Design wall full, design table full!

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Design wall full Design floor Cute little dog on quilt blocks helping with blocksDesign Wall full, design table full, design floor…….full!

Yesterday I spent the whole day playing working in my quilt studio, I decided to spend the day with no specific commitment. I ended up working on a multitude of quilt projects. My neighbor had come over the day before so I could show her my En Provence blocks before I took the off of my design wall.

En Provence quilt blocks

En Provence quilt block diagram on design wallWhat I wanted to show her was how I had goofed on my purple 4 square blocks. I didn’t make sure I had enough contrast between my dark and light purple squares……looks like sometimes I just grabbed all dark ones. En Provence Block with wrong colorsWe looked at all the blocks on my design wall (this was how far I was then) and with Diannia’s help…..decided NOT to change out the blocks. This was how far I had gotten with En Provence and I was going to take it off my design wall but Builder Bob was gone for the evening so I decided to keep working on it.Design wall full EnProvence Blocks on design wall Yesterday I worked on it in between my other projects and by last night this is what I had done. I love it! I still need to sew the rows together and add the borders. Once I sew the rows together it will be too heavy for my sliding design wall. Click the link to see how Builder Bob made it. Whenever I have to redo the batting on the design wall I think I am going to add a layer of foam core – maybe glue it to the wall before adding the Warm & Natural batting as there are times it would be nice to stick a pin in the wall.En Provence Quilt on Design WallMy quilt studio is in the basement and we have a dropped ceiling so my design wall isn’t your standard 8 foot tall.  It is about 80 inches tall and 8 foot wide. My cutting table is on wheels and I can easily move it out of the way to take photos.
Sliding Design wall full En Provence Design Wall Studio

I’ll be linking up with Bonnie Hunter’s En Provence Quiltville Mystery.En Provence

Alliatare quilt pieces

What else did I work on?? When my neighbor was here we talked about how she finished Bonnie Hunter’s Alliatare quilt last year and I stalled out on step 3 or 4. I even pulled out my tray of pieces that I had made. After she left I kept looking at those pieces thinking I should do something…..anything with them.

Yesterday I cut out some red squares and started putting the blocks together.  They are beautiful! I used every single piece in my tray and decided to just make something with this block as I had never made all of the other blocks.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it yet but Sadie seems to like it. Actually she had to stay in my studio for a bit yesterday and I think she was trying to annoy me so I would let her leave. Doesn’t she look cute!
Dog on quilt

AccuQuilt Baby Quilt

Let’s see, what else did I work on…I was finishing up a baby quilt for a AccuQuilt tutorial next week and when I made my  binding and went to attach it to my quilt realized it didn’t look good with the backing fabric. No problem, I just found a brown/gold batik that worked.

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Now I had this beautiful batik binding cut and ready to use….what should I do with it? Well…..AccuQuilt Baby Quilt

Orange Peel Impressions

The other day I received the Orange Peel Impressions Quilting Templates and some fun patterns that use the templates from Fat Quarter Shop and had them sitting on cutting table. The patterns were right next to that teal batik that I had cut the binding from and I couldn’t resist cutting a few orange peels and trying out one of the patterns. I can see that the binding isn’t going to get stuck in a drawer now!

I am combining batiks and regular quilt fabric, I do that often. Stop by the Fat Quarter Shop Jolly Jabber to read more about these cute templates and patterns from It’s Sew Emma called Orange Peel Impressions.Orange Peel Set of Impressions Quilting Templates It's Sew EmmaThere are 4 different patterns by It’s Sew Emma that use the Orange Peel templates and the neat thing about them is that you don’t need to buy the templates to be able to use the patterns. Each pattern has includes full size templates and full color diagrams.

I am working on the Goldie pattern, the pattern is for a lap or crib size quilt – I’m going with the crib size.
Fat Quarter Shop Orange Peel BatiksSo what are my plans for today……..finish binding the AccuQuilt baby quilt, take photos of it and work on my guest post for next week, applique some of the Goldie blocks and……do some house cleaning!

Is your design wall full too? What are you working on.

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En Provence quilt by Bonnie Hunter

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  1. I love your design wall! I want one but it can’t be as large as yours. Maybe a roll down of some kind.

  2. I really like the green in your en provence quilt! its looking lovely, love your design wall too 🙂

  3. 3rd block over 2nd row down one of your 4 patch blocks is going the wrong direction…

  4. Great job, Connie. I am not quite finished with the last green, yellow, green, neutral hour glass blocks. I am working at making sure that they are scrappy. You layout is lovely and I wouldn’t have changed the 4 patches either. I haven’t laid mine our yet…and am a bit freaked out. So many are having trouble. One step at a time.

  5. Sadie is uber adorable and she just wants to model your quilt blocks for you. I love each project you are working on. Since I don’t quilt I am amazed at how you work and get so much done. Keep inspiring us dear.

  6. Okay, now you have guilted me out! My Allietare is NOT finished! I am still looking for the perfect border. I guess now I have to get it finished. SIGH………

    I did finish a small lap size Cubs top today. Does that count?

  7. I am making a design wall today out of foam board. We are trying to figure out how to attach the foam board to the wall now. Your En Provence quilt looks amazing!

  8. Monica Kostak says:

    Your design wall and storage is a nice size. My design wall is 44×50 made up of a foam board from Home Depot that is about 1 in thick. I used white fleece to cover it and it is hung with wire like a picture frame. It helps when blocks get sewn together I can poke pins into it for reinforcement ! ? Sometimes when I get In my room I pull out this project started… would like to do this one… and need to cut this… and then there is this from last year I should finish …. it’s overwhelming … ??. Happy new year !!

  9. All of your quilt projects look fabulous! How wonderful that you were able to work on several throughout the day. Each of your projects are sure pretty and our going to make beautiful quilts. Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic creative day!

  10. En Provence is beautiful! I am amazed that you have gotten so much done. I am only half way there. Love your fabric choices.

  11. Pat Evans says:

    Your En Provence looks great. I see you used a constant yellow which I think looks better. I started with one yellow which is maybe too pale so I tried another which is much better so I’m going to use both and alternate them. You are really fast putting those blocks together. It takes me much longer. Good thing I’m only doing 9 blocks instead of 16.
    Sadie is just too cute.

  12. I’ve been saving the En Provence, but it is doubtful I’ll do much with it for now. (yea that probably shocks you HA) I know you’ll find this hard to believe, but I don’t have the colors needed for that quilt and this one for sure, I would want to use all those purples. I actually bought the triangle in square Accuquilt die needed for this quilt, so that tells you I’m serious about wanting to make that one.

    I had to laugh when you asked “what’s on your design wall” HA! Not because it would be empty, but the fact that I don’t HAVE one. I have no room for one unless I do the trick of the cheap styrofoam sheets you can buy from Home Depot or other store, and stand it up in the hallway when I need to have one. As far as yours only being 80 inches, that still a nice size considering a King size bed is roughly that same size without the overhang included. I know our bed, which is a Sleep Number King size is 78 x 80, so your wall sounds like a nice size to me. (please no, don’t ask about that bed; I HATE it for the most part)

  13. Oh Connie! I am so glad you didn’t change out those purple 4 patches! Too me, that just adds more depth and highlights and lowlights to your quilt! It is so cool you have a quilting neighbor like that! Sadie is beyond adorable! Happy New Year to you all!

  14. Your En Provence is beautiful! I think Sadie wants that Alliatare quilt for herself! 😀

  15. Ohhh, I love how your En Provence came out. I didn’t get any further than the first week on mine. Too many other project on my plate right now. Hoping to get back to it soon.