Easy Autumn Table Topper Tutorial

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Autumn is my favorite time of the year, and this is a perfect table topper for your table. The oranges and browns make me feel like putting logs in the fireplace and starting a fire to keep warm.

I have another fast and easy table topper for you!

Autumn quilted table topper on table

I’ve actually had this finished for a bit, my zinnias have dried up and the leaves are off the trees pretty much.

Table Topper made with autumn colors on table

18-inch table topper

Did you ever buy any of the mini charm packs? If you did, this little table topper would be perfect for them. You only need (40) 2½-inch squares of prints to make this. They are also a great way to see all of the fabrics in a collection.

We have two Ginkgo trees and when it reaches a certain cold temperature, all of the leaves fall off. Normally the leaves are a bright yellow, our trees didn’t get that color this year and leaves have actually been falling all week but last night all the leaves came down. I sure wish I would have seen it!

Autumn table topper laying on ginkgo leaves


  • (40) assorted 2½ inch squares
  • (1) fat quarter or ¼ yard of cream fabric
  • ¼ yard fabric for binding
  • 1 yard backing and batting

Here is a better view of the table topper, I have made this design many times and I know I have shared a couple of pillows made with it but I can’t find the posts.

Closeup of the Autumn table topper

Use a ¼-inch seam allowance for your sewing.


  • Cut (40) assorted 2½-inch squares
  • Cut (1) 6½-inch square
  • Cut (4) 2½-inch x 6½-inch rectangles
  • Cut (4) 2½-inch x 10½-inch rectangles
Cutting diagram for table topper

Use the following diagrams to piece together the rows.

Step 1

  • First sew (3) 2½-inch squares together, repeat this step
  • Sew to the top and bottom of the 6½-inch square
  • Press your seams to the dark fabric
  • Sew (5) 2½-inch squares together, repeat this step
  • Add to the sides of the 6½-inch square

Step 2

  • Sew a 2½-inch square to each side of a 2½-inch x 6½-inch rectangle
  • Repeat this step
  • Add these to the sides of your block

Step 3 and Step 4

  • Sew (2) 2½-inch squares to each side of the other 2½-inch x 6½-inch rectangles
  • Repeat this step
  • Add these to the top and bottom of your block
Diagrams to pieced together the table topper

Step 5

  • Sew a 2½-inch square to each side of a 2½-inch x 10½-inch rectangle
  • Repeat this step
  • Add these to the sides of your block

Step 6

  • Sew (2) 2½-inch squares to each side of the other 2½-inch x 10½-inch rectangles
  • Repeat this step
  • Add these to the top and bottom of your block
Final steps for piecing the table topper


Add your backing and batting and quilt as desired. I decided to do a free motion wavy line with my vintage 15-91 Singer sewing machine. Follow my simple directions for adding your binding to the table topper by machine.

Closeup of the quilting on the table topper

Here are the Ginkgo leaves on the table topper. I tried to get Mr. Mickey to sit in the leaves but he wouldn’t do it.

Here are the Ginkgo leaves on the table topper

I found another table topper made with different colors which you might like.

The table topper made with different fabrics

I’m going to have to search for these and also the pillow I know I made.

More quilted items

Our neighbor’s cat came over, but she had no interest in posing. Those are also the castor bean seeds that I’ll have for next year.

Cat outside with table topper and castor beans

We had a visitor!

Mr. Mickey was not interested in going out the back door the other night when we had a little opossum peeking in the window while eating cat food. We put lattice around our back deck this summer but left two small openings for the stray cats. Unfortunately, I think this little guy lives under there as two times I’ve opened the door and he has come running toward me instead of away! He then disappears under the deck.

opossum eating cat food by the back door

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  1. Connie i haven’t heard of a ‘Furminator’ before and i have chuckled over the name all day 🤭. Great for furry animals by the sound of it. Autumn (Fall) is my favourite time of year with all the leaves changing colour and its nice that Rusty can have a comfortable walk. Best wishes

  2. I need a small table topper for a table in my living room. This would be perfect and just the right size. I’ve got plenty of fall scraps to choose from for this project. I have used a FURminator on a cat I had. He was extremely hairy and had a heavy undercoat. It worked very well, and he loved it. I was amazed at how much hair came off of him. I know he always felt better after I FURminated him. He’d be all frisky afterwards.

  3. Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing all your beautiful work and patterns.

  4. I love this tabletop design, thank you so much for sharing. Did you be any chance use a specific mini charm pack for this Easy Autumn Table Topper? My daughter wants me to make it but with your specific fabric selection. I know that may not be possible, however, I thought I would ask.
    Thank you for your help,
    Donna Caruso

  5. Connie Dear your Autumn Table Topper looks so pretty on your table. I see Mr. Mickey is acquiring friends of the furry kind. I love kitties however I have never had an opossum friend. We finally had a little rain and it was so refreshing…for overnight only. Back to hot temps and using air conditioning constantly.

  6. This is so lovely! So many possibilities. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us.

  7. Linda Jennings says:

    I love that fall table topper, I have several left over fall fabrics left from another project, now I have an idea what to make with them. Thank you!

  8. Theresa McPherson says:

    I made this in Christmas colors. It looks great. Thank you for the pattern

  9. Hello Connie
    I never tire of your emails you are so generous with everything. I always like your comments about the visitors you have. I really like this table topper beautiful colors. Thank You again!! Love You Barb

  10. And, yet, another super beautiful table topper!!! So nice. Thanks you so much, Connie. I love your quilting, especial the new curvy pattern. I will try to use this pattern on my next finished quilt. Enjoy the yard and the fall colorings.

  11. Connie–

    How could I ever tire of your lovely quick and easy projects? I look forward to seeing them in my e-mail box. They inspire me. The table tops can be multiplied and sewn into lap throws in almost no time at all. Your simplified projects, photos, and news about your home and surroundings are like visits from you. Thank you for sharing so much.

    1. How lovely. Thank you for your generous sharing of your time and talents!

  12. This one is so beautiful and the color variations are infinite! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Ellen Hutchinson says:

      You inspire me Connie. This cooler weather has knocked me for a loop. It makes me tired because it gets dark so early. I love love love the table toppers. Thanks for the pattern. Ellen❤️😎

  13. Carol-Anne Morcom says:

    Never tire of your quick table runner projects they are great for a quick gift
    Think I’ll try this one in Christmas scraps

  14. Robyn Lidstone says:

    This one is a winner, Connie. It is beauriful in autumn (fall) tones, but would also be nice in other colour combinations.
    I’m in a group that has raffles at our regular dinners. Who wouldn’t like to win this lovely table topper.
    Every design you share is an inspiration. I’ll be able to manage the wavy line quilting and I’m determined to master the machine binding using your tutorial as a guide.
    Thanks as always.

  15. Hello Connie, thank you for this lovely table topper. I don’t get tired of your creativity. These table toppers are quick and easy and use up stash and make lovely gifts for any season of the year. I so love seeing the seasons change in your part of the world. Here in northern Australia, we don’t have a definite season change, it is very tropical, hot and humid for about eight months and for the rest of the year, it is milder, and we certainly don’t get any snow.

    1. Thank you Angela, several quilters are from Australia and I know someone was talking about all the rain she was getting. I’ll think of you when we get covered in snow LOL.

  16. Our quilt shop was “cleaning house” and I picked up some great jelly rolls and just in time for this pattern. Love Mary’s idea to just keep going and making it into a larger quilt too. I used to make this size and added ties at the top corners for covers for the backs of dining room chairs. Can’t remember why I stopped doing that. Added a little pad for your back and color to the room. Thanks for all the great photos!

    1. Oh, I bet you got some great buys Joan! Yes, it wouldn’t take many blocks this size to have a quilt. That is a great idea using them for the backs of dining room chairs!

  17. This is a great little topper. It would also make a really fun big quilt by sewing a bunch of blocks together. What do you do with the castor beans? The plants are such an invasive species here. That little possum likely thinks he belongs to the cat family! 😂

    1. It would be fun to make a large quilt with these blocks! I’ll use the castor bean seeds for my plants next year. With our cold winters, they can never be invasive here but I know we have to cut the stalks with a saw as you can’t pull them out.

  18. lyn stephens says:

    Connie, No I am not tired of your quick and easy table topper patterns. I look forward to them. I’ve finished the blocks for three Blue Christmas toppers. Now I’m excited to try this Autumn one you shared today. I think everyone will be getting table toppers for Christmas. Plus I want some for myself as well. I love Ghinko trees, their leaves are so unique. Your golden leaves are beautiful! Thank you for sharing your patterns with us. Gotta go sew. Have a blessed day.

    1. Wow Lyn, you have been busy and I’m sure everyone will love their table toppers! We seldom see Ghinko trees in our area so I am so happy to have two trees.

  19. Hi Connie,
    I love this table topper. Just what I have been wanting. Perfect size for my table. Can’t wait to make it. Thank you!

    1. Great Louise! It you need it a little bigger, just add a border.

  20. Any and all easy table topper designs are welcome here! No, I don’t ever tire of them! I have a stack of mini charm packs that need a project, so this design is going on my to-do list! thank you for another winner, Connie!

    1. This will be a great way to use them Kathy! You’ll have to make several table toppers!

  21. Patti Howard says:

    This is a charming table topper! Bet it would be really cute in Christmas colors as well! Thanks for the pattern and idea.

    1. Yes, it would be so neat in Christmas colors! Hope you make it Patti!

  22. Almost in Arizona, Connie, and I know someone who would love to have this tabletopper. . .maybe there’ll be time? Thank you for this lovely Autumn piece!

  23. Howdy! Connie:
    I thought that I was done with the Fall projects !! I was wrong! Here you come and give us this beautiful idea for a Fall tabletopper!! It is beautiful and perfect for me to try to make it before Thursday!!
    Thank you for your generosity! I am thankful fir you and your amazing talent.

    Eneida 🌺

  24. Hi Connie,
    Wouldn’t this be lovely as a larger quilt? Thank you for your inspiration! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  25. How pretty, and I have the perfect fabric for this sitting beside me as I read! A project for the weekend, thank you!