DIY Outdoor Gazebo

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Our new gazebo is up and ready to use! Builder Bob did a fantastic job of making sure it is stable and secure. I don’t think we have to worry about the wind blowing it away!

I am so happy to finally have a place to sit in our backyard that isn’t in the sun. I hope you enjoy seeing what we did.

Me with Sadie sitting in a chair in the gazebo

About two weeks ago our outdoor gazebo came in the mail, it is amazing what we are now ordering online.

Builder Bob started to set it up and in no time at all realized how uneven our yard was. Within 5 minutes part of the frame broke as his assistant (me) couldn’t keep one corner from falling. I am so glad he is good at fixing things!

At this point, we were wondering how this gazebo would hold up in a wind storm. If you get my newsletter, you might remember that we were laughing at this point because in the directions it says to “take the gazebo down after each use” – like that is going to happen!

Builder Bob setting up gazebo

The weather was still cold and rainy so we decided not to go any further until we figured out how to keep it from blowing away. I’m not crazy about sitting in the grass and had already said I was going to pull our indoor/outdoor rug out of storage and place it on the ground.

Well, obviously this was going to be a lumpy mess!

Temporary Gazebo

10′ x 12′

We were supposed to be building our addition this spring – my quilt studio but we haven’t sold our river house yet and with everything going on with the economy right now we decided it wasn’t a good time to go in debt.

There are no trees in our backyard and the sun is blazing all day long. Sitting in the sun no longer appeals to me so we wanted someplace to sit outside this summer and then we will take it down when we build.

Spending a lot of money seemed crazy for something temporary so we bought a soft top canopy gazebo without the screening for bugs. If it is buggy….I’m going inside!

Builder Bob builds a deck

Builder Bob is good at building so he headed to the lumber store and bought wood to build a temporary deck. Normally you would use treated lumber for the frame but this will be torn down by next spring (hopefully) so to keep the cost down he just used regular 2x4s.

Building wood frame for gazebo

He does such good work!

Builder Bob finishing the wood deck

Securing the gazebo

Next was the exciting part! Moving the gazebo onto the deck and then attaching the top canopy. Thankfully our neighbor came over and helped.

Notice how Builder Bob made the deck the exact size of the gazebo? Pretty neat! There were six holes on each corner and he was able to screw the gazebo to the deck very securely.

Neighbor helping put up canopy

Sun Shade

We also get a lot of wind and our back yard faces west so adding a sun shade was essential. I found one that was tan to match the canopy top. It is 8 feet wide and 6 feet tall. I have since found out that the company sells wider ones so who knows, I may buy one later as there is one 12 feet wide by 6 feet tall for only a couple dollars more than the size I bought.

Hmm, I must have drank too many glasses of wine the night I ordered it and missed the option to change to a larger size.

I love it as it really cuts down on the wind and does a great job of shading us. Yep, looking at the picture below….I’m ordering the wider sun screen.

Sun screen for gazebo

Our indoor/outdoor rug from the river house deck was too big for this gazebo so I had to search for one online that would fit. While waiting for it to be delivered we put a small rug on the deck for Miss Sadie.

Sadie and I on the deck

The rugs I like are made from olefin and feels just like a rug you would use inside. The one we used on our deck at the river house is several years old and still looks wonderful, I pulled out this old photo to show you the rug on the river deck. That rug is 11′ x 14′. I sure miss that deck and view!

River house rug

7′ 5″ x 10′ rug

I couldn’t find the rug I just bought but it came from and it is always hard to search on their website. Much easier to just go to the store and cheaper. If you are wondering about the durability of the rug – here is information about it.

Durable olefin yarns are mold, mildew, and fade resistant. Not to mention easy care – simply sweep, vacuum, or hose off for a more thorough cleaning.

The rug came yesterday and we couldn’t wait to put it down! It is the Easy Living Indoor/Outdoor 2-pack Rug Set in Sagewood and is 7’5″X10′. There is also a runner that is 2’X6′.

Sadie and I with new rug on the gazebo

We went to a local hardware store and bought some pavers for a little path, some plants, and mulch. I’ll let the pavers sit there for a couple of days then remove them and cut out the sod so I can make them level with the grass so it will be easy to mow over them.

The flower pots are each sitting on a paver also. I planted a spike plant, vinca, and geraniums.

Gazebo with brick pavers and flowers

I couldn’t do a post and not show Mr. Mickey, this also shows you the nap on the rug. He is definitely NOT an outdoor dog! Within minutes he wants back in the house….I think I was asking him that when I took this photo.

Mr. Mickey the poodle on rug

Cost of DIY Outdoor Gazebo

Here is a break down of the cost. The enjoyment we will get out of the outdoor gazebo this summer will be priceless!

Finished DIY gazebo

I hope you have enjoyed this post, so many of you wrote to me after my newsletter went out saying that you had a similar gazebo and how important it was to secure it. I also found out that you can order replacement canopies on Amazon in case yours has ripped.

Great deals for you!

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Connie with her dogs

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  1. Love the gazebo and tales. Love the view from the river house. Thank you for sharing.

  2. “take the gazebo down after each use”
    This is right up there with “not chlorine resistant” in a bathing suit. Or the screens that say to remove from windshield before driving….
    We had a gazebo that had a retractable canopy that lasted almost 10 years bolted to our deck… year round through wind, rain, storms and snow. Just had to remember to take the canopy down in the fall.

  3. Love this outdoor room! Builder Bob and you Connie make a great team. This looks so inviting and ready for a glass of lemonade and some lemon cookies…or whatever flavors you like! Summer Shade Smiles…<3

  4. The gazebo looks good, at least you have a Builder Bob is handy. You have a good place to relax this summer.

  5. Buenas tardes. Hermoso trabajo. Muy armónico. Feliz se ve a Señor Mickey. Ahora a disfrutar este maravilloso espacio. Bendiciones desde Chile.

  6. Your new gazebo looks wonderful! We were looking at those same rugs! Good to hear a first-hand recommendation for them. If I order, I’ll have to do so before cocktail hour, just to make sure I order the correct size, lol!

  7. Kathleen McCormick says:

    That is so delightful! I have a beautiful back patio but it is often too sunny. I love what you did and it will be perfect. Sorry about the house sale/studio delays. 2020 is not the year we imagined, is it? As always, you seem to make lemonade out of lemons, so I’m raising a glass to great days in your back yard!

  8. Carole @ From My Carolina Home says:

    Awesome, Connie, now you have a beautiful space to enjoy spring days.

  9. Connie, you and Builder Bob have done a fantastic job. That gazebo looks so comfy and inviting. I am sure you will get a lot of use out of it. We here in AZ don’t sit out much now that we have reached the 3 digits. It was at least 100 all last week. Summer is here. At least we have a pool and will enjoy for the next couple of months until the pool water gets too hot.
    Love your rug. I may have to consider getting one for our pool deck area.
    Enjoy your gazebo.

    1. I follow with interest how you build tour gazebo . A good moment. Thank you

    2. Rosario Irurita says:

      Wowww Connie, it looks wonderful and very cozy. Regards from Colombia, South America. I enjoy very much to read your mails and visit your page.
      Please tell builder Bob that he did a wonderful job!!! Congrats

  10. Carol-Anne Morcom says:

    Wow that’s looks great and very comfy to sit outside 😄

  11. This looks wonderful. You two did a great job and I know you will enjoy it.

  12. Your gazebo looks great! The shade is a summer necessity isn’t it?

    1. Connie you did a fantastic job pulling it all together. Enjoy the time until you get your studio. Praying your house on the river sells soon so you can get on with life. Hugs.

  13. Susan the Farm Quilter says:

    Builder Bob definitely made a sweet spot for you to enjoy your yard!! The view you had from the deck at your river house is definitely hard to beat!! Enjoy your gazebo!

  14. Glenda B. says:

    Hi Connie, greetings from Sooke, British Columbia, Canada
    Just finished reading about your gazebo and about half way through called my husband to come and see the floor Builder Bob created. I suggested we should do the same for our gazebo. Thank goodness we have a talented son-in-law, Builder Rob, because my husband just frowned at my suggestion. 🙂
    Our gazebo came with curtains which are solid and block out the view of the garden. I like your sun screen, it would be nice to screen the sun with out blocking the view entirely.
    I love the pattern of the outdoor rug from your river house and I agree with Joan, it would make a fabulous quilt.
    As always thank you for sharing not only your quilting talent but your family life as well.
    Stay safe, stay healthy!

    1. Thanks Glenda! I hope your Builder Rob made a deck for you, the sun screen is wonderful!

  15. Karla Brown says:

    Connie, you and Builder Bob did a fantastic job! The gazebo looks comfy and inviting — great place to relax and have glass of wine or two 🙂

  16. Anita Bowen says:

    You’ve done a great job with the set up and landscaping, since we’re in the south and our gazebo is in direct sun sitting on our concrete patio, we added a small ceiling fan last week to make it even more enjoyable…. mosquitoes haven’t come out yet but I think the fan will help keep them at bay. I also take my hand sewing out to work these cooler mornings a nice break from inside and the birds are enjoyable to listen to…..enjoy!

    1. Yes, a fan will keep the flies away also! When we lived along the river we never got mosquitos up on the deck, we decided they didn’t like heights!

    2. Faith Henderson says:

      Hi connie the beautiful work in your garden is so special ….your lovely weather makes it essential . Weather in N Ireland is “ less predictable” 🥴 i sit in my cosy greenhouse ….great light to sew , read & drink tea
      Its been lovely to watch all your (& builder bob ‘s ) wonderful work we making face masks scrubs & bags for our great health workers & home carers ( scrap quilts now too with all those wee bits left over ) just love to see all your ideas connie XX

      1. A greenhouse sounds like a lovely place to sew and read! Stay safe and healthy!

  17. Helen Tester says:

    Wow, awesome! Enjoy your piece of outdoor heaven.

  18. Jean McKinstry says:

    I know exactly how you feel when you say ” Miss that view” and what a wonderful deck/verandah was at your other home. Right now, we SO miss our three acres, and the space to walk on our own property safely!!! But things change, and we are so thankful to have a walk around deck at the back of our home, private, sheltered, and safe from the prevailing wind. BB did a marvellous job with the deck and construction, let any wind blow, it will stay so secure. And you will so enjoy sitting there on a hot day, shaded, and a glass of wine on hand.

  19. Kay Welch says:

    Such a lovely spot to relax, and your yard is so green. Y’all did a great job, and will enjoy it.

  20. Gwynette in NWArkansas says:

    What a delightful retreat from the summer sun! I have a ‘Builder Bob’, too, and he never halfway does anything either! Your walk way is going to be a path way to adventure this summer!! Enjoy!!

  21. Nancy A Steinbacher says:

    Hi Connie! You and your husband did a great job! This is perfect since we all have to stay home.

  22. Wow, Connie! That is awesome. Looks great! Builder Bob and you did a fantastic job. What a nice place to sit and relax!

  23. What a great job. It looks so inviting. Enjoy it.

  24. It looks beautiful! Enjoy it❤️

  25. Vicki in MN says:

    Oh my that looks fantastic Connie, you and your DH have made a very inviting back yard! What a great place to sit and do some hand stitchin’ or have a glass of wine:)

  26. Priscilla Witwer says:

    Connie and Builder Bob,
    How much fun is this gazebo? Both of you did a wonderful job. And Builder Bob, you are the man! Connie is so right when she talks about how skilled you are and what nice work that you do. Connie, I love the flowers and rug that you picked out! Nice choices! You made everything look so inviting! Miss Sadie looks like she will enjoy many days out with you. Mr. Mickey looks like, “This is great, but I’m good. I’m going back in the house!” You two enjoy your gazebo! You might have to open a bottle of bubbly to honor it!

  27. I surely do enjoy your personal stories and fun activities going on around your home. I keep a library of your patterns too to reference when I plan my next small quilting project. Until then, it’s making masks these days!

    1. Thanks Patsy, it is fun to share something personal once in a while. I am so glad you like my tutorials and they will still be here after your mask sewing is finished.

  28. That looks awesome and will be such a great place to spend time outdoors. BB did an incredible job securing it down. I doubt that it will be going anywhere. It’s so nice to see all that green grass and no snow too. Enjoy your times out there!

  29. What a lovely outdoor living space! I’m sure you will be enjoying it all summer long!

  30. Nearissa Kasper says:

    Wow That looks awesome. Our backyard is all trees so we have lots of shade. 1/2 our deck is covered and 1/2 not. You have a beautiful yard.

  31. Carole Lee says:

    Enjoyed reading about your new gazebo. Like to see your pictures because life in the big cities in California is different.

    1. Jeanette Baker says:

      What a lovely spot you have made Connie! I can see reading while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea there. Where I live in Newfoundland’ Canada can be windy and damp much of the Spring and Summer so it may not be so useful in our province! I continue to enjoy your posts and projects!

      Take care,
      Jeanette Baker

  32. Joan Sheppard says:

    Absolutely fabulous! Even with the new addition going in next year I am thinking you might keep this! I love the outdoors. Not much of a gardener or groundskeeper but we have always had big dogs so off we go. Love the pattern on the old rug – did you make a quilt with that? It would be fun to try that. Thank you and thank Bob The Builder for joining the group!

  33. Great Job! You’re going to love it! Purchased one last year, fits perfectly on my deck, we use it ALL THE TIME!!! I did get the bug screening but they are useless in my opinion. Mosquitoes find their way into anything:) Plus the squirrels did major damage chewing them to get inside. Another job now on my list to sew! Hope you enjoy many, many cool summer nights in your new space!!

  34. Thelma Crichlow says:

    Looks great! I know those who worked on it will really appreciate it because of all the energy, thought and time that went into getting the project “up and running”. Enjoy!!!