Diamond in a Square photo quilt block

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I must be thinking about Fall as I have made another quilt block using oranges. This is my Diamond in a Square photo block. I have been using AI to create images like this one of a dog that reminds me of Mr. Mickey.

Diamond in a Square Photo  quilt block

I recently had someone tell me they wanted to make a photo quilt with a layout like this so I went into Electric Quilt and made the block in several sizes.

I printed out the photo of this cute dog using June Tailor Sew-In Colorfast fabric sheets and my HP printer which is about 7 years old. I take part in their Instant Ink program and pay a monthly fee which allows me to create full-size color photos without worrying about running out of ink.

June Tailor Fabric Sheets and dog photos

Cutting your Diamond in a Star Photo quilt block

At the end of this post, I will have cutting sizes for an 8-inch and 12-inch quilt block.

14-inch quilt block

Here are the pieces needed to make the Diamond in a Star Photo quilt block as a 14-inch quilt block.

Please note that I cut my pieces a little bigger than needed so I can square up my block more easily.

  • Photo – trim to a 7½-inch square
  • Cream muslin – cut (1) 8½-inch square – then cut diagonally both ways (if you don’t want to trim later, cut at 8 3/16-inch)
  • Orange batik – cut (2) 8-inch squares – then cut diagonally once (if you don’t want to trim later, cut at 7 7/8-inch)
cutting for the quilt block
Diamond in a Star quilt block pieces

Sew with a 1/4-inch seam allowance.

Add cream fabric

  • I always make a tiny crease in the center of each side of the photo and then fold the cream pieces in half.
  • Sew the first two pieces to opposite sides as shown
  • Press the seam toward the photo square
  • Then add the other two triangle pieces
  • Press the seam to the center

Since we started out with a cream square that was a little large, we need to trim it just a tiny bit.

Lay a ruler on top of your square 1/4-inch past the points and trim. When you add the orange pieces your 1/4-inch seam will hit right at the point.

Diamond in a square pieces

Add the orange batik pieces the same way but press to the orange batik.

back of the quilt block

Your block will look like this. Now add the other two orange batik pieces.

Diamond in a block add orange batik

Square up your Diamond in a Square Photo block

Square up the quilt block

Here is the finished block.

Diamond in a Square Photo quilt block

More Diamond in a Square dog photos

I went ahead and printed out some more cute dog photos so I can make some more blocks. What do you think I should make?

Diamond in a Square photo blocks of dogs

8-inch quilt block

  • Photo – trim to a 4½-inch square
  • Cream muslin – cut (1) 5 1/4-inch square – then cut diagonally both ways (if you don’t want to trim later, cut at 5 3/16-inch)
  • Orange batik – cut (2) 5-inch squares – then cut diagonally once (if you don’t want to /trim later, cut 4 7/8-inch squares)

12-inch quilt block

  • Photo – trim to a 6½-inch square
  • Cream muslin – cut (1) 7½-inch square – then cut diagonally both ways (if you don’t want to trim later, cut at 7 3/16-inch)
  • Orange batik – cut (2) 7 1/8-inch square – then cut diagonally once (if you don’t want to trim later, cut 7-inch squares)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. It has been converted to an optional PDF that’s optimized for printing. It is 5 pages long.

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Diamond in a square quilt block pin

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Connie with her dogs

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  1. Margaret Blickenderfer says:

    Dear Connie,
    I so enjoy your blog posts and the time I spend studying your creative ideas! What fmq foot do you use on your Singer 15-91?

  2. Patricia Hardy says:

    I pray that you and your family had a Merry Christmas! Happy New Year. Thank you so much for sharing your projects with us.

  3. Could you tell me the fabric used (orange leaf and pumpkin designs) for the diamond in a square with the cute little dog?

    1. Hi Marcia, I bought a couple of fat quarters several years ago and I don’t have any idea what company they came from.

  4. Oh my gosh! I love this Connie! Hopefully will get a chance to try it out during Fall and Winter. Too much work outside during the Summer to quilt!

  5. Rusty needs a little friend
    Like those calendars too

  6. Robyn Lidstone - Australia says:

    Connie – I was thinking about this process a few days ago and wondering how to get photos of my two dear departed cats onto fabric.
    We use a laser printer for paper printing. I’m thinking this process would need an ink-jet printer.
    You’re always coming up with something different and this one is a winner.
    Thanks for always sharing your unique discoveries.

  7. Adorable! Looks like the printing works so well on the fabric sheets. I like you never ending ink supple too.

  8. Oh my! Those are cute dog blocks! Especially the one that looks like Mr Mickey! I bet your heart skipped a beat when you saw it…mine did!

  9. Aw, that block is so cute with Mr. Mickey in the center! The other dogs are great looking too. I love this block. Thanks for the variety of sizes, Connie.

  10. The colors are fabulous! Love memory quilts – I have one on the back of the sofa for “power naps” and “hugs” from the family pictured there.
    Any particular setting on the printer? Darker, lighter? I too think that bear is staying. It probably smells a little like the owner and he likes that too. He is such a cutey! Thanks for all the great tips!

    1. Thanks Joan, I just keep my print setting the same but I only load one piece of the photo fabric at a time as it is thick. Sometimes it won’t load right away and my printer will say LOAD PAPER so I try again. Make sure to remove the backing before ironing to set the colors – otherwise it is impossible to remove.

  11. Suzanne Neils says:

    A memorial block with a picture of a person. Either a pillow or a wall hanging.

  12. Sherry Ellison says:

    WOW Connie. How cute are these printed dog squares!! You have such a knack for making everything special. Rusty looks so sweet with that bear.

  13. Darlene Winters says:

    That is so cute a good idea….

  14. These are so cute! I have never printed a photo onto fabric before. With your instructions it seems easy. When I get more time this winter I will try this
    Thank you for all your encouragement to us.

  15. That is so cute and opens so many possibilities. Rusty looks like he has found the perfect sleeping companion there. I think you are going to have to keep that bear. 😂

  16. What cute blocks! If it were me, I would make a wall hanging. I’d want to see those dogs all the time. They are simply adorable! I’m glad you’ve decided to groom Rusty. It’ll be much less stress for both of you. I once had a dog that would always pee on the groomers foot when I was handing him over to her. After the first time, I was sure she wouldn’t groom him anymore. But she said that was part of the business and that’s why she wore washable canvas sneakers. LOL!

  17. Glenda Hyde says:

    Good mourning , Happy to know that Rusty is okay and he looks so happy with the bear. Love the dog blocks they look awesome.

  18. Great tutorial, Connie! That cute puppy you printed out reminds me a little of Mr. Mickey. I’m glad Rusty is OK and will let you do his grooming. We had two different groomers call us to come get one of our ShiTzus because they started grooming and he started biting them! Poor guy had one leg shaved and part of his body, but that was all he would allow!! We finally found one he liked and only took him to that one until he crossed the rainbow bridge.