Easy Baby Block Quilt for Beginners

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Sometimes you need a baby quilt that you can make in a hurry. This fast and easy baby block quilt is perfect for beginners or anyone who just wants to make a super cute quilt!

Easy Charm Square Baby quilt tutorial

Easy Baby Block Quilt for Beginners

34″ x 38″

Time just seems to get away from me anymore!

I first showed this easy baby block quilt back in February when I talked about having to remove almost all of the free motion quilting as I hadn’t checked the back to make sure my tension was correct. I redid it and then forgot all about posting the tutorial!

Here is the baby quilt finished with Mr. Mickey sitting by it. He seems to be getting more and more comfortable with us and it now takes a little bit more work to get him to pose. Time for me to get him some quilt photo treats!

Easy Baby Block Quilt for Beginners tutorial with Mickey the poodle

Easy baby quilts are perfect for beginners or anyone that just wants to make a quilt in no time at all.

This quilt can be made using quilt scraps in your stash or with some precut squares. Precut squares make it fast and easy to make any quilt project because you just arrange the squares side by side and sew them together.

What is great about precuts is that they are usually collections of coordinating fabrics so you are guaranteed to make a quilt with colors that compliment each other. Here is a great place to find beautiful collections of precuts.

I don’t remember what collection I used but it was a 10″ layer cake that I cut up into 2½” squares for this quilt. You could also use two 5″ charm packs and cut them into 2½” squares.

Easy Baby Block Quilt for Beginners tutorial squares


  • 256 – 2½” squares
  • ½ yard cream sashing fabric
  • ½ yard blue for binding
  • batting
  • backing

Use a ¼” seam allowance

Sew the 2½” squares together in rows of 8, then press the seams in alternating directions.

The collection I chose had some light fabrics so I tried to alternate my squares. This isn’t necessary and you’ll still end up with a beautiful baby quilt.

Fabric squares at the sewing machine

Continue sewing and pressing your rows of quilt blocks.

rows sewn

At first, I wasn’t sure how I was going to layout my baby quilt.

Easy Baby Block Quilt for Beginners tutorial rows sewn long rows

This was the first idea that I had, two long sections with a sash in between. This would make a cute baby quilt or continue adding rows and sections for a full-size quilt!

Easy Baby Block Quilt for Beginners tutorial two sections

In the end, I liked this arrangement with four rows of eight blocks. Each section will measure 8½” x 16½”.

Easy Baby Block Quilt for Beginners tutorial rectangles

Add Sashing

If your sections measure a little bigger or smaller don’t worry. Keep practicing your ¼” seam allowances ‘and for now, just adjust the size you’ll use for the 2½” sashing strips. 

  • Cut six – 2½” x 16½” strips
  • Cut one – 2½” x 38½” strip
Easy Baby Block Quilt for Beginners tutorial sashing

Sew the 2½” x 16½” sashing strips to the blocks first and then add the 2½” x 38½” sashing to the center of the baby quilt.

Easy Baby Block Quilt for Beginners tutorial sashing


Cut your backing and batting a couple of inches bigger than your baby quilt. There are many different ways you could quilt it. I choose to do a fairly large free-motion stippling using Aurifil thread in a neutral color. 

Bind your baby quilt using my easy machine binding tutorial. If you make this baby block quilt, I would love to see it!

One more photo of Mr. Mickey with the quilt, once it gets a little warmer I know I’ll be able to get photos of Miss Sadie and Mr. Mickey together on the deck. They are doing much better at getting along. Yesterday I took them both for a short walk but….I forgot to take my phone for pictures.

Easy Baby Block Quilt for Beginners tutorial with Mickey beside it

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  1. Lovely qult pattern to savor all those last snippets of favorites. And kind of a reminder…to the baby (hope I say this right) that they are part of the family, a little of this and that from each member. (side note) I was kind of small and my parents said I was made out of the scraps of the family) Thanks for all the work you put into these directions – they’re spot on.

  2. gloria reed says:

    I get all my emails out of the way and save yours till the end so I can savor everything that’s in it. I love you…you are so down to earth…not LA-T-DAH….and tell us all about your daily life and your sweet fur babies. I used to be an IOWAN, but moved 70 years to a neighboring state,but I will always be an Iowan farm girl in my heart!! Best life ever!!! I am almost 92 and I still have a passion for quilting which I do everyday. I have so many patterns AND fabric that my now deceased husband wondered why I bought more….I used to tell him BECAUSE I NEEDED IT!!!! Keep designing and sewing…we quilters need you and get another fur baby to love!! Rusty needs a sibling!!!

  3. Connie,
    I did your easy baby block quilt. However, I did only 3 rows instead of 4 rows of 8, there my quilt is wider than longer. Should I take off 2 rows and have only 6 rows instead of 8, or should I add a set of three rows on the bottom?
    I can’t believe I did this, but I guess that is life!!!


  4. Morning Connie,
    Before I got out of bed this morning, I sent up a prayer for healing for Bob and little Rusty. Hope they are both doing well.
    I was wondering how many 10″ layer cakes I need for your easy Baby quilt?
    My nephew’s wife is going to have a baby boy in April.
    BTW, I click on your recommended stores and fabric, but none of them came up.
    Where do you buy your 10″ layer cakes?
    May God bless your day,

  5. Robyn Lidstone says:

    This gorgrous baby quilt is a great project for a beginner like me. Any colour combinations can be used and the sashing is great. Easy to quilt and a lovely gift.
    Mr Mickey has given it his tick of approval too.
    Thanks again for sharing this design.

  6. Love this idea, especially with the sashing. Might need to make my doxie, Chip, another baby quilt using this pattern. Hope Rusty is recovering nicely. And Mr. Mickey is the perfect model.

  7. Darlene George says:

    I love your emails!! I don’t talk much, since my stroke but I do patchwork and quilting.
    Hoping you will keep me to look!!
    Darlene George
    Radcliff, Kentucky

  8. Great looking quilt and very unique. Will be fun to make as a lap quilt for myself. Thanks, Connie

  9. Linda S Hempel says:

    I love this baby quilt. I have a ton of scraps and I think I might tackle it. BTW I bought that 201 vintage singer and the stitches are perfect. I see you use your vintage machine for free motion quilting. I would like to on my machine too but I don’t know how to lower the feed dogs. Does your machine have a way to drop those dogs?

  10. I just downloaded your baby quilt. I don’t have a baby to sew for right now but I thought it would be fun to sew and get a little practice. I loved your story about Mickey. Then I started looking at Sadie pictures. I currently have a wonderful dog that I always say rescued me when I rescued her. She’s ten now has my husband and I wrapped around her little paw. It’s nice to hear stories from fellow dog lovers🌹

  11. Connie,love your studio and all the lighting. Plus the baby quilt, of course
    Is it always so neat in your studio? I am always working on several projects at the
    same time. Never neat, always messy. Fat quarter quilted boxes are next.
    Never did them before. Hope they work out.

    1. Thanks Antje! I work so much better when things are organized, when I’m in the middle of a project there will be stuff scattered all around but I try and straighten it up as soon as possible. Have fun with the quilted baskets!

  12. Connie, what a lovely baby quilt! I’m so glad I found your site. I absolutely love it!
    I just found out I’m going to be a grandmother and I’m ecstatic!!! I’m definitely
    going to making baby quilts 🙂
    Love those boxes too!
    Happy for your move and hope your furkids are bonding 🙂

  13. Mr. Mickey is taking well to modeling. Love this very doable Baby Quilt Dear.

  14. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Connie, This Baby Quilt turned out fabulously! I really like the way in which you set it up and did the sashing, it is a new layout and creates that soft look that you created with using the fabrics you chose! Mr. Mickey is adorable and is a perfect model for your quilt pictures. He just stands tall and proud with a twinkle in his eye, like oh yeah, this is me and I am number 1. LOL. It is nice to know that they are getting along much better. Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic da;y!

  15. Lori Smanski says:

    What a fun and quick and easy baby quilt. Thank you for sharing both the quilt and Mr Mickey