Diagonal Strip Blocks Baby Quilt

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I finally got things organized enough in my quilt studio so I could spend some time quilting. I made a baby quilt using the easy diagonal strip quilt blocks that I have used in other quilt projects. I think you will like this one!

Diagonal Strip Blocks baby quilt green batik on porch

Diagonal Strip Quilt 36″ x 54″

This is the yardage needed to make a quilt this size. I dug in my stash and pulled out some batiks for it.

Yardage Needed:

  • 1/4 yard light fabric – for blocks
  • 1/4 yard medium fabric – for blocks
  • 1/4 yard dark fabric – for blocks
  • 1/4 yard dark fabric #2 – for blocks
  • 3/4 yard medium fabric – for borders
  • 1/4 yard dark fabric – for binding
  • 1-3/4 yard Backing fabric

Notice that I chose 2 dark fabrics for the strips. I did this same combination when I made the Red Batik Table Topper and the Teal Batik Table Topper. If you want to try a different combination, take a look at my Hidden Wells quilt block.

4 fabrics for the strip blocks

Make the strip block sets

  • Cut (3) 3-inch strips the width of all four fabrics – Accuquilt makes a die to cut this size
  • Sew them together starting with the light color first with a ¼″ seam allowance
  • Make 3 strip sets
  • Press and measure your strip sets – the strips should be 10½-inches by the width of your fabric
  • Sub-cut pieces 10½-inches by 10½-inches for 4 blocks from each strip set

Now you will layer 2 blocks together and sew all the way around the outside. Use the following photo to see how to layout the blocks. Place the first one right side up with the darkest color at the bottom row. Take another block, turn it and place it right side down with the lightest color on the left side.

Sewing blocks together

Sew all the way around with a 1/4-inch seam allowance.

sew the green strip quilt blocks together

Repeat this process for all of the blocks. Next, take a long ruler and cut on the diagonal in one direction and then turn and cut in the other direction.

Cut the fabric into blocks

Carefully handle and press these pieces as they are on the diagonal and will stretch.

Cut blocks diagonally

Be sure to clip off the dog ear corners to reduce the bulk in your seams.

Cut off the dog ears on the blocks

Layout your blocks as shown below or try a design of your own. Make 6 rows of 4 squares for the baby quilt.

Arrange quilt blocks this way

Sew the blocks together with a 1/4-inch seam allowance.

The baby quilt measured 26″ x 39″

This is a little smaller than I wanted so I added a border.

Quilt blocks all sewn together for baby quilt

Cut (4) – 5½-inch strips of the medium batik fabric for the borders.

Before cutting the strips to fit your baby quilt, measure through the center of the quilt and use this measurement to cut the borders.

I did the long sides first and cut (2) pieces 5½-inches x 39-inches. Then measure your top and bottom (again through the center). I cut the pieces 5½-inches x 36-inches.

Add borders to the baby quilt

36″ x 54″ is a good size for a crib. When my daughter came over, I showed it to her but she didn’t like the colors for a baby quilt.

Diagonal Strips Baby quilt on porch ready to be quilted

Mr. Mickey was reluctant to pose but I got a good photo before he jumped on the bench.

Diagonal strip quilt with Mr. Mickey the dog
Mr. Mickey the dog with the quilt on porch

Now I just need to get this quilt quilted and then decide if it should be for a baby or be used as a lap quilt. What do you think?

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  1. Bobbie Parsons says:

    Thank you Connie. The time & effort you put into every post is really appreciated. I love this quilt pattern and the fabrics you chose really make it sing. All the best to Mr Mickey. Some time ago, we had a darling wee dog with the same ailment. Aren’t our precious furry helpers such wonderful company in the sewing room.

  2. You find the most beautiful fabrics for your quilts. Love the green fabrics!

  3. Jane Saunders says:

    Hi Connie,
    Love the “baby” quilt, I would use it for a wheelchaired person especially an electric. I see so many folks out side when it is cold and I think this would be perfect for them. They can wrap up their legs and bring the top up higher on their chests. I’m also a Batik person and the colors and fabric is perfect.
    Happy quilting,

  4. This is such a beautiful quilt and the size is perfect for so many uses. I love your batiks and colors. Mr. Mickey looks good posing. So happy you have set up your studio and gotten to sew.

  5. I am chuckling, lots of ideas. The colors are all beautiful. One thing about quilting you can pick and choose the colors you prefure. I like the colors of your choice. Use gods coloring book. The choice is yours. Baby quilt, lap quilt. I like the ideas you put out there for colors and patterns. So good to hear you are getting settled in your new place.
    Also that the Boss, Mr Mickey is fitting in and found a new friend. The need of the master, lol. Enjoy the weather when it is good. We had snow on the mountains all around us yeterday. daytime temp. was 18c, thats about 66f. looks the same for today. Happy quilting.

  6. Kathy Robinson says:

    I think it is a pretty quilt with interesting colors/hues! They blend so well. I wouldn’t think of it as a baby quilt….but that is just my opinion. I think a lap or table piece would be better!

  7. cette couette me plaid je vais la faie dés que je le pourrai merci j’adore vos expliquations merci R ENEE

  8. Eileen Emerson says:

    Thanks Connie , another nice tutorial that’s appreciated.

  9. Lori Aldridge says:

    Very beautiful and love the process for making and arranging these interesting blocks. For the border, if you cut 4 strips at 5 1/2, you will need 22 inches of fabric, more than the quarter yard as stated, right? Very lovely for any color pallette.

    1. Great catch Lori, you are so right! I have updated the post to 3/4 yard for the border fabric. Thanks!

  10. I love the pattern of your green (Diagonal Strip Block)
    If you love greens & have a baby boy, it could be a baby quilt. It all depends on the person getting it. I like brighter, happy colors for babies! I think it’s a great lap quilt! 🥰💕

  11. Love the colors and the batik is so much more durable than regular “baby prints” so it will last, I had a nephew that actually took his to college with him! Love that you make things so impressive and when you break it down it’s so easy! Thanks! Looking Good Mr. M.

    1. Thanks Joan, this would be a perfect quilt to take to college!

  12. Love this. Calm colors and great pattern

  13. josephine says:

    Your timing is PERFECT. I need/want to make a few baby quilts, but also try to use up from my fabric “inventory”. I like to have a few baby quilts ready to give. Recently I have been agonizing what pattern to make. This fits the bill beautifully.
    Lots of happiness in your new house and studio.

  14. Robyn Lidstone says:

    I love the batiks and the design and colours of this baby quilt are different and modern. It will be quick and easy to make.
    How coincidental that my fabric shop not far from where I live has a batik sale on for the next few days. No points for guessing where I’m going today!
    I can also make a larger version for a lap quilt.
    Thanks Connie.

    1. Have fun at the batik sale, those are my favorite fabrics! You could easily make this bigger by making more squares or adding multiple borders.

  15. Dianne Mann says:

    Connie it’s beautiful! I will definitely make this for a baby. So many mom’s want something that isn’t gender specific and this is great!
    You are a wonder woman! All that moving and toting and setting up new studios, not to mention the whole house. Good luck in your new home and many happy sewing days in that fabulous studio.

  16. Christina B. says:

    I love this quilt!! I love the gree s and that its like a hidden wells cuts and stiching. You just put the blocks in different ways to come up with your own thing. Great job on it.

  17. Miss Connie:
    It is absolutely stunning-colors, pattern and otherwise. Options of how to use are endless depending on each one’s tastes and color schemes. Thank goodness we are all unique and different. Really like this pattern and will begin stitching up several of these in patriotic colors for our vets in homes/wheelchairs.
    Glad to hear too that you are getting “settled in” and that Mickey has a new companion friend right next door. Mary Ann

  18. I love it! The pattern, the colors, the size, perfect. I will give the pattern to a friend who is new the quilting and will find this one in her experience level! As always, your projects are so versatile. I will also introduce this one to my group who make baby size quilts as service projects. We often have strips donated to us and I cut lots of fabric with my Accuquilt. Thank You. I never cease to be amazed at how you can move, do all these projects, and keep going!

    1. Thanks Cheryll! For the new quilter please make sure and let her know that the blocks will stretch so handle them carefully. I think she will have fun with this and it doesn’t need a lot of fabric! Have fun with all of your strips!

  19. I think your quilt fits nicely into the neutral category for a baby quilt. Maybe you could add a fun backing to it (or not). I like the pattern!

  20. Love the fabrics/colors in this quilt. May not be the typical baby colors, but it is neutral for either sex. Plus, the size makes it usable as the baby grows. Thanks for the tutorial.

    1. This is a great size that can be used for many things.

  21. Those fabrics make a beautiful quilt. A lot of people are getting away from the traditional baby colors these days. It would be beautiful for a baby or a nice sofa throw. Thanks for the nice tutorial. Enjoy your new studio. I’m looking forward to the pic of Mickey and Rosie.

  22. Mona Kindel says:

    I love the stripped baby quilt. You are so genius the way you play with blocks and come up with different patterns. Thanks for all the ideas! Love your posts! Have a Great day!

  23. Beautiful quilt love the colours. To me it’s a lap quilt but the pattern would be great for baby quilt in a different colour combination
    Thank you again for sharing your inspiration

  24. Love the colors, it would make a great lap quilt especially for a wheelchair bound person. As for a baby quilt…start a new trend in baby colors, pink and blue get a little old.

    1. Thanks Debra, it looks like 30 x 40 is a good size for a quilt for someone in a wheelchair.

  25. Patti Ziegler says:

    Love the pattern! The colors are very nice. Perfect baby quilt size!

  26. I love this pattern and the colors. Thank you. I think I would like to make it a little smaller for people in wheelchairs. Any suggestions on measurements?

    1. This has a large border, it would be easy to make the borders smaller for a better size for a wheelchair. The average width of a wheelchair is 25”, and the average height of a wheelchair is 36”. Sizes seem to vary but you would definitely want to add the border to the sides and possibly make the top and bottom border less.

  27. CONNIE, it’s a beautiful quilt. And, you have the cutest Pup! Mr. Mickey makes everything look better. I love your tutorials, especially with The Quilt Pup”. Thanks for all your creativity, it’s so inapiring. Lee

  28. Ellen Hutchinson says:

    Hi Connie, I love it. Not a typical baby gift but certainly beautiful. It would make a lovely gift for a senior citizen also. Just saying. Ellen

    1. Thanks Ellen, I think it would be beautiful as a gift for a senior citizen too.

  29. I love the quilt! Depending on the color of the baby’s room, I think it will work great! Mr. Mickey is such a good model, even if sometimes he is reluctant!

  30. Karen Benitez says:

    I love it! I tend to agree with your daughter on the colors but on the other hand it depends on the decor of the baby’s room. Great job Connie! I’ll be adding this pattern to my stash 😊

    1. Thanks Karen, I think there has to be someone with an ultra modern baby room that would like this!

  31. No longer are baby quilts just pink and blue. This one could fit a baby room decor, but would also be a lovely lap quilt. I really like the pinwheel effect in the center of the quilt. Makes me want to dig some fabric out of the stash and make one too!

    1. Thanks Nancy, I really like the center pinwheel effect also!

  32. It matches your new home beautifully. I think green is a calm, soothing and neutral color choice that is appropriate for anywhere including a baby’s room. It’s awesome Connie!

  33. What a beautiful pattern! Love it! I think it would make a gorgeous lap quilt or baby quilt. Love the colours!

  34. I think your quilt is great and really love the colors.

  35. Carmella Hoffman says:

    I think it would make a beautiful baby quilt if you are invited to a shower where they don’t know what they are having! I agree it’s not “typical” baby colors but it’s a beautiful gift regardless!!!

  36. That one is a beauty! I think it would make a wonderful lap quilt in those restful colors.

    1. It’s a cool quilt! The colors look great with your wicker.