Crystal Cove Caravan

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I worked with the Crystal Cove collection of batiks and designed this fun bargello wall hanging that has appliqued cars and trailers.

All week long there has been a great blog hop going on called Planes, Trains & Automobiles featuring Island Batik Ambassadors and Island Batik’s new collections. CaravanQuiltEach day a different collection is shown and today I will share Crystal Cove which is available in stores now. This is a beautiful collection!

Caravan quilt made with Crystal Cove collection from Island Batik
Crystal Cove Collection from Island Batik Crystal Cove Collection from Island Batik
Planes, Trains & Automobiles Blog Hop
Island Batik Planes, Trains & Automobiles Blog Hop

When I first heard what the theme was for the blog hop I was really stumped as to what I wanted to make. Sometimes……I just like to let the fabrics decide for me. Here is the bundle I received, lots of beautiful fabrics.

Crystal Cove collection from Island Batik

I started laying the fabrics out and here is what I decided to use for my quilt. All of a sudden I could see grass and a skyline. I cut strips and then sewed them together.

Caravan quilt made with Crystal Cove collection from Island Batik

Once I had them all pieced I cut them into different size strips for a bargello effect. Unfortunately I got excited and forgot to take pictures. Guess that means I’ll be making another one!

Caravan quilt made with Crystal Cove collection from Island Batik

When I had the background done I had an idea of cars and campers going on a trip so I went searching for the perfect little cars for my applique at where I am a premium member. I thought silhouettes in black would be perfect and I free motion appliqued them.

Close up of Caravan quilt made with Crystal Cove collection from Island Batik

For the road I just stitched a couple lines in black. The first line I stitch free hand and then realized my lines would look a lot better if I put my regular foot one and the feed dogs up. Much better.

Close up of Caravan quilt made with Crystal Cove collection from Island Batik

The finished size is 24 x 32.

Caravan quilt made with Crystal Cove from Island Batik

Taking photos on the deck on a day without wind means including Iggy! I wonder what the real eagles think when they see him!

Iggy with his Caravan quilt made with Crystal Cove collection from Island Batik

Did you know that Island Batik has a store locator on their site? You can click here and put in your zip code and a distance (I put in 100 miles) and it will show you quilt stores that carry Island Batik fabrics. You can also find online stores that carry Island Batik fabrics.

I have several other projects made with Crystal Cove that I’ll be sharing soon.

How would you like to win five 1/4 yard pieces of  Crystal Cove!
Very easy, just leave me a comment.
Giveaway ends March 4th at midnight CST.
Crystal Cove fabric giveaway at Freemotion by the River
Freemotion by the River is now a Island Batik Ambassador


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  1. Oh darn! I missed the giveaway! That's ok though because I rarely win anyway. lol I do want to say that I love your little campers being pulled over your colorful Bargello hills. We are going to be pulling our RV over some very rainy and windy hills the next two days as we make our way to our new retirement town of Florence, Oregon. Our home is sold here in CA and we are off to start a new chapter of retirement in a new town and a new state. Looking at a house on Monday if the storm lets us get there. Love, love, love the house we picked out. There is a bonus room above the garage. If the owners accept our offer guess what that means to me? Yep, a sewing studio!!!! A VERY long awaited studio. We are so very excited!!! I can see that you must be enjoyinsdkkol.

  2. Your caravan quilt is so cute and the background is perfect for the design, I love it. Island Batiks are some of my very favorites. That is the brand my local quilt shop carries so I have many beauties from their past lines and I will be looking forward to adding some of their new ones to my stash.
    My email is:

  3. Love your caravan!!! Absolutely perfect for those fabrics!!! Your snow is a bit whiter than the sand here on Oahu…isn't spring supposed to be on the way???

  4. I like how you created the background with a bargello style. The prints are so lively that the background is just perfect for the silhouette of the cars!

  5. Connie, these are just the prettiest set of batiks. I have some camping this summer on my list too. I love your new sliding design wall, Looking at my little shop for a space for one. crystalbluern at tds dot net

  6. You are so talented and creative. Your mini quilt gives the feeling of driving off for a vacation.I follow your blog daily.Happy Quilting 🙂

  7. It's fabulous, Connie! I like how you have them on a curve, adds such wonderful movement to the piece.


  8. Love your caravan! What a great idea! Thank you for sharing. Greens are my favorite. I would love to win!

  9. I love the design you came up with for the fabrics. The cars and campers just seem to bring the background to life. Perfect quilt for a mascaline room. I have a 13 yr old grandson who loves quilts and any that have planes, trains, and/or cars he just goes nuts over. He will really love this one!

  10. You have created such a brilliant and unique quilt with these lovely fabrics! Thank you so much for sharing your creative design talents. Plus, adding a chance at the beautiful fabrics you are giving away…oh how magnificent! Have a fantastic creative day!

  11. I really love the black silhouette of the caravans and cars – and the plane – on the gorgeous colours of the pieced background – awesome design.
    perry94022 at hotmail dot com

  12. I made a camping quilt a couple years back and this idea would have been great. Just appliqueing on a car and a trailer would have been the icing on the cake. Will remember for the next one I make. Yours turned out so pretty with those Island Batiks!

  13. Your quilt is adorable and I love the bargello effect that you used. I can tell that you're dreaming of warmer days especially since the cold landscape in the pictures means it'll be awhile till spring becomes a reality here in Iowa.

  14. Love Love LOOOOOVE your Awesome Quilt!! You are soooo Creative!! Crystal Cove is GORGEOUS!!! Thank you for chance to win some! 🙂

  15. What a creative mini quilt. I love the colors in the bargello background and the cars in silhouette are perfect.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  16. Next to quilting, camping is my therapy – being out in mother nature. Your batiks remind me of being in the woods; love it and the campers!

  17. I would love to go on camping tip across that wonderful batik landscape that you created. The quilt is gorgeous. Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. Love the background and the wonderful design that you have created. IT is a fun blog hop and it is great to visit some old blog friends.
    Regards from Alberta,

  19. I think I like your project the best. The fabrics fit a bargello design to a T. A bargello pattern is on my bucket list, but you know how that is, too many patterns and not enough time.

  20. Thanks for sharing your thought process with us. I always find that so interesting. And I'm crazy about silhouette quilts. When I was a little girl, my grandmother had little pictures that had old-fashioned silhouettes painted on the inside of the glass, with the backgrounds painted on the back of the frame. Do you remember those? I loved those little pictures, which she hung over the bath tub. They are among my most vivid memories of her old farm house, and I'm always on the look-out for something similar when I'm at antique stores. Just now it occurred to me that I might be able to quilt something a bit like that! Thanks for the inspiration.

  21. I love playing with fabric, even if I don't get anything made. I like how you made your little quilt. The campers are cute.

  22. I find it relaxing to play with my fabrics. Laying them out in different combinations. I never know when I am going to find a new mix that I hadn't imagined before. I could easily spend time playing with these batiks. thanks for hosting

  23. I love the little quilt you made, the batiks are just in my line of colors! The silhouette cars make the picture perfect!

  24. Love your quilt. Maybe because it reminded me of all the trips we have taken over our 53 years of marriage pulling our camper behind. We have had some great adventures. Your quilt made me smile. Nancy A:

  25. I just love batiks. These would be wonderful to have. Such rich colors. Will have to look for the yardage on these.

  26. The Crystal Cove color palette is so calm and serene. Not only do I want to quilt with it, I also want to go there!

  27. Love the way the fabric spoke to you as you designed this charming quilt. Reminds me of road trips taken as a family.

  28. Oh, I do love the bargello you've done. You're "sew" right, the grass and sky is just perfect. Love your little caravan to complete it too! So creative!

  29. I love how you laid out these gorgeous Island Batik fabrics and let them speak to you. Your landscape Bargello background is perfect for your caravan. Iggy looks ready to have sunshine. Embracing Creative Batik Bliss….

  30. I want to get on board one of those cute little cars and head to a warmer place… The giveaway is wonderful… hope to win. thank you.

  31. Sew cute!!! I used the store finder but found it is not up to date since my local store has been out of business for 3 years.

  32. The Crystal Cove fabrics are beautiful and blend so well together.I love the little cars and campers. What a great idea with blending the greens up to the blues. You are so talented with another great quilting project!

  33. Connie, this is such a creative quilt! When I saw the greens and blues, I thought the same thing…land and sky. You should enter this in this week's challenge on Persimon Dreams blog. The theme is "Take A Vacation"…lots of great prizes to be won!

  34. OMGosh! I love the green fabrics. My mottos is, "you can't have too many greens" A great little quilt. We have a camper and I love your automobiles pulling campers up the road.

  35. I adore what you did in the wall hanging… since I love batiks it really struck me. Thanks for sharing and the win offer.

  36. I love this project, it turned out beautiful with the fabric combination. I can't wait to see what you create next. Thank you for the giveaway.

  37. This is a super cute quilt though I would need a pick up truck in my caravan quilt! Thanks for sharing and for the chance at the giveaway. I am patiently waiting for our snow and cold temps to disappear so the caravan can begin once again.

  38. What a GREAT idea! I just love your little caravan quilt. Thanks so much for the chance to win such beautiful batiks. I am becoming a convert and adding more and more to my stash. Time to use that locator and find an Island Batik dealer near me!

  39. You are so innovative Connie and I love your ideas, especially this latest creation. My fabrics aren't as talented as yours and don't always speak as loudly as yours' do to you, even though I pull them from my stash, lay them out on the table, re-arrange them, and look at them for days at a time. Seriously though, it was the perfect design for those particular fabrics and the addition of cars and trailers wending their way across the landscape, awesome.

  40. Very clever and coordinates well with the blog logo. Over the river and hills to grandmother's house we go….

  41. WOW Connie you have done it again. YOUR QUILT IS LOVELY.
    And it really looks like they are taking a trip through the city and woods. So great. thanks for inspiring again.

  42. When I first saw your blog post and saw the quilt, I thought the way it was curved it was a sewing machine cover. ;-> Then I went back and looked agin and read the blog post. The quilt is very nice it looks as though there are buildings in the background and the caravan is floating through. So creative, what size is the quilt? Happy Thursday, thanks for the peek. Toni Anne ;->

  43. So cute Connie! I love the cars and campers traveling across the quilt. A great idea for these fabrics. Thank you for the giveaway.

  44. I was chuckling as I saw the camper. While checking out everyone's post for the hop I have been thinking to myself what I would have done if I would have made a project for it. And my camper came to mind! Your quilt is such a cute one! Of course gorgeous fabrics!

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