilt out of for them.

  70. Chris Smith says:

    Connie I love the Crystal Swirls quilt, I favor the earth-tone colors! I also like the Elk Lodge collection quilt, the fabrics you show would be a perfect addition to the Northwoods Medley you designed and I now have! Thank you for sharing, I so enjoy creating from your ideas and tutorials.

  71. Stephanie Woodward says:

    Wonderful fabrics, and I know just the guy who would love them made up. As a matter of fact, more than one guy would be very happy with these.

  72. Nice quilt and fabrics.

  73. nicole breau-mathieu says:

    Wow. Love the fabrics used in this quilt. Would love to get the full pattern. Thanks for adding me to your library . Nicole

  74. Cheryl D Schalk says:

    Perfect colors and pattern for a country girl! I’m adding it to the top of my project list!

  75. Susan MacLeod says:

    What a beautiful fabric collection. Love your quilt!

  76. Beautiful. Would love to quilt with these fabrics.

  77. Lynda Morrissette says:

    Wow that is beautiful fabric That would be perfect for my boys. Thanks so much for your sharing.

  78. Beautiful quilt. Would be perfect for one of my guys.

  79. Louise Young says:

    Wonderful fabrics! They give me the warm and fuzzies on a cold day here in Canada!

  80. CAROL S NELMS says:

    Thanks for the great price on Crystal Swirls, done! I often forget to check my quilt top with a quick photo, last quilt I finished I had a block turned the wrong way and didn’t catch it.

  81. Bonnie Larson says:

    I love the colours in your quilt – so bold and rich. Thanks for the opportunity to win your draw.

  82. Robert Kent says:

    Beautiful quilt and fabric. Glad you left the orange out, just did not fit into the look you were looking for. Thanks- Robert, from northern Iowa.

  83. Carol San Diego says:

    Such beautiful fabrics! Perfect for a man quilt!

  84. Sharon Aurora says:

    This is a wonderful collection. You were right about the orange. It just didn’t fit in. The updated version looks much better.

  85. I love the fabrics that you made your quilt with.

  86. Gorgeous, Connie! And I really love your Crystal Swirls pattern with this fabric! Great job, as always!

  87. ali from alabama says:

    Gorgeous quilts – love the kennelquilt idea!

  88. Dottie Bishaw says:

    Love your quilt, beautiful rich colors.

  89. Connie, I didn’t realize that, about the kennel quilts. I think it’s wonderful that Island Batiks has created that policy–think of all the comfort they’ve brought! As a devoted kennel-quilt maker, this just endears IB to me even more and makes me determined to choose their batiks every time.

    We get so many elk on our property, as they know it’s a place that is safe from hunters. It’s lovely to watch them, and such fun to see the babies frolic, knowing how big and staid and dignified they’ll eventually be. This collection of fabric would be a great choice for me to make a quilt with and would delight my sweetheart, who often calls me out into the dark, cold, rainy or snowy night to see what the elk are up to. Thanks for showing so many pictures of this pretty group!

  90. I really love your quilt. It is warm and inviting. Thank you for including the picture of the first fabric choices… it is good to know that all of us quilters sometimes have to make changes! You have a good eye for color to spot that the orange just wasn’t quite right for your vision.

  91. Both quilts with the collection are lovely! Thanks for the giveaway

  92. Barbara Colvin says:

    I love this collection!! Perfect for the hunter’s in my life. Crystal Swirls is a great pattern, too!

  93. Dianne M Cook says:

    I love all the colours in this fabric package. I agree it certainly is woodsy. Love your patterns Thank you for all your free Wonderful colours and patterns

  94. Dianne M Cook says:

    I love all the colours in this fabric package. I agree it certainly is woodsy. Love your patterns Thank you for all your free ones

  95. Diantha Howard says:

    This is a great collection. I have been looking for something to make a quilt for my niece and her family who live in the woods and are hunters. This would be great for that! I like the quilt you made too.

  96. I love the colors in this quilt. It is beautiful. I’m also admiring your ladder against the “brick” wall. 🙂

  97. Your quilt is awesome! I agree about the orange fabric. Thanks!

  98. Love your quilt. Beautiful fabrics!

  99. Nicole Sender says:

    Your Crystal Swirls quilt is terrific! Love the elk lodge collection batik fabric!

  100. I love that fabric collection, it really made an attractive quilt!!

  101. Kathelen McCormick says:

    Nice to see the difference with the bright fabric and its replacement. Its another lovely quilt as is the other one you did in the line. I really love that pine tree fabric.. (no entry please)

  102. The quilt is so lovely. Thank you so much for sharing the ‘outtake’ with the orange fabric. I’m always looking for good ideas and I have a few quilts that I have thought of making, but haven’t quite gotten to them yet and I was afraid of not being able to use some of the collections in my quilts. You have helped me give myself permission to audition and photograph and step back and re-work to follow my creative genius. Enjoy!!!

  103. Diane Steiger says:

    WOW the Batiks are fantastic !!!!! Would love to make quilt with them .

  104. I love how you used this fabric. It highlights the beauty if the fabric.

  105. Donna Cutting says:

    Those batiks are so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  106. Carla Hundley says:

    Fabulous look to your
    quilt, love the fabric.
    Carla from Utah

  107. Another beautiful quilt Connie! I’m so glad that you are going to be an ambassador again. I love seeing all your creations on your blog and on Facebook. Thanks for sharing this!

  108. Haven’t found the fabrics in my area but I’ll keep looking. Have several projects they would add to…

  109. I love the quilt you created. With 2 hunters in my family this collection would be perfect to use with my next quilt project. I am going to need to get my hands on this fabric collection. Looks like there will be making a purchase very soon!

  110. Great quilts! I really like the fabrics.

  111. Lisa Marie says:

    Although the orange fabric is gorgeous I agree that swapping it out was the right call. At least you realized it before the top was all sewn up. The quilt turned out really beautiful!

  112. Barbara woods says:

    Made a lot cabin quilt

  113. Annabrown says:

    Ohhh yaaa I si love will life fabrics and your quilt is so pretty …..tytyty for sharing your talents with us…. happyness04431@yahoo.com

  114. Lovely! I like both these quilts; the elk as the border in the second one is really nice.

  115. Lovely quilt. I think you made the right choice replacing the orange. Thanks

  116. Love this quilt! These Fabrics are beautiful!

  117. Nice design. And what a great fabric line that reads more masculine than feminine.. so much of what I am drawn to is more feminine in. nature and as I have a family full of men, I am always looking for designs/fabric lines like this. Thanks for sharing!

  118. Nice Quilt! Batiks are so pretty.

  119. Billie Shannon says:

    I love the collection and your quilt. I’m an avid batik fan, especially the batiks with nature focus.

  120. Oh Connie I LOVE the Crystal Swirls quilt, well both are beautiful. The Elk Lodge fabric is definitely my colors.

  121. I enjoy your tutorials, thank you for posting them.

  122. Quilting Tangent says:

    Pretty wilderness quilt.

  123. Lovely fabrics, the animal ones do look familiar. Thanks for doing this!

  124. lynn bourgeois says:

    This collection has a very nice feel about it. I think the recipient of your quilt will be quite satisfied

  125. It’s beautiful! Thank you for sharing before and after pics when you replaced the bright orange fabric. Color placement is hard to explain but you know when you’ve got it right.

  126. Love those fabrics! You made good use of them.

  127. Kathy Gentry says:

    I have not used Island Batik fabrics but love these!

  128. Aggeliki xatzivariti says:

    So wonderful fabrics!!!! I love to create something for my son!!!! Thank you so much!!!!❤

  129. Debbie Rhodes says:

    I have use island batik and love it.

  130. Mabel Willmon says:

    Wonderful fabric. Great final quilt design. Orange was too much.

  131. Lovely fabrics. Looking forward to the pattern

  132. That’s a lovely quilt. And I love how you explained your choice of colours.

  133. I like the batiks used in your quilt and the design. I’ll check out your pattern page, too. Love the print with moose.

  134. Michele T says:

    The final quilt looks amazing…you made a good decision to swap out somefabrics!

  135. I love your quilt! and these fabrics are extraordinary! so different color scheme than what I am used to!

  136. Love these fabrics! Your quilt looks great in them.

  137. I love these fabrics!

  138. Elk Lodge Island Batik fabrics are perfect for the men who are always difficult to gift to. Your quilt is stunning and I see why you step back and review your blocks. The orange definitely overpowered the other colors. I love the Kennel mats that Island Batik ambassadors make from their new fabric collections. I would make Kennel mats also.

  139. Patricia Evans says:

    Such a good man quilt. And I like the Crystal Swirls quilt, too. Looking forward to your new year as an ambassador. You always have such great ideas.

  140. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Connie, This quilt is perfect for anyone who loves nature or hunting! I like the method you use to see if everything is placed right. I will be using this method and see how it works for me! Thank you for sharing! The quilt turned out so beautifully in such a “manly” way! Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic day! I almost forgot, Congrats on being chosen to represent Island Batiks in 2019! You are a natural with all of the spectacular projects you create with their fabulous fabrics!!

  141. Anna Branch says:

    Love the use of the fabric, Connie. Elk Lodge is a great line and all the colours blends so beautifully.

  142. Denise Monday says:

    Love the fabric! So relaxing!

  143. Susan the Farm Quilter says:

    Beautiful quilt, Connie!! That fabric is perfect for a manly quilt!

  144. Monica Kostak says:

    Beautiful fabric and quilt very rustic. I have made one mini batik quilt and a larger quilt, but I’ve never been a fan. You are the batik queen and have beautiful quilts and patterns. In fact, beside Accuquilt, you are the only one who uses batiks. I have a variety of people I subscribe too, but of value on there time, talents, patterns, ideas, etc..that they share. It is a great opportunity in learning the quilt world Thank you for sharing! 🙂 Appreciate all that you do.

  145. Anita Jackson says:

    Great man quilt, the batik deer are gorgeous!

  146. Joyce Carter says:

    Beautiful quilt Connie. My grandson will love these fabrics. He loves the great outdoors—fishing, hunting and just being outside.

  147. Sylvia E Anderson says:

    This is beautiful quilt that anyone would appreciate, especially those who love to hunt and be out communing with nature. The colors are perfect and a giveaway is always a welcome opportunity to maybe be the winner.

  148. Susan Melgaard says:

    Love those colors! Of course I love Batiks too.

  149. Jeanne Brown says:

    This is beautiful . fabric would be great for my brother-in ,
    the deer hunter.

  150. Lori Morton says:

    Awesome colors! & your quilt is Gorgeous!! Loooove it & looking fwd to your Pattern!! 🙂 Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too 😀

  151. Stepping back, or taking a picture, certainly can show things you might miss otherwise. Both of the quilts you shared are beautiful!

  152. Love this fabric line…a favorite for sure!

  153. Oh my goodness, I love these prints! I think just about anyone in my family would flip to receive a quilt made out of them 🙂

  154. Carolyn Montgomery says:

    i was glad to see that island batiks supports animal rescue with kennel quilts. i also make and donate kennel quilts through wrapped in love and all people quilt.

  155. Love the fabrics and your quilt. Thanks for sharing it with us

  156. Lynda Hermann says:

    those fabrics will go with some of the Alaska batiks that I have collected over the years…..will be watching for the pattern. interesting to see your take on that orange – definitely a good move to swap it out – great finish!

  157. dana germain says:

    No I have not used in my projects

  158. Perfect fabric for a cabin in the woods.

  159. Pauline Gudas says:

    I need to find this batik fabric. The quilt you made is lovely. Now I want the pattern as well

  160. Great fabrics and colors!

  161. Yes, that definitely spells cabin in the woods to me. Great design for these beautiful fabrics.

  162. Melody Lutz says:

    Oh those fabrics look great in those quilts!

  163. Michelle Roberts says:

    Beautiful quilt, the change of colour made this perfect. The colours are stunning together

  164. These batik designs are so unique. Lovely quilt results.

  165. Cathy L Wilson says:

    These are beautiful prints and colors! I love what you’ve designed with them!

  166. Susan Grancio says:

    Love the range of ‘subtle’ prints. Swapping out the orange was a good call!

  167. This is another striking quilt, Connie! Perfect for a hunter or outdoorsy person, or a cabin! You were right about the bright orange and it seemed to not play well with the others. Kind of like a bully on the playground that wants to take over! I always look forward to what you create.

  168. I’m having a hard time deciding which collection I like best!

  169. The Elk Lodge fabric is gorgeous in all 3 projects. Crystal Swirls is so elegant, the new quilt is sweet, and your kennel quilt will be great for a pup to snuggle in.

  170. Beautiful quilt! I have just started taking photos of my quilt layouts, and it really helps to spot things before sewing everything together.

  171. Pam Jolly says:

    Beautiful quilt. I love the fabric.

  172. Lori Smanski says:

    Ohhh I love your quilts, especially the pin wheel one. Thank you for sharing. How cool that when you get a whole set you make kennel mats.

  173. Great quilt! Here’s to another great year!

  174. I love your Crystal Swirls pattern! It’s perfect with the fabric.

  175. Vicki in MN says:

    What a great pattern this will be for scraps!

  176. Betsy Lewis says:

    Connie, I love the wilderness of your quilt. Reminds me so much of Alaska!

  177. Allison Evrard says:

    Your quilts are beautiful! I particularly like Crystal Swirls. The colors are perfect for an autumn quilt.

  178. Love your quilts, I made two as well…love the fabrics. I often take a picture of my quilts to see if I need to change something. Great tip!

  179. Connie – that’s so true about stepping back to look at what you’ve created. Sometimes working so closely with the fabrics, you can’t ‘see’ the overall effect. Good call! Those fabrics are gorgeous. And your new Shop looks wonderful, too!

  180. Your quilt is lovely! I love the crystal swirls pattern! Thank you for the giveaway and have a lovely day!

  181. It looks great Connie. I am happy that you showed your Sales Rep. sample. I am so excited to be an Ambassador this year.

  182. Linda Williamson says:

    Your quilt turned out beautiful. I really love these deep autumn colors. Thanks for sharing. grinnie1961 at gmail dot com

  183. Angela J Short says:

    Beautiful fabrics! Enjoy your day!! 🙂 🙂 angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

    1. Thanks for this tip about the colors. Using the camera to take pictures ahead of time will let me step away from the quilt to get more prospective. The quilt turned out so beautiful! Lucky pupper that gets that one.