Yellow fabric Easter Basket

Happy Easter Basket Tutorial

I want to wish everyone a very Happy Easter and share these cute little fabric baskets.
Fabric Easter Baskets easy tutorial
I recently made more of my little fabric baskets from fat quarters and thought it would be fun to fill them with candy for the grandchildren.

Fabric Easter Basket with candy and rolls

One of the best places to pick up candy, toys and holiday decorations is at the Dollar Tree. If you don’t have one near you, you can always shop at one online.
Yellow fabric Easter Basket
Check out the complete fabric basket tutorial and also my post where I go into more detail about the enclosed seams.
Fabric Easter Basket with toy and candy

After Easter you can fill the basket with rolls or other goodies.

Fabric Easter Basket with toy and candy

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Connie Signature Easter Baskets easy tutorial

Fabric Easter Baskets

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  1. I love the Dollar Tree-buying stuff for me 😀 and for crafting ! Happy Easter Connie. I still need to make a basket ! 🤔

  2. Happy Easter! I put one of those little Dollar Tree stuffed lambs in my little granddaughter’s Easter treat bag! My other granddaughter, who is four, got the Dollar Tree jump rope with the carrot handles. Love shopping there.

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